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Beard in dream books is one of the dreams that is interpreted differently for women and men. It is a common motif. Statistics show that people under 30 and men dream of it more often. The meanings of this dream are various.

Dreaming of big beards

  • For men: If you have a big beard in a dream that symbolizes heritage. Even though you will not be extremely surprised when you get your part of the property, it will touch you more than you expected. You will be glad that your family members trust you by letting you take care of something they’ve acquired for years. You will get a sense of responsibility and you will have a different attitude than before. You will realize that they wanted to secure your future, so you will try to do the same for your children as well.
  • For women: Family sees stability in you, so they trust your decisions.

Dreaming of having a small beard

  • For men: This dream symbolizes poverty. In the following period, your finances will significantly decrease, so you will be able to afford only basic things. That situation will be hard for you because you are not used to controlling your expenses excessively.
  • For women: Smaller financial gain. Progress at work.

Dreaming of having a gray beard

  • Men: Dreaming of a gray beard symbolizes great honor. Your accomplishments and successes will finally get the recognition they deserve. You have always tried to do everything the right way and give your maximum. Your boss will see that and they will reward you. Your family and friends will think of you better as well after you receive higher positions and greater obligations.
  • Women: Your hard work regarding getting experience in some field will pay off. You will have an advantage over other people in that field.

Dreaming of having a red beard

  • Men: If you have a red beard in a dream that symbolizes gain. You will be lucky in the following period, so you will get many opportunities to make easy money. You will have to be careful when spending it, because it is possible that you will feel as if luck hasn’t abandoned you and you will risk in order to receive more.
  • Women: Upcoming romantic and passionate moments in real life. A possible love affair.

Dreaming of a grayish beard

The same interpretation goes for men and women: If you are dreaming of a grayish beard that warns you of sorrow.

It is possible that you will hear the sad news that will devastate you. That could bring thoughts that earlier seemed distant and abstract.

Dreaming of a black beard

  • Men: This dream symbolizes great expenses. Some expenses that you’ve forgotten about will come to the surface. You’ve planned to deal with them recently, but you’ve always had more important things that require money. All of this will happen at the most inconvenient time, so you will have to find different ways to solve this situation.
  • Women: Someone who you have never trusted will reveal your secrets since you have told them something you shouldn’t have.

To see a woman with a beard

The same interpretation for men and women: This dream symbolizes happiness. A relationship with your partner will become more stable and better each day.

It is possible that you will make a decision to start living together or to get married soon.

If you are shortly in a relationship, many people will warn you that you are unnecessarily in a hurry, but you will be sure that you’ve made the right decision.

To see many bearded men

  • For men: This dream implies that someone will be angry with you. That person is probably going to be an older family member who you will fight because of different opinions and attitudes. The void between generations will become even deeper and you will have a hard time finding a common language. You will have to be patient and not blame them, since their intentions are good.
  • For women: Older men are gossiping about you. An alternative meaning of this dream is that an older man likes you.

To shave

  • For men: Shaving in a dream warns you of danger. You will start hanging out with people that have a bad influence on you. It is possible that you will fight with your family since they have noticed that something weird is happening. You will listen to that people, while you will ignore advice from people that have always wanted the best for you.
  • For women: You will be embarrassed because of ignorance. You will talk about some topic you know nothing more than you should, so other people will notice that. It is smarter to stay quiet sometimes.

For both sexes, if they see someone else shaving in a dream: You will help someone thanks to your wise pieces of advice.

To kiss a bearded man or woman in a dream

For both sexes: shame and financial loss. An alternative meaning is completely different: honor, respect, and financial gain.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have shaved or grown a beard recently that has made an impression on you.

To dream of drinking with a bearded man or woman

This dream symbolizes new acquaintanceships for both sexes. You might meet an interesting person soon.

You will like their way of thinking, charisma, and appearance.

You might even fall in love if you are talking about someone of the opposite sex, but that relationship will be short-lived.

To dream of dancing with a bearded man or woman

This dream symbolizes life changes for both sexes. You will finally dare to solve a problem you have swept under the rug for a long time.

Another possibility is that you will decide to change your job, dwelling place, or partner.

People who have been in a relationship or married for a long time will realize they are unhappy and decide to break up or file for a divorce.

To dream of making love to a bearded man or woman

Dreaming of making love to a bearded man or woman symbolizes passion for both sexes.

You might finally have good communication with your partner, which will have a positive effect on your sex life.

If you are single, you might end up in a passionate but very short-lived relationship.

To dream of a bearded man or woman threatening you

If you dream of a bearded man or woman threatening you, it symbolizes paranoia for both sexes.

You are prone to believing the whole world is against you, which is why you can’t make progress. However, the truth is much simpler and harsher.

Once you figure out what you are doing wrong and take responsibility for your actions, you will repeat mistakes less and have a better and more beautiful future.

To dream of threatening a bearded man or woman

This dream represents a test of courage for both sexes. You like to believe you are a brave person, not afraid of many things or easily thrown off track.

However, you will soon end up in a situation that will make you wonder if what you think of yourself is true or only wishful thinking.

To dream of running away from a bearded man or woman

Dreaming of running away from a bearded man or woman symbolizes shortsightedness for both sexes.

You might have let stereotypes control your life. You often form your opinions of someone or something based on assumptions instead of the experience and knowledge you possess.

You miss an opportunity to meet new and interesting people and gain priceless experiences because of it.

To dream of chasing a bearded man or woman

Chasing a bearded man or woman in a dream symbolizes persistence for both sexes. It means you are very keen on achieving your goals and intentions.

There is no obstacle you can’t overcome or a challenge that will scare you. However, you often expect too much from yourself and have a hard time reaching the expectation bar.

That causes pressure, which harms your mental health.

To dream of hiding from a bearded man or woman

Dreaming of hiding from a bearded man or woman symbolizes a mistake for both sexes.

It means you have to learn to admit your mistake and apologize to those you have offended or hurt.

You have a nasty habit of making rush decisions and reacting impulsively, which harms your relationships with other people.

To dream of stealing from a bearded man or woman

This dream symbolizes impulsiveness for both sexes. It is necessary to stop and think about your decisions in the following period.

You have to consider possible consequences or ask for advice regarding your problem from someone you trust. Doing something out of despair is the worst solution you can find.

Definition of beards

Hair that grows on the chin, cheeks, and neck of a man’s face and on some animals.