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To dream of a garrison
If you see a garrison in a dream, that symbolizes honor. You are a born leader, and you are capable of solving problems that other people run away or hide from. You see every difficulty as a challenge, and you feel the best when you are determinately heading to the top. Such an attitude will make you stand out soon and enable you to make progress in your career.

To be a part of a garrison
When you are dreaming of being a part of a garrison, it means that you are a team player. You believe that harmony is the key to everything, so you talk to your colleagues and family members about everything. You try to please everyone and sacrifice your satisfaction without a problem if you think that your money or help will make someone you love happy. You find it easier to share everything with others, so you prefer team sports in which everyone is equally responsible for both failure and success.

To have someone in a garrison
Dreaming of having someone in a garrison means that you are proud of that person’s success. They are probably your family members, partner, or friend. You don’t hesitate to praise them but loudly talk about their ability to succeed in everything by working hard and investing a lot of effort. That person will recognize your true emotions and have in mind your pieces of advice that will help them continue getting good results.

To build a garrison
If you are dreaming of building a garrison, it means that you care a lot about your reputation. It is important to you that people talk only positively about you, so you always try to present yourself in the best light possible. You get offended by negative comments and critiques, so your desire to be the best comes from that. It is a shame that you are letting something like that motivate you to be successful in life. You should probably change your priorities.

To dream of others building a garrison
A dream in which you see other people building a garrison means that you will take over a responsible and important task. That applies to business ventures or even parts of your private life. Anyhow, you will have to invest a lot of time, effort, and patience into finishing it. Help yourself by sharing everyday obligations with your partner or other family members.

To destroy a garrison
If you are dreaming of destroying a garrison, it means that you have problems with authority. You are a pretty independent and self-aware person. You have clear opinions, attitudes, and beliefs. However, when you are obligated to listen to someone above you, the problem emerges, especially if you believe that that person doesn’t deserve to be in charge. You will have a hard time overcoming it since that is a part of your personality. However, you need to know that achieving success in life sometimes requires swallowing your pride.

To dream of others destroying a garrison
This dream is the result of an argument or fight in real life. You are probably upset about not saying everything someone deserves to hear, so you have transferred the feeling of nervousness into a dream. All of it is the result of the fact that you can’t think clearly while arguing. Feelings are leading you instead of reason. After you change that, you will realize that not every argument has to turn into a war.

To burn a garrison
When you are dreaming of burning a garrison, it means that it is time for changes. If you live with your parents, your subconsciousness is telling you that you need to become independent. On the other hand, the change can apply to college, a job, or your love status. One of those things has probably bored you so much that it is starting to affect your mental health negatively. You just need to believe in yourself, and you will manage to make an important decision that will affect the course of your life more easily and quickly.

To dream of others burning a garrison
If you see other people burning a garrison in a dream, it means that one of your plans will fail. That is probably something that you have been looking forward to for a long time. If you have planned to go on a trip, you will probably have to postpone it because of business obligations. If your plans are related to business, there is a chance that they will fail. It is important not to let that discourage you. Take it as a small obstacle that you will quickly overcome.

To hide in a garrison
A dream in which you are hiding in a garrison symbolizes your need to run away from problems but in an unhealthy way. You have a hard time facing obligations, worries, and responsibilities, which is bad on its own. However, your biggest problem is the fact that you are getting in new and even bigger trouble instead of making it easier for yourself. You don’t know how to estimate situations and chances. You probably haven’t had anyone to ask for advice so far, which is why you are making mistakes, but it is time to learn something from them now.

To dream of others hiding in a garrison
Dreaming of other people hiding in a garrison means that you will find out that someone is lying. That person could be your colleague from work, acquaintance, or a friend who thinks that they can get whatever they want by acting like that. However, you will see through their intentions on time and confront them with the truth. After they finally admit that you are right, you will probably decide to distance yourself completely from them.

To run around a garrison
When you are dreaming of running around a garrison, it means that you are a very disciplined person who doesn’t have organization problems. Even though you have a lot of obligations, you can manage your time not to neglect anything. Many people love and admire you because of it. Considering that you have such good organization skills, it would be a pity to not be in a leading position in some company.

To dream of soldiers running around a garrison
This dream means that you have lost the compass. You are going through a turbulent and exciting phase in life, but you don’t have enough control over it. You are often completely confused, which forces you to make trivial mistakes. Other people have to supervise you so that you don’t end up in trouble. You should maybe take a break. Take a few days off to collect your thoughts and then start facing new challenges.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a military garrison, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a garrison

A garrison is a common name for military units stationed at a specific location to defend it from a potential enemy.