Blood – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Blood is one of the commonest dreams. We don’t have a clear answer to why it is that way, but it is noticed that blood appears in dreams before important events. Whether our consciousness is trying to tell us something stays a question, based on current knowledge that we have. Meanings of blood in dreams drastically vary, so they can sometimes be positive, while they can also be negative the other times.

To see someone else’s blood in a dream
When you see someone else’s blood in a dream, that symbolizes danger. Be careful when communicating with strangers, especially via social media. If you are planning on meeting someone who you only talked through the Internet, you will be surprised on what conditions the other person will want to meet you. You will start to think that they don’t have good intentions.

To see your own blood in a dream
If you have dreamed of seeing your own blood, don’t be afraid, because that is a good sign. In the following period everything you do will be successful. You will come stronger and wiser out of your difficulties. The following period is extremely good for career progress. Your colleagues love you, so you will become a leader easily.

To see a drop of blood
A drop of blood symbolizes a small problem that will easily be solved to your advantage.

Dreaming of your blood being taken in a medical institution
This dream symbolizes good health and a long life.

Dreaming of bleeding from a wound
Dreaming of bleeding from a wound means that you are unconsciously hurting over something. You miss something in life, but it is possible that you are not even aware of it.

Dreaming of bloody hands
Bloody hands suggest that you will successfully overcome a difficult life situation, but you will also emotionally hurt someone during that process. However, by acting carefully, you can avoid it.

Dreaming of someone bleeding form a wound
Dreaming of other people bleeding from a wound means that a close friend of yours has problems, but you don’t notice it. Look a little bit better around you, because you can maybe help them.

Dreaming of having a nose bleed
Dreaming of having a nose bleed means that you will soon be excited for someone or something. It is possible that you are expecting a visit from someone who lives in another state or a city. You will get an opportunity which will change your life completely if you accept it.

To taste blood in a dream
This dream symbolizes an upcoming disappointment in close friends. You will not be able to understand how you could be so blind and didn’t see what they truly think of you.

Dreaming of spitting out blood
Dreaming of spitting out blood is not a good sign. You are probably going through a hard period in life, so you are unconsciously overstressed. That will affect your health condition as well. You will be forced to go to a complete doctor’s checkup. Your doctor will advise you to change bad nutritional habits and start doing some sort of physical activity. If you are having problems regarding your finances, it is possible that you can’t see a way out of that situation now. You are under a lot of pressure, since people from your surroundings have big expectations from you. By wanting to please everyone, you will not be able to be happy.

Dreaming of drinking blood
Drinking blood in a dream symbolizes gain. In the following period everything you do will be successful. You will radiate with positive energy, so everyone will want to hang out with you. It would be good to try the lottery as well.

To see an animal bleeding or dreaming of animal blood
This dream symbolizes upcoming unexpected problems. You will have to try really hard to overcome them. You will maybe even have to use some family or business connections to do that.

Dreaming of a glass of blood
A glass of blood represents a possibility that your relatives will visit you. In rare occasions this dream can represent heritage form a relative that is childless, or even from your grandpas.

Dreaming of menstrual blood
To see blood caused by menstruation symbolizes an unexpected problem that will appear periodically, but you will always be able to solve it successfully. Duration of the problem is not specified, so it can last for a couple of months or till the end of your life. You will get used to it with time, so you will not even notice it until it disappears.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen blood or had a contact with it recently, that has definitely made an impression on you. In that case, dreams with blood shouldn’t be interpreted.

Definition of blood

Blood is a bodily fluid that only vertebrate have. It is a part of the system for circulation.

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