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Dreams about dams are rare but have strong symbolism. Their interpretation depends on the context in which the dream took place and the details that followed it.

Dream about a dam on the river

If you see a dam on the river in your dream, it means that you should think about your plans once more.

If you are intending to open a company, it is possible that you will have bigger expenses and smaller earnings than you expected. You will be unrealistic and your demands will increase with each new day.

Also, you will not count on the time that you will need to spend working since the responsibility will be only on you at the beginning.

For you, it would be best to get off your high horse and listen to good-hearted advice from people around you.

Falling from a dam in a dream

Dreaming of falling from a dam means that you are forgetting your obligations. It is possible that you will be reckless because you need a rest.

Everyone will expect you to be their support and make time for them. You will come to the conclusion that you are neglecting yourself only.

You will try to change that bad habit and dedicate yourself to things that make you happy.

Another meaning of this dream is that you will forget obligations because you will feel like nothing is going according to plan.

You will not be satisfied with the things you have achieved and you will look for flaws in everything you do.

That dissatisfaction will make you uninterested in the things that are happening around you. You will have to snap out of it if you want that bad period to finally comes to an end.

Dreaming of building a dam

If you are dreaming of building a dam, it means that you are disappointed, hurt, or depressed.

You have probably recently had a complicated conversation with your partner, had an argument with a friend or family member, or had a tough day at work.

Anyhow, that has made a strong impression on you, so you have started to build a dam in your dream, in order to protect yourself.

If someone else is building a dam in your dream, it means that many business challenges are expecting you in the following period.

It is possible that you will be under a lot of stress, and not having enough time to dedicate yourself to your family will create even more problems.

The good news is that this phase will not last for long, but you will have to make a decision to either stay in your current position or change a job.

Demolishing a dam in a dream

When you are dreaming of demolishing a dam, it means that beautiful moments with an interesting person are expecting you.

It is possible that you will hang out with your partner or friends, or you will spend time with someone you have just met.

If you are invited to dinner or coffee, accept the invitation, because you will not regret it at all.

Dreaming of other people demolishing a dam warns of danger. Someone is trying to slender you in front of other people. They are using very cunning methods so that you can’t trace them.

They are probably your colleague from college or work who wants to show themselves off to a professor or superiors through you. Be careful and pay attention to who you are confiding in.

Dream meaning of burning a dam

If you are dreaming of burning a dam, it means that you will change your opinion of someone who you have recently met. Your first impression of them wasn’t the most positive.

However, after you get to know them a little bit better, you will realize that your instinct was wrong. It is even possible that you will start hanging out, so your acquaintanceship could evolve into a beautiful friendship.

If you see someone else burning a dam in your dream, that symbolizes a fear of the unknown.

It is possible that you will get an opportunity to change your dwelling place because of work, but you will be afraid of not getting around in another city. Besides that, the fact that you don’t know anyone there will increase your fear.

However, you need to think of your future, so there is no room for such things in your life at the moment. Bite your teeth and go into the unknown. That will be one of the best decisions you have ever made.

A concrete dam in a dream

Dreaming of a firm concrete dam that is not easy to destroy means that you are a person who has character.

You care about your beliefs a lot, and you would never do what you don’t want others to do to you.

Also, you respect your friends, associates, and family. All of these are great traits, but considering that we don’t live in a perfect world, they can sometimes drive you crazy.

You can’t accept people who change opinions, don’t do their job properly, and are trying to get money and success in various ways.

That sometimes makes you really miserable. Realize that you don’t live in the ideal society and simply adjust to it.

Dream about a wooden dam

If you see a wooden dam in your dream, it means that your wish to go on a shorter vacation with a loved one will come true.

You will be able to save money and find some free time to go on a vacation and explore a new destination.

That will probably not be a tourist destination, but a location that only natives know of. By doing that, you will avoid crowds and be able to enjoy yourself in peace.

The symbolism of a high dam

If you are dreaming of a high dam that water is running off of like a waterfall, that symbolizes an emotional blockage.

You are going through a tough period, so you are pretty anxious and depressed, but you don’t have the desire to talk to anyone about it.

Simply, you believe that that would be useless and that the crisis you are currently in will pass on its own.

However, you should maybe talk to an expert, because you can be sure that they will not bother you will unnecessary questions. You could discover the causes of the state you are in together.

To see a low dam

A dream in which you see a low dam, made out of sand and gravel symbolizes loneliness. You are a person who has a hard time making new friends. You have a lot of acquaintances, but you don’t talk about important things with them.

Only a small circle of people knows your plans and wishes, which is probably a good thing. The bad thing is that you are acting defensive, so no one can approach you when you are out.

You need to be a little bit more open and communicative, and let people come closer to you. It doesn’t mean that they will hurt you.

A massive dam in a dream

If you are dreaming of massive dams, made out of concrete blocks that are leaking a lot of water, it means that you are afraid of your secret being discovered.

You are quiet about it for a long time because you are afraid of your loved ones’ reaction after they find out what you have done. You are more worried about disappointing them than about the consequences of your deeds.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently seen a dam in person or on TV, that has made an impression on you that you have transferred onto your dreams.

To dream of trying to stop a dam from breaking

If you dream of trying to stop a dam from breaking, it implies you are delusional. You still believe someone or something will change for you.

You might hope your partner will treat you better or that a bad job will bring good results. It is time to stop living a lie and turn to building a better future.

To dream of a dam-breaking

When you dream of a dam breaking, it implies the truth will finally see the light of day. That especially applies to your love life.

Your significant other will probably let you know they don’t see the future the way you do. At least you will know where you stand and be able to make your next move.

To dream of swimming next to a dam

Swimming next to a dam in a dream suggests you have fallen into a boring rut, and every day is the same for you.

You fantasize about change or an adventure. However, nothing significant will happen if you continue to spend every free moment doing what you have done so far.

To dream of other people swimming next to a dam

When you see someone else swimming next to a dam in your dream, it means you will envy your friend or acquaintance for living their life the way they want.

That person is not afraid to be happy, unlike you. You could learn a thing or two from them.

To dream of riding a boat next to a dam

If you dream of riding a boat next to a dam, it implies you are not prone to risks. You rarely get involved in business deals that are not guaranteed to bring you profit.

You might not make progress as fast as you wish because of it, but you would find any other approach irresponsible.

To dream of walking by a dam

Walking by a dam in a dream symbolizes curiosity. You like to gain new knowledge and experiences or meet various people, customs, and cultures.

You might soon take a course or get training for something that has always interested you.

To dream of flying over a dam

If you dream of flying over a dam in a plane or helicopter, it implies you will fix someone else’s mistakes.

Your boss might give you an unrewarding task. It will take a lot of your time and energy, but you will not give up until you get it done.

To dream of jumping into the water from a dam

Jumping into the water from a dam in a dream suggests you are prone to sabotaging yourself.

You set all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them. You don’t allow yourself to make progress because of it.

To dream of other people jumping into the water from a dam

This dream means you will not manage to talk your loved one out of an idea you deem bad.

The person in question thinks otherwise, so you will have to make peace with the fact that they will learn from their mistakes this time.

Definition of a dam

A dam is a structure put across a watercourse that serves to raise the water level upstream of it.

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