To kiss a girlfriend
When you are dreaming of kissing a girlfriend, that is a sign that you will soon kiss her in the real world. You are on a cloud nine, and you are constantly thinking about someone you like. Not a minute passes that you don’t look at your phone expecting her message or call. Be brave and tell her how you feel. You have nothing to lose, but you can gain a lot.

To see your girlfriend crying
If you are dreaming of your girlfriend crying, it means that someone will betray you. Someone you least expected it from will disappoint you. People may have warned you to be careful, but you didn’t pay attention to their words. If the disappointment is related to love or emotions, it would be best to end the relationship for some time. Time will show if there is a point in investing in that relationship again since it caused pain to you. If the disappointment is related to work, ask yourself if you can work with people that you don’t trust. There is a chance that you have betrayed someone, so your consciousness is letting you know that you should fix that.

To dream of a beautiful young girlfriend
When you see a beautiful young girlfriend in a dream, that symbolizes happiness. The following period will be great for the fulfillment of love desires. You will meet someone who will prove to you that you are made for each other, with time. You will have luck with everything, so don’t think too long about whether you should start living together or not.

To dream of a virgin
When you are dreaming of having sex with a girl who is a virgin, that warns of poverty and curse. You subconsciously know that your intentions are not good and that you can hurt someone who cares about you. It is up to you to decide if you will take advantage of someone’s feelings.

To dream of an ugly girl
If you see an ugly girl in a dream, that warns of shame. Don’t confide in everyone since someone could misunderstand you. Your words could get misinterpreted, which will harm you.

To dream of an ex-girlfriend
If you are dreaming of an ex-girlfriend in a positive context, but without romantic connotations, it means that you got over that relationship, or you are ready to do it. However, if you dream of your ex-girlfriend in a positive context but with romantic connotations, you still miss her, at least subconsciously. To dream of an ex-girlfriend in a negative context means that you should move on, even though you still have some feelings for her.

To dream of a girl laughing
If you dream of a girl laughing, it means that your hard work and effort will get ridiculed. People from your surroundings will perceive something that you have worked hard on as ridiculous. The hardest thing to accept will be the fact that even your loved ones will not understand you. Don’t let their comments discourage you, even though that is easy to say. Work on yourself every day, and don’t look back at malicious comments and remarks. You will prove them wrong one day.

To dream of a girl dancing
When you see a girl dancing in a dream, that symbolizes a loss. You probably can’t get over a breakup with someone that you loved a lot. You have a hard time since a long-term relationship ended or because your loved one has decided to move abroad. You often think about happy moments that you have spent together, and you remember every detail that has something to do with that person. Stop living in the past and let yourself move on.

To dream of a girl putting makeup on
If you see a girl putting makeup on in a dream, it means that you should stop painting reality better than it is. You have many unanswered questions and unsolved situations that you should work on, so don’t idealize everything in front of other people but put in an effort to make your illusions reality.

To dream of a girl combing her hair
If a girl in your dream is combing her hair, it means that you often have doubts and change opinions or decisions. Such behavior stems from your own insecurities. You should clear some things with yourself first before you share them with other people so that you wouldn’t have problems with your loved ones.

To dream of a girl putting her clothes on
If a man dreams of a girl putting her clothes on, it means that he has some wishes or needs that he can’t share with other people. We are probably talking about fantasies that he wants to hide from everyone because he is afraid of people judging him.

If a woman dreams of a girl putting her clothes on, that symbolizes envy and jealousy. Someone close to you has achieved everything you have fantasized about. You envy them instead of looking up to them. Admit that acting like that is completely unproductive and bad, and start working on changing that.

To dream of a girl chasing you
When you are dreaming of a girl chasing you, it means that you should be more courageous and determined. You often comply with other people’s opinions and rarely state your attitudes on some topics, even when you disagree with the opinion of the majority. People that you come in contact with would probably respect you more if you stated your ideas and opinions without fear.

To dream of a girl attacking you
This dream symbolizes unpleasantries. You may get the role of a mediator in an argument between two people. Both of them will state their arguments and claim that they are right, but it will be up to you to make the verdict. You will hate the fact that they have put you in such a position, especially because both of them will pressure you and try to persuade you into the rightness of their story. Listen to both sides, and state your opinion objectively.

To fight with a girl that you don’t know
If you are dreaming of fighting with an unfamiliar girl, it means that you should control your negative emotions. The bad energy that is within you often makes you act badly with people that deserve it the least.

To fight with your girlfriend
When you are dreaming of fighting with your own girlfriend, that symbolizes an argument in your home. You may take the small things that bother you about your partner more seriously than usual. You will try to get their attention, but they will not have the will to change. You need to realize that compromises are important in every relationship, so make sure to come to an agreement.

Definition of a girl

A girl is a female.