To dream of a banquet
Dreaming of a banquet can have multiple meanings. You will probably be invited to some celebration, where you’ll meet many influential people. You will make contacts that could be useful to you in the future. It will be important to you to make a good impression, so you will try to plan your every move. You will think about your behavior, diction and dressing, for a long time.

Banquets can also symbolize abundance. You will be surrounded with successful people and you will be really happy for their progress. You will have real roll models that you can look up to. You will have an opportunity to learn from them and gain experience that will be priceless. They will recognize your effort and reward it.

The third possibility is that you will organize a celebration dedicated to some business venture. You will probably be promoted, or you will find a better work place. You have been hoping to see that outcome, for a long time, so you will want to celebrate with everyone who believed in you and supported you.

To have a banquet in your home
Dreaming of having a banquet in your home symbolizes happiness and improvement of your financial situation. A stressful period that has caused many worries, mostly because of money, will finally be over, and you will enter a more peaceful phase, where your budget will finally stabilize. It is possible that your superior will reward you with a raise or you will get a better job with a higher salary. Anyhow, you will be more relaxed, which will bring you luck in other fields, as well. If you are married or in a relationship, you can expect a good communication and more affection with your partner, in the following period. If you are, however, single, this dream means that you could finally meet someone who will suit you completely.

To be invited to a banquet
Dreaming of being invited to a banquet symbolizes bigger money gain. It is possible that you will have luck with games of chance or that you will get a heritage. Considering that you always need more money, you will use that to pay off some debts. Ask yourself whether you could invest it into something more profitable.

Dreaming of other people being invited to a banquet symbolizes jealousy and envy. Someone close to you is bothered with every success that you achieve. You are aware of it, but you are trying to ignore their mean comments. That is probably the smartest thing to do in this type of a situation.

To get ready for a banquet
This dream means that you will have an interesting encounter with the opposite sex, in the near future. It is possible that they will win you over with their attitude and charm, so you will try to spend as much time as possible with them. You will not be able to hide your feelings, so people from your surroundings could judge you, since that person is probably in a relationship already. If you are single, you will not be afraid to approach them first, but if you have a partner, it is possible that they will make the first move. Considering that you will be on a cloud nine, you will not care about the consequences of your actions.

Dreaming of other people getting ready for a banquet means that you will hear good news. It is possible that someone will tell you that you are accepted at a college, or that you have gotten a job. Anyhow, you will have a reason to celebrate. Try not to let the fear of responsibility to paralyze you, before you even do anything.

To be late for a banquet
Dreaming of being late for a banquet means that your subconsciousness is telling you that you are sorry for a missed opportunity. It is possible that you have made some decisions in the past, but they seem crazy to you, today. You are constantly asking yourself what would have happened if you have acted differently. Those thoughts are bothering you for a while, but the only way to get rid of the is to turn to the presence and start planning your future. Get over that by enrolling yourself into new challenges, because the saying ‘Don’t cry over spilled milk’ is right.

Dreaming of other people being late for the banquet means that you could have an argument with a partner, friend or a colleague. The reason for it will be a misunderstanding, as always. You will believe that they are judging your every move, while they will think that they are doing you a favor. Don’t expect to understand each other this time either, because you are simply different. Try to accept each other will all of your flaws and virtues. Only like that, you will have a chance to have a somewhat normal communication.

A banquet with a lot of food and drinks
Dreaming of a banquet with a lot of food and drinks symbolizes positive changes. You will finally do something good for yourself. A change of job, dwelling place, or even a partner will bring you necessary happiness and peace. You have probably been thinking about those things intensively, for a while, and your decision, no matter the kind, will affect your mind and body positively. You will finally be able to get past all the fears, which have been stopping you from living, and you will simply decide to be happy.

A banquet without food and drinks
Dreaming of empty tables, without food or drinks, can be interpreted in two ways. It is possible that you are frustrated because someone hasn’t fulfilled your expectations, regarding your private or business life. That has created dissatisfaction or even rage in you. On the other hand, a banquet without food and drinks can symbolize unsuccessful business investments, whether you have used your money to buy stocks, or you have bought some product or a service that was not worth the money.

To be dancing at the banquet
Dreaming of dancing at the banquet symbolizes fear of rejection, because of your decision or an action. No matter what you do, you are trying to have support from people close to you. You are always afraid that you will embarrass or disappoint them. That attitude has thought you to be a perfectionist, but it has also put a lot of pressure on you, which is sometimes hard to deal with.

Dreaming of other people dancing at the banquet means that you will make a loved one happy with your actions. It is possible that you will give them a gift that will gladden them a lot.

These dreams can have simpler meanings. If you have recently been at the banquet or you plan on organizing it in the near future, that has made an impression on you. It is possible that you are tired or full of impressions, which has reflected on your subconsciousness.

Definition of a banquet

A banquet or a feast is a celebratory dinner, usually organized in someone’s or something’s honor.