To dream of being barefoot
If you dream of being barefoot, it means that your reputation will be ruined. It is possible that someone will tell lies about you in order to harm you or that you will do something. which you will be ashamed of. Anyhow, your intentions will not be bad, but you will be misunderstood, which will cause a lot of troubles. You will feel like your credibility and respect is lost, so you will have to try your best to restore it.

To walk barefoot
When you are dreaming of walking barefoot, it implies that you will become prominent. You will earn a better position in your company with hard work, which will bring you many recognitions. More and more people will know what you do, every day. You will be a role model to people from your surroundings that will talk about your ventures and achievements proudly.

To run away barefoot
Dreaming of running away barefoot means that you will fall in debts. After you pay off everything that you have borrowed, you will be at the bottom and you will have to start everything over. It is possible that you will have that problem because of your bad financial situation and an excessive wish to fulfill your every whim. You will not be aware that you need to give up from many things that you have been able to afford before. After you feel the consequences of living like that, you will learn a tough life lesson the hard way.

If you see someone else who is barefoot in your dream, that symbolizes poverty. There are probably people in your surroundings who are poor. That will leave a strong impression on you and you will always try to help them the best you can.

To run barefoot on the sand
Dreaming of running barefoot on sand means that you are longing for home. It is possible that you haven’t traveled for pleasure for a very long time. If you don’t have the money or time currently to go somewhere, the best thing would be to bring in a half of hour of light walking into your routine. You will clear your head from bad thoughts that way and charge your batteries for the new challenges.

If you see someone else running barefoot on sand, it implies that you miss excitement in life. Work and everyday obligations have put you in a machine and you often catch yourself fantasizing of being somewhere else right now. This dream can be interpreted as loneliness, as well.

To run barefoot on gravel
If you are dreaming of running barefoot on stones or gravel, it means that you are thinking a lot about the way your future will look like. Many problems are tormenting you now, while the fact that you don’t know how to fix them is creating even more pressure. You will need a lot of patience and will to overcome that phase, but don’t despair, because you have proven before that your strength and will can make wonders.

Dreaming of other people running barefoot on stones suggests that your friends will ask you for an advice regarding some delicate situation. You will be in a dilemma on what to tell them, because you have never been in a similar situation. Make an effort to listen to them and state your opinion honestly. It is up to them to decide how they will react to it.

To run barefoot on grass
When you are dreaming of running barefoot on grass, it means that you are longing for carefree days from your childhood. Even though you are aware that life is not easy and that it puts obstacles that are hard to overcome in front of you daily, you would like to go back into a period when you didn’t have to make important decisions or take care of other people, just for a short period of time. That is completely normal and almost everyone finds themselves in that situation, but that doesn’t mean that you should relax and live in the past.

If you see someone else running barefoot on grass, that symbolizes jealousy. It is possible that you will be around someone who has organized their life the way you didn’t know how. It seems to you like they are making progress every day, while you are standing in the place. Good news is that that is just a phase and that you will start achieving your wishes and plans in the near future as well.

To run barefoot on thorns
A dream in which you are running barefoot on thorns symbolizes disappointment, sorrow and even depression. It is possible that you have recently experienced some unpleasant moments that have left bad taste in your mouth. After the initial shock, you have felt betrayed and empty. Let time heal your wounds and accept help and advices from those who love you.

If you see other people running barefoot on thorns, it means that your subconsciousness is warning you to spend more time with your family and friends. You have probably neglected them because of work and other obligations and you definitely miss them, like they miss you. Try to organize a hang out, because it will affect you positively.

To run barefoot on glass
If you are dreaming of running barefoot on glass, it means that you are afraid that people will hurt you. You have had bad experiences in the past and now you are far more careful when you are making friendships and you have a hard time with starting new relationships. Let your scars heal and show people that they deserve your attention, trust and love.

When you see other people running barefoot on glass, that symbolizes bad news. You will find out that a person you know has serious health issues, so you will make sure to be at their service all the time. It is possible that you will not be able to do a lot, but it is important for them to know that they have your support.

To run barefoot on ember
A dream in which you are running barefoot on ember symbolizes faded passion in your marriage or relationship. The relationship with your partner is probably not the same as at the beginning of your relationship, while bad communication or a complete lack of sex have affected your relationship in bed, as well. In order to fix that, you will have to invest a lot of effort into other aspects of your relationship or marriage, and then the situation in bed will improve too.

If single people dream of running barefoot on ember, that symbolizes the lack of sex.

If you are dreaming of other people running barefoot on ember, it means that you will go into some business impulsively. You will be promised a large sum of money, but you will soon realize that the job is risky and illegal. If you back down from it on time, you will not face with bigger consequences.

To dream of children running around barefoot
Dreaming of children running around barefoot means that you will soon get rid of many problems that have been bothering you. You will enter into a more peaceful phase of life, which you should use the best you can.

Definition of barefoot people

Those are people who don’t wear shoes.