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Lighted candles

The symbolism of a candle burning in a dream

If you see a candle burning in your dream, it symbolizes happiness. You find the meaning of life in love with your partner, kids, friends, etc.

You never regret sacrificing your comfort for the people you love because they are more important to you than all the material things in this world.

Dream interpretation of an extinguished candle

If you see an extinguished candle in a dream, it symbolizes sorrow. You might help someone whose life story will touch you deeply.

You will often wonder what they have done to deserve such faith and make an effort to make a difficult period they are going through somewhat easier.

To dream of putting out a candle

When you dream of putting out a candle, it means that your wish will stay unfulfilled. You will probably fantasize about a relationship with someone who will win you over at first glance.

You know that nothing serious can happen between you, but you will wonder for a long time what your conversations, dates, and other moments would look like.

The symbolism of buying a candle in a dream

Dreaming of buying a candle symbolizes sorrow. You might go to the funeral of someone you knew.

You will want to pay respects to that person, remembering all their words and actions that will always stay with you.

To dream of burning a candle

When you dream of burning a candle, it means that your memories never fade. You might have lost a loved one you were close with.

Not a day passes that you don’t think about them and mention their name in your prayers. It was hard to imagine your life without the person in question, but you had to find the strength to move on.

Dreaming about other people lighting a candle

A dream wherein you see someone else lighting a candle means that you could soon meet a person who will help you solve some dilemmas and inner problems.

You have been searching for yourself for a long time, and you are not sure where you are heading. However, that person will help you open your eyes and see some things much clearer.

To dream of not being able to light a candle

If you dream of trying to light a candle in vain, it means that you still can’t forget a past failure. You might have invested a lot of time and effort into something without getting results.

Another possibility is that you still can’t get over an ex, which is why you don’t let other people come closer to you.

Putting out a candle with your fingers in your dream

If you dream of putting out a candle with your fingers, it means that you often self-sabotage. You are prone to putting all your ideas to failure even before you try to actualize them.

The reason for such behavior hides in deeply rooted insecurities or a lack of confidence. Things would change for the better if you worked on them.

Dream meaning of blowing out a candle

When you dream of putting out a candle by blowing it out, it means that you have let someone convince you to give up on your dream.

A family member, partner, or friend might have suggested dropping it. You have listened, even though you have believed that you can achieve what you want. It is still not too late to forget all the criticism and continue fighting for your goal.

The symbolism of numerous candles in dreams

When you see many candles in a dream, it symbolizes the great honor you will soon get. Your boss might realize how valuable you are to them and decide to reward you for the effort and hard work you invest in your job.

Another possibility is that your community will finally recognize your attempts to improve the quality of life in the city you live in, which is why they will throw a party in your honor.

Dreaming about making candles

Making candles in a dream means that you are a very creative person who doesn’t take advantage of your talent enough.

Your current job probably doesn’t ask for imagination and creativity, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t direct your gift into a hobby. That can become a good source of income for you one day.

To dream of other people making candles

When you see someone else making candles in a dream, it means that one person can achieve a lot in your opinion, but they are wasting their potential because of laziness.

No matter what you have suggested, you can’t make them snap out of it and do something with their life because they have to make such a decision alone.

Dream meaning of selling candles

Selling candles in a dream means that you will manage to charge your knowledge and skills.

You have been working hard for a long time and putting effort into perfecting your knowledge in the fields that interest you. However, you haven’t come across a positive reaction to such an approach to life and work.

That could change in the future, and you could finally experience significant benefits from your professional qualifications.

Dreaming about stealing candles

Stealing candles in a dream is not a good sign. Such dreams suggest that the deceit you plan to pull off will fail.

You have made an effort to make progress through someone else, but everyone will soon realize what you are trying to do, which is why you will not achieve your goal but get judged by the people around you.

To dream of a candle without a wick

A candle without a wick in a dream has a very clear meaning. If you see it, it symbolizes false promises. Someone might have promised the world to you but didn’t keep their word.

The person in question will not do it in the future either, so it is time to stop lying to yourself and start achieving your goals alone.

To dream about a burnt-out candle

A fully burnt-out candle in a dream symbolizes an end of an era. It is time for immense changes, which especially applies to young people.

You might go to college, find a job, or get married. Older people will retire.

The symbolism of a broken candle in a dream

A broken candle in a dream symbolizes problems sexual in nature.

You probably haven’t been intimate for a while or don’t have the desire to have such an act with another person.

Interpretations of such dreams depend on the color of the candle you saw, and they can differ accordingly.

Dream interpretation of a white candle

A white candle in a dream symbolizes great spirituality. You pay a lot of attention to your relationships with people.

You care about not hurting anyone with your words or actions in any way. Some people see that as a weakness in this cruel world, but you will not change because of it.

Dream meaning of a black candle

A black candle in a dream means that you could soon discover someone’s secret. You will be in the wrong place at the wrong time and come across some disturbing information.

However, you need not spread them around because gossiping can easily backfire on you.

To dream of a yellow or orange candle

A dream wherein you see a yellow or orange candle symbolizes better times. You might meet an interesting person and fall in love.

Another possibility is that you will finally manage to solve a problem that has been bothering you for a long time and be able to relax. People who have been unemployed for a while will find a good job soon.

The symbolism of a red candle in dreams

A red candle in a dream symbolizes a lack of passion. That doesn’t apply only to your relationships with people but to love relationships and your attitude toward life.

You don’t want to dedicate attention to anything. You work and socialize superficially, which is why you can’t count on long stable professional or love relationships.

To dream of a blue candle

A blue candle in a dream symbolizes the union and collective that life wouldn’t make sense without.

You like people and always make an effort to surround yourself with them. You forgive easily but cannot forget when someone hurts or betrays you.

Friends and acquaintances often surround you, and you attract attention with your positive energy wherever you go.

What does it mean to dream about a green candle?

If you see a green candle in a dream, it symbolizes an improvement in your health.

You might have had some issues recently, which worried you, but you will soon hear good news.

To dream about a purple candle

A purple candle in a dream symbolizes prosperity and family harmony.

If you have recently argued with your family members or partner, you will soon fix everything. That problem will merely make your connection stronger.

The symbolism of a gold candle in a dream

A gold candle in a dream symbolizes the longing for luxury. You are a hedonist who always makes an effort to fulfill your wishes, even when other people suffer because of it.

Some people accuse you of being selfish, but you believe that you can’t love others if you don’t love yourself first.

The symbolism of a silver candle in your dream

If you see a silver candle in a dream, it means that you have to be happy with weaker results of your effort and hard work.

You shouldn’t be too hard on yourself but look at what you have achieved so far objectively and be proud of your success.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, burned, put out, or bought a candle, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a candle

A candle is a long cylindrical object made out of wax through which a wick gets passed. A wick produces light by burning.

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