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Dreaming of beating someone is a warning that you will experience damage. You will be unfair to someone who didn’t deserve it.

If you own a private business or manage workers, it is possible that you will make a wrong mistake and fire someone who is not guilty of something bad that happened.

Their colleagues will falsely accuse them, in order to save themselves and pin their mistakes on someone else. You will realize it only after that person leaves, while bad business running will continue.

Another possibility is that you have recently beaten someone and now you feel guilty because of it.

They are probably your children or people you are responsible for. You will be sorry, so you will ask yourself if you have made a mistake since you could’ve explained to them differently what was bothering you.

Even though they deserve a beating, you will ask for advice from other parents and ask them how they are handling problems with their kids.

You will try not to use that as a solution too often, but when you think about it better, you were beaten in the past but you’ve turned out fine.

This dream can also symbolize conflicts with your family. It is possible that you are often arguing, which is affecting your dreams as well.

You will be overloaded with everyday happenings and you will have a feeling that other family members are not trying enough to make the situation at home better.

Dreaming of beating someone

These dreams are followed by feelings of dissatisfaction, fear, and panic, but rarely of peace and serenity.

Dreams are usually connected to repressed anger, so you have to search for their cause within yourself.

Dreaming of beating someone you know means that you resent that person for something. They have probably hurt or disappointed you, so you are taking revenge on them in your dream.

It is possible that you haven’t told them that, so they don’t know how you feel. If you don’t solve your disagreements, these dreams might appear again.

Dreaming of beating a stranger implies dissatisfaction with your life. You probably haven’t solved some problems, so you are often feeling like a loser.

The fact that people are often telling you that your time is ticking away is making it even worse, but you know that you need to do something.

Even though you are trying to ignore them, you are becoming sure that they are right.

Dreaming of beating someone to death means that you are worried about that person’s health. It is possible that they have admitted to you that they have certain symptoms, but they don’t want to waste time by visiting doctors.

You are trying to persuade them into asking for a professional’s help, so you are hoping that you don’t have a reason to panic and be afraid.

Dreaming of beating a stranger to death symbolizes guilt. It is possible that you have done or said something that you regret now. You have hurt someone, who loves you, with your words or actions.

However, you are too stubborn to ask for forgiveness, so you are transferring the guilt from the real world into your dreams.

Being beaten in a dream

Dreaming of being beaten by a stranger means that you will face a problem that requires a lot of patience.

You will probably solve it successfully, but the process will be long-lasting and stressful. You need to ask for help from professionals, in order not to make a mistake.

It is also possible that you will need a lot of money to deal with it, which will give you even more headaches.

Dreaming about being beaten by a police officer

This dream suggests that you could be involved in an illegal and risky business. You need to make money quickly will take you on the wrong path.

In spite of your loved ones’ warnings, you will think how that is the only way to fix your financial situation.

However, you need to be aware that life from the other side of the law can be really dangerous.

Being beaten by a solider in a dream

Dreaming of being beaten by a soldier implies that you lack discipline. You are doing most of the chores just because you have to, so you are usually trying to leave them for another time.

Because of that, you usually don’t have money. You are often blaming society, people from your surroundings, your superior, or someone else for your problems, but you don’t want to admit that the main culprit is you.

Dream meaning of being beaten by a doctor

Dreaming of being beaten by a doctor means that you have neglected your health.

You are often eating fast food, snacks, or candies, and instead of taking a walk or riding a bike, you chose to stay home and watch TV.

In the long run, this lifestyle can bring you big troubles, especially if you have vices that you can’t get rid of.

Dreaming of being beaten by a lawyer

If a lawyer beats you up in a dream, that implies troubles with the law. It is possible that unpaid bills or debts will bring you a lawsuit.

On the other hand, it is possible that you will end up in court because of a legacy debate, which will be long and exhausting. That will take a lot of your time and cause stress.

To be beaten by a pharmacist

Dreaming of being beaten by a pharmacist symbolizes excessive worry for your or your loved one’s health. The fact that you are often going to checkups is a positive thing.

However, your loved ones are afraid that your behavior is almost hypochondriac-like.

You will need to observe everything from the brighter side, your health condition especially, so you should get rid of the fear that something is wrong with you.

On the other hand, you can’t shove your attitudes, regarding that topic, down other people’s throats, because that will just cause a countereffect.

Being beaten by a teacher in a dream

Dreaming of being beaten by a teacher means that you can’t learn from your own mistakes.

You are constantly behaving according to a certain pattern that so far hasn’t brought you a lot of success. No matter what other people advise you to do, you always decide to act on your own.

Sometimes, you know that you are making a mistake, but your spite is stronger than your reason. If you continue acting like that, you will have a hard time achieving your goals.

Dream interpretation of being beaten by a waiter

Dreaming of being beaten by a waiter, in a bar or restaurant, means that your subconsciousness is telling you to get rid of vices, which could seriously harm your health, as soon as possible.

You probably often neglect symptoms that you feel or you just believe that you are tired. If you start being more active and cut down on coffee, cigarettes, and alcohol, you will feel a lot better.

Being beaten by a child in a dream

Dreaming of being beaten by a child means that you can’t get rid of some trauma or a complex from your childhood. A child in you is still dissatisfied because you haven’t closed one chapter in your life.

That is stopping you from looking at the future positively. Instead of trying to fix injustice from the past and looking back, make real plans and work on achieving them.

Dreaming about being beaten by your mother

Dreaming of being beaten by your mother means that you lack attention. If you are single for a long time, this feeling is completely justifiable.

However, if you have a partner, but you feel neglected, you should think about the causes of it. It would be best to talk to your loved one about it. If you are unhappy, say it openly and try to fix or overcome the problem together.

If you continue to be quiet, you will only create a void between you two, and you won’t bring anything good to either of you.

Dream meaning of being beaten by your father

Men usually have this dream more often than women. It is also common for middle-aged people.

Unfulfilled ambitions or dissatisfaction with life achievements are usually the reason for their appearance.

You are probably often thinking about the things you have done so far, or if you could have done more and better, especially when it comes to business or relationships with your kids.

Try to turn to nicer things that you have gained yourself, and don’t torture yourself with things that you can’t change any more.

Because of these dreams, you can feel anxiety, fear, worry, anger, hate or even physical pain.

The dream shouldn’t be interpreted if you have been beaten, recently, or if you’ve watched someone being beaten on TV.

Watching a man beating a woman

Dreaming of a man beating a woman means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you feel guilty for not helping someone in trouble.

It is possible that you have seen a person on the street who got sick or you have passed a dying animal, but you haven’t done anything about it.

Considering that you are naturally an empathetic person, you have transferred that situation into your dreams, so you are having nightmares now.

This can help you learn from your mistakes for the future. Try to put yourself in someone’s shoes in those situations, and you will not pass by people who need help anymore.

Dream meaning of watching a woman beating a man

Dreaming of a woman beating a man means that you will witness an unpleasant argument between your friends. Both sides will ask you to state your opinion and be the judge in that situation.

You will try to stay aside and resolve that uncomfortable argument wisely, knowing that you can offend both sides with your words.

Watch parents beat their child in a dream

If you see a father or mother beating their child in a dream, it means that you will have a fight with a family member or a close friend.

Reasons for it will seem unimportant at first, but the fight will bring out many unsolved problems from the past.

You are probably resenting each other for certain actions or decisions, but you have kept it aside until everything came out to the surface.

The good news is that your relationship will be a lot more honest and better after that argument.

Dreaming of a police officer beating a man or a woman

This dream means that you can’t accept criticism. You believe that you are doing your job well and professionally, so you have a hard time when someone points out your mistake.

You have transferred that trait into your private life as well. You can’t stand when someone tells you what you need to do. You believe that acting like that is rude because people are meddling in your life by doing that.

Considering that you are avoiding to meddle in other people’s lives, you don’t let them do that to you.

To see fans being beaten

Dreaming of fans beating each other means that you are a person who avoids conflicts.

You rarely get involved in discussions, not because you don’t have an opinion, but because you don’t want to state it to people who will not understand it properly.

Some people appreciate you because of that, while others believe that you are an arrogant person who is too smart to prove anything to anyone.

Dream meaning of prisoners being beaten

Dreaming of observing prisoners being beaten means that your attitudes will be judged.

It is possible that you will be in a large company, where you will state your opinion about a topic, but most of them will disagree with you. You will realize that you are alone with your ideas, so you will be sorry for even saying anything.

Considering that other people’s opinions are very important to you, you will regret getting yourself into that situation.

However, you shouldn’t feel like that. There are many people who appreciate others for being opinionated.

The mass beating in a dream

Dreaming of mass beating means that you will end up in big financial trouble. It is possible that you were spending a lot lately, so now you are in a bad situation.

New, unplanned expenses are making the situation even worse. It is possible that you will have to ask for help from a friend or you will take a loan.

Be careful when signing any kind of contract. Recklessness might bring you even more headaches, in the long run.

If you have recently watched a fight, in person or on TV, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. Those sights have made a strong impression on you, which you have transferred to your dreams, as well.