Audition – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

If you are on an audition in a dream that symbolizes an important upcoming event. That can be an exam, interview for a job, a wedding and so on. You will put a lot of effort into making everything the way you’ve imagined it, but you will be stressed out in certain moments. After everything ends you will be able to finally relax.

Dreaming of other people auditioning
If you dream of other people auditioning, it means that you will have to make an important decision. You will probably have many suitors, so you will want to choose the one that suits you the best. You will take all of their traits into consideration and think carefully about the best person to start a relationship with. It is also possible that your boss will ask you to evaluate your potential colleges and decide who is the best candidate in your opinion. You will be aware of the responsibility you have, so you will invest a lot of time into it.

Dreaming of passing an audition
This dream symbolizes success. It is possible that you will achieve something you’ve dedicated a lot of time to. That will boost your confidence and assure you that you are capable of doing anything you imagine. You will feel like the whole world is yours and you will start achieving other goals as well.

Dreaming of failing an audition
This dream suggests that your time hasn’t come yet. It is possible that you will experience failure regarding your private or personal life, which will be hard to accept. You will need some time to make peace with it, but after that you will be stronger. This situation will teach you important life lessons.

Dreaming of other people passing an audition
This dream symbolizes jealousy. It is possible that you think that someone from your surroundings leads a perfect life. You are comparing yourself to them often and want to be more successful than them on every field. You have created an ideal image of that person that is probably not realistic.

Dreaming of other people failing on an audition
This dream suggests that you will comfort a loved one. It is possible that they will need a shoulder to cry on in order to overcome difficulties they are facing with. You will listen to them carefully and try to offer an advice. You will feel bad for everything that happened to them, but you will not let them notice that.

Dreaming of stopping an audition
If you stop an audition in a dream, it means that you will not let someone mistreat you anymore. That person can be a family member, partner, friend or a boss. You’ve hoped for a long time that they will change and that you will be able to talk your problems out, but after you realize that is impossible you will break every contact with them.

Dreaming of someone else stopping an audition
This dream suggests that you will be possessive. You probably won’t trust your partner, so you will control every step they make. They won’t like that, so you will have fights that will threaten to destroy your relationship or marriage.

Dreaming of dropping out from an audition
This dream means that you will not do what you’ve wanted. It is possible that fear will make you decide on something that seems easier and safer in that moment. You will not listen to yourself, but will take advices from people who seem to think that they know what is best for you. You will regret that in the future. You know that life would have been more beautiful have you made an effort to reach your goals.

Definition of an audition

An audition is a selection of actors for movies, TV shows, plays and so on.

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  1. When I was little I had a dream of me filming a movie and recently I’m auditioning 1 and when I was reading the script I realize it was the same script in my dream when I was little and today I had an dram of seeing someone else audition what does that mean ?

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