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A coffin in a hearse

The symbolism of a coffin in dreams

If you see a coffin in a dream, it means that you have a bad feeling about something. You are a very intuitive person who often manages to predict what is expecting you in life.

You make an effort to be realistic and prepare yourself for the events you know in advance will not be pleasant.

Dream interpretation of a coffin with a body inside

If you see a coffin with a body inside in a dream, it symbolizes sorrow. You might attend a funeral or another sad event that will shake you up.

Even though you try not to think about it, you question yourself subconsciously and assure yourself that you have done everything in your power to help.

To dream of an empty coffin

When you see an empty coffin in a dream, it means that you will anger someone.

You might annoy one person from your surroundings, which is why you will say what you think of one another to your faces.

You have stayed silent many times before and let a chasm form between you two that you will have a hard time overcoming.

Dreaming about being in a coffin

If you are in a coffin in your dream, it symbolizes a long life. You like to treat yourself, not thinking about the things you can’t change or control.

You have seen many people destroy their and other people’s lives over trivial things, which is why you promised yourself a long time ago that you will not be one of them.

What does it mean to dream of selling a coffin?

Selling a coffin in a dream means that you will get rid of unnecessary burdens. That can be something taking up space in your home or feelings that stop you from living your life the way you want.

You have to take care of your mental hygiene to preserve your health the same way you make sure that the space you live in is clean.

What does it mean to dream of buying a coffin?

Dreaming of buying a coffin warns of poverty. You will probably have unexpected expenses that will put you in debt.

You will need a lot of time to get back on your feet again, working a few jobs simultaneously in the meantime.

Carrying a coffin in a dream

To carry a coffin in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately.

Such dreams suggest that you directly jeopardize not only your but your family’s future with your behavior. You have been making decisions that scare and worry your loved ones lately.

They might not say it openly, but all of them know that you are making big mistakes.

To dream about dropping a coffin

If you drop a coffin while carrying it in a dream, it means that you are a resourceful person. You know how to avoid trouble and behave in specific situations.

Besides that, you have a lot of luck and great intuition, as well. If you continue to live like that, you can hope for a beautiful future.

Dreams of watching other people dropping a coffin

This dream means that you will have a positive influence on someone and be proud of that. That can be a younger family member or a colleague you work with.

Anyhow, you have noticed that person’s progress, and you are happy about it.

Dreaming about lowering a coffin into the ground

Lowering a coffin into the ground in a dream means that it is too late to fix your mistakes.

You have probably hurt your loved one with your words or actions. That person will try to forgive you, but they will not manage to forget what you have done.

Years will probably pass before you gain their trust and affection again, but that is the price you have to pay, and you don’t have the right to be mad at them.

Dream symbolism of opening a coffin

Opening a coffin in a dream means that you are not afraid of challenges. What’s more, you despise a routine and avoid it as much as possible.

You always search for new and unfamiliar things. You probably don’t have much work experience in a single company because of that. You turn to new things as soon as you learn something.

It wouldn’t be a bad idea to start your own business where you can take advantage of all the knowledge you have acquired so far.

Dream meaning of closing a coffin

Closing a coffin in a dream can mean that you will make peace with your destiny.

You might have invested a lot of effort and hard work into something, but that didn’t bring wanted results. You will realize that it is time to give up on it and dedicate your attention to more constructive things in life. That will be a good decision.

Nailing a coffin shut in a dream

Nailing a coffin shut in a dream means that you could get rid of vices and bad habits soon. You will probably realize that you don’t want to jeopardize your health anymore, which is why you will decide to change.

However, it is time to do something about your way of thinking besides working on altering your diet and habits.

Dreaming about standing above a coffin

To stand before a coffin in a dream is a good sign.

Such dreams predict success, no matter where you have directed your attention, time, and effort. You will have a chance to enjoy the fruits of your labor soon.

Sitting next to a coffin in your dream

Sitting next to a coffin in a dream can mean that someone else will solve your problem. You might have been struggling with it for a long time, and you have already lost hope that things will fall into their place.

However, one of the people you love might give you a hand, or time will do its thing.

Praying in front of a coffin in a dream

Praying in front of a coffin in a dream means that you have to take care of your spiritual life more.

Your priorities have been to gain wealth and take care of others so far, but you have to do something for yourself finally and start doing what you enjoy.

Dreaming about crying in front of a coffin

Crying in front of a coffin in a dream means that something will gladden you. You will probably hear the good news that has something to do with your family member or close friend.

Another possibility is that your long-term wish will come true.

Dream meaning of laughing in front of a coffin

This dream means that you long for revenge.

Someone has hurt you, and you want to give that person a taste of their medicine. You will not feel relief even if you manage to do it because you might realize that your battle has been pointless.

That will not bring you wanted satisfaction, for sure.

To dream of hiding in a coffin

Hiding in a coffin in a dream predicts a joyful event. You might attend a wedding, christening, or another celebration soon.

All of the people you care about will gather in one place, and you will have a great time together.

Dreams of someone putting you in a coffin

We call such dreams nightmares because they make us uncomfortable or scared, especially if we are claustrophobic.

If someone puts you in a coffin, it means that you lack freedom. You might be in a relationship with a jealous person, and you can’t stand the pressure they put on you.

Dream interpretation of digging out a coffin

Digging out a coffin in a dream means that you have to stop digging through the past.

A memory of a tragic event has been pulling you back, and you can’t make progress or turn to the future because of it.

Dreaming about a dead person getting out of a coffin

Such a dream is called a nightmare. However, if you dream of a dead person getting out of a coffin, it means that one of your unrealistic wishes could come true.

We are talking about something you would like to achieve but see it as a fantasy only. You could be positively surprised in the future.

Interpretations can differ depending on what the coffin in your dream is like.

Dreaming about a black coffin

A black coffin in a dream means that you are afraid that people don’t respect you. You probably have good reasons for it.

If you have noticed that others minimize your effort and work at your job, it is time to start looking for a new one. If that happens when you talk to your friends, it suggests that you have to find people who will appreciate you more.

The symbolism of a white coffin in dreams

A white coffin in a dream symbolizes a good feeling about something. You or your family member might be going through a challenging and rough period of your life at the moment.

However, you are an optimist, and you don’t want to believe that something bad will happen. Many people envy you for such a way of thinking because it helps you protect your mental health.

Dream meaning of a brown coffin

A brown coffin in a dream suggests that you could meet one person soon who will present themselves in a good way, but you will not trust them.

Even though everyone around you will admire them, you will keep your distance. It could turn out that you were right later.

The meaning of a tin coffin in dreams

People who died from some form of contagious disease or infection get buried in tin coffins usually.

Consequently, such dreams symbolize your fear of someone’s influence. You make an effort to make decisions alone, but people around you impose their opinions and suggestions out of best intentions.

You need not be stubborn and vain but listen to what they have to say.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen or bought a coffin, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a coffin

A coffin is a burial box in which the remains of a dead person are kept before a funeral.

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