To see a badge in a dream
Dreaming of a badge symbolizes business stability. In spite of a difficult financial situation, you will not have as much free time as before, because the amount of work will increase. Your clients will be satisfied with your work and they will recommend you to their friends. Also, your bosses will notice your hard work and effort, so the job will be guaranteed to you.

To carry a badge
Dreaming of carrying a badge means that you will get a recognition. It is possible that you will graduate or get a promotion. You will finally realize your long-standing dream, which will be only the beginning of your success.

Dreaming of other people carrying a badge
Dreaming about other people carrying a badge means that you want someone to fail. You will feel that you are unfairly neglected and that people around you are making progress because they are someone’s relatives, or because they have connections. That way of thinking will make you become fainthearted and uninterested in providing a better future for yourself.

Dreaming about taking off a badge
Dreaming of taking off a badge means that you will give your position to an heir. You will realize that it is time to prepare a younger colleague or a family member to take over obligations and chores, which you have been responsible for. It is possible that you will do it because you are taking another job position or because you are retiring.

If someone else is taking a badge off in your dream, it means that you will get a reward or recognition for something you have done. That doesn’t mean that you will get money or some materialistic gift, but it will still mean to you to get a recognition for doing something right.

To see a badge with your own name on it
Dreaming of a badge with your name written on it means that you are afraid of losing a job or a loved one. It is possible that you are afraid of losing your job because of the new systematization in your company, or because the company is in a crisis. On the other hand, there is a possibility that things are not great between you and your partner. You are fighting a lot or you’ve just realized that you are not right for each other. However, considering that you still love them, you don’t want your relationship to just stop, which is why these dreams are haunting you.

To see a badge with someone else’s name on it
Dreaming of a badge with someone else’s name written on it means that the owner of that name could tell you good news. You are probably waiting for someone to tell you important information that will change the course of your life. It is possible that you are waiting for a job, to go on a college, or to travel abroad. Anyhow, the person whose name you see on a badge will probably make you happy.

Dreaming of a badge with a stranger’s name on it means that you will meet a person who could help you will something really important. You will make an effort to get closer to them and try to gain their trust in any way possible. However, be careful, because you could leave an impression of an overly ambitious or even a rude person, while trying to achieve your goal.

To break a badge
Dreaming of breaking a badge symbolizes identity problems. It is possible that you are on a crossroad. You have had plans that you didn’t achieve, so now you are suffering from lethargy. You don’t have enough strength to move and start planning a better future from the beginning. You are discouraged by people who are telling you that it is too late and that you should have thought about everything earlier. Try to ignore them and find enough energy within yourself, so that you can direct it into positive and good things. Success will probably not come overnight, so you need to be patient, but all of it will pay off in the end.

Dreaming of other people breaking a badge
This dream suggests that you could end up in an inconvenient situation. It is possible that your superior will decide to promote you to a better job, but while doing that, they will degrade another colleague. Even though you will be happy because of your success, you will have a hard time with looking your colleague in the eyes. Although, you know that you didn’t have anything to do with that decision, it will not stop you from having a weird feeling about the whole situation.

When you see a broken badge in a dream, that symbolizes a smaller financial loss. It is possible that your car or phone will break down. You will be afraid that fixing it will lead you into bankruptcy, but it will turn out that this small expense will not damage your budget.

To lose a badge
Dreaming of losing a badge means that you are an insecure person. You are easily persuaded into things, so you fall under your loved ones’ influence very quickly. You have been counting on your family for the majority of your life, and you get mad when they tell you that you need to be more independent. Now, you will realize that they are right, because you are almost entirely incapable of taking care of yourself. You are afraid that other people will hurt you, and you will not have protection when you need it. However, you will have to get rid of that fear, if you want to have a normal life.

Dreaming of other people losing a badge
This dream suggests that a loved one will ask you to help them, but you will have to reject them, because of objective reasons. The fact that you didn’t help them when they needed it the most will torment you and you will be afraid that they will resent you for it. However, they will be understanding of your actions, so the whole situation will not affect your relationship.

To buy a badge
Buying a badge in a dream means that you will not keep a promise. Even though people see you as an opinionated person, you will be in a situation where you will have to choose whether you will stay true to your words, or obey to the majority’s opinion for the better future. You will decide to take the easy way out, but your consciousness will be restless because of it. Besides that, you will be afraid that you will lose your good reputation, since you have been building it for a long time.

To sell a badge
This dream means that you will give up from some idea. It is possible that you are planning on starting your own business, but you will realize that now is not the right moment to do so. The dream is related to any kind of a change in your life, which you will give up from because you are afraid of taking a risk.

To bestow a badge
Dreaming of bestowing a badge means that you will realize how important someone is to you, so you will make sure to keep them by your side, for the rest of your life.

To receive a badge as a gift
Dreaming of getting a badge as a gift means that you are a loyal friend. Betrayal is the biggest sin for you.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought or carried a badge, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a badge

A badge is a sign, symbol or a token.