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An ewer is a very unusual motif in dreams and has strong symbolism. The interpretation depends on the environment in which the dream took place.

Dream about an ewer

If you see an ewer in a dream, it means that someone will criticize you.

You probably believe that you are a lucky person because you are surrounded by people who are ready to share their knowledge and long-term experience selflessly with you.

You have probably expected to face tension and competition in your work environment based on the negative impressions of your loved ones, but your colleagues will support and help you with everything you don’t know how to do.

Bestowing an ewer to someone 

Dreaming of bestowing an ewer to someone means that you will admit your feelings to someone.

You will get bored of playing games with someone you like, so you will put all of the cards on the table and spill your heart out.

You will have a hard time deciding to do that, but you don’t want to calculate your emotions anymore or pretend that you like being in a friends-with-benefits kind of relationship.

Dreaming of selling an ewer

When you are dreaming of selling an ewer, that symbolizes big expenses.

You will probably fall into debt unexpectedly, which you will be able to pay off only if you give up on luxury and the things you have inherited.

Even though you don’t use most of it, you will have a hard time separating from the things you have achieved thanks to hard work.

Making coffee in an ewer

If you are dreaming of making coffee in an ewer for someone, it means that someone you haven’t seen in a long time will visit you soon.

That person is probably your relative or friend that you are not in contact with often, but every time you meet, you feel like you have never separated. You always feel relaxed in their company.

Your relationship has functioned the same for many years. If you have enough time for one another, you spend a lot of it together, but when one of you is busy, you understand it.

Having such a relationship works for you perfectly at this moment in your life.

To dream of others making coffee in an ewer

A dream in which someone else is serving you coffee in an ewer is a warning to watch out for gossip. Don’t confide in people for which you are not sure if they can keep their mouths shut.

Talk about your secrets, plans, fears, and insecurities only to those who will never betray you.

Otherwise, you could end up in an uncomfortable position.

People from your surroundings could definitely judge some of your actions, and you know how stressful that can be.

The symbolism of a full ewer

If you see a full ewer in a dream, it means that you have honest friends who are ready to come to your rescue whenever you need them.

You have probably been through good and bad moments together, and you have finally realized that your life would be a lot more complicated and difficult without them.

You invest a lot of effort, love, and time in relationships with your loved ones, and you are thankful for getting the same in return.

You believe that your friends are actually a reflection of you, so you spend time with those who share similar interests, attitudes, and beliefs.

You know that you are becoming a better person, thanks to them.

An empty ewer in a dream

If you see an empty ewer in a dream, it means that you need a rest.

Everyday obligations, worries, and problems have started to smother you, which is a clear sign that you need to stop to breathe.

A change of scenery would help you rest your body and soul, so think about a short trip or a field trip with those you love.

Dreaming of buying an ewer

Dreaming of buying an ewer means that you will invest a lot of money into something truly risky.

You will ignore the warnings that you are spending your hard earned money for no reason because you will get convinced that your investment will pay off.

Your life, decisions, and moves that you make depend solely on you, so don’t pay attention to those who need to state their opinion at all costs.

Dream meaning of receiving an ewer as a gift

If someone gives you an ewer as a gift in a dream, it means that you will be sorry for making one decision under pressure.

You have reacted recklessly and impulsively, which could cost you a lot later on. It is still not late to correct your mistake so that you don’t jeopardize your job or relationship with your partner or loved ones.

Finding an ewer in a dream

This dream symbolizes prosperity and peace. You will manage to overcome something that has been tormenting you for a long time with the help of people close to you.

The following period will be peaceful, so you will have enough time to dedicate yourself and enjoy the things that make you happy.

You will also have time to hang out with your friends, go for a walk or on a field trip, and read a book that you have postponed reading for a while.

Everything will fall into its place when you least expect it, so you must stay patient and believe that your time is coming.

Dreaming about losing an ewer

When you are dreaming of losing an ewer, it means that you invest too much time and nerves in completely unnecessary things.

You worry about the things that don’t even deserve your attention. It is time to focus on your mental health, eliminate dark thoughts and bad energy, and surround yourself with people whose company you enjoy the most.

Stop trying to please everyone because you will be unsatisfied most of the time. After you finally decide to put yourself first, you will be a lot happier and more satisfied with your life.

Stealing an ewer in a dream

If you are dreaming of stealing an ewer, that symbolizes loneliness.

A loved one that you spent most of your time with in the past probably doesn’t have time for you or your partner works a lot, and can’t dedicate as much attention to you as you would like.

You think about the way your everyday life would look if you hung out with new people often, but you don’t like getting out of your comfort zone, so you are rejecting that possibility.

However, if you give people a chance to approach you, you will have more opportunities to experience interesting friendships and acquaintanceships.

To dream of someone stealing an ewer from you

Dreaming of someone stealing an ewer from you is a warning that someone close to you doesn’t have honest intentions.

They probably try to get closer to you and gain your trust so that they could use it for their own goals.

You have probably noticed that something strange is happening, but you have been too naïve to believe that your gut is not wrong this time.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen an ewer, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of an ewer

An ewer is a copper or tin dish narrowed at the top. Coffee, water, or brandy was stored in it in the past.