To dream of a bat
If you see a bat in a dream, it means that you will hear bad news. There is a chance that one of your plans will fail, which is why you will be in trouble. Since you have believed in success, you have made choices that will not correspond to the new situation. You will have to adjust as soon as possible and act adequately.

To dream of multiple bats
If you see multiple bats in your dream, it means that you will get robbed. You might be a victim of such a malicious act, but the money will be the last thing on your mind at that moment. You will want to survive and get away from danger. Also, that can have something to do with your business partner who has been taking more money from you than you have originally agreed on.

To dream about killing a bat
When you dream about killing a bat, it means that you don’t have it your way all the time. There are many traits that you would like to change that stop you from making progress. You try to do the right thing, but you often wish to give up on everything and take the easy way out.

To dream of a bat biting you
If you dream of a bat biting you, it is a warning to be more careful. You might start a business you will not know much about, or you will start working for a company with a shady reputation. It will seem like a good opportunity, but you will come across a series of obstacles you didn’t count on, which is why you will conclude that you have only wasted your time.

To dream of a bat flying in through your window
If you dream of a bat flying into your room through a window, it means that you will have an intruder. One person who likes to meddle in everything will come into your home or office. Their need to know everything will annoy you, which is why you will have to try really hard to be polite and not say everything you think about them to their face.

To dream of letting a bat go
When you dream of letting a bat fly off, it means that you are too serious. You constrain many of your traits because you believe that people around you will see you as immature. You are not aware of how wrong you are because many of them would respect you more if you showed them that you are also a person who makes mistakes.

To dream of a bat in a cave
Caves are bats’ natural habitats, which is why we usually see them in such a setting in dreams. If you see a bat while walking through the cave in your dream, it means that you can’t get rid of dark thoughts. Some stressful situations probably happened to you, and you still can’t forget about them.

To dream of a bat in the forest
When you see a bat in the forest, it means that your conscience is restless. You might have hurt or offended someone recently but didn’t ask for forgiveness. You know that you have made a mistake, but you are too vain to admit it.

To dream about a bat in a cage
A dream wherein you see a bat in a cage means that you live in delusion. You probably trust people around you too much or believe that everyone is good-hearted. Your naivety has cost you a lot many times before, so it is high time to change. You have to ask yourself how many times will people hurt you to make you realize what not to do.

To dream of bats flying during the day
If you see bats flying during the day, it means that you have to gather enough strength to continue fighting even though nothing is on your side. You have been facing numerous challenges and problems lately. You have put up with a lot of stress, but you can’t give up on the things you want to achieve in life.

To dream of holding a bat in your hand
If you dream of holding a bat in your hand, it means that something bad will happen, unfortunately. Such dreams predict financial losses. You might lose your wallet or a large sum of money because of a bad investment. There is even a chance that you will buy something that doesn’t justify the price you had to pay.

To dream of finding a sick bat
When you dream of finding a sick or wounded bat in nature, it means that you have to watch out for who you confide in. Some people from your surroundings will try to take advantage of you to achieve their goals. Because of it, you have to talk about your plans, fears, and ideas with your family members and close friends only.

To dream of transforming into a bat
Even though such motifs are unusual in dreams, people who have repressed anger and dissatisfaction often have them. Something might frustrate or stress you out, but you didn’t talk about it with anyone. It is high time to confide in someone. If you don’t trust your friends or acquaintances, you can ask for help from a professional. If you continue to act the way you act now, the stress will seriously jeopardize your mental and physical health.

To dream of bats attacking you
If you dream of bats attacking you, it means that something disrupted your inner peace. We might be talking about financial or health issues in your family, worries at work, or bad relationships with your loved ones. You will have fewer of such dreams and the ones with similar meaning when you solve them, which is why you have to stop pushing problems under the rug or expect others to deal with them.

To dream about bats attacking someone else
If you dream about bats attacking someone else, it means that you have neglected your friends and family members entirely. One of them is facing an emotional, financial, or moral dilemma, and you don’t know anything about it. Indeed, you have your own problems, but the person in question has always been by your side, and the least you can do now is to talk to them about what bothers them.

To dream of feeding a bat
Feeding a bat in a dream means that you are bored. You have probably fallen into a rut, and every day is the same for you. You want to change something, but you are too lazy to do anything. There is no reason to be mad at your partner or friends when the problem is inside of you. You find it easier to spend every night in front of the TV than to go out to have a drink with your loved one.

To dream of other people feeding a bat
A dream wherein you see someone else feeding a bat suggests that you will be angry with your partner or friend because you don’t spend enough time together. You know that they have their own obligations, but you also believe that the person in question can dedicate a couple of hours to you during the week or send you a message from time to time.

To dream about cooking a bat
Cooking a bat in a dream symbolizes interesting moments in real life. You could experience some form of adventure soon. If you want something interesting to happen to you, you can’t reject your friends’ and acquaintances’ calls. Getting out of your comfort zone will make you feel good.

To dream of other people cooking bats
When you see someone else cooking bats, it means that you will envy your friend for the experience they have gained. We are talking about an adventurist who is not afraid to try new things. Unlike you, that person lives their life to the fullest.

To dream of eating bats
Eating a bat in a dream means that you will make a reckless decision. You will probably want to get over it with something, but it will turn out that you have made a mistake. You will have to fix the negative consequences of such actions alone in the future.

To dream of other people eating a bat
If you see someone else eating a bat, it means that you will try to talk one person out of a crazy idea in vain. They want to do something totally illogical to you, and you believe that it can’t bring them anything good. You will suggest to them to give up on it, but they will not listen to you.

To dream about a white bat
A white bat in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. Such dreams predict the death of an old friend, acquaintance, or even a member of your further family. That will not be a surprise for you, considering that person’s age.

To dream of a yellow or golden bat
A yellow bat in a dream symbolizes wealth. You might inherit something or achieve great things thanks to your hard work and effort.

To dream of a red bat
A red bat in a dream symbolizes hatred out of passion. You probably loved someone a lot, but that person disappointed you, which is why you have started to hate them.

To dream of a dead bat
A dead bat in a dream means that someone protected you from danger, but you are not even aware of it.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, killed, freed, or got bitten by a bat, it has left a strong impression on you. You might have even watched one of Batman’s movies, which is why those animals have made an impact on you.

Definition of a bat

Bats are a group of mammals that hunt at night and rest during the day by hanging upside down in caves, buildings, and so on.