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Dream about an atlas

This dream can have multiple meanings. If you search for something in it, you have probably been feeling lost lately. You have a feeling that you can’t finish anything you start.

When you make a revision and observe your life, you are not satisfied with the accomplished. You think that everything should have been better and it seems to you that you would have done things differently.

These thoughts will not help you start achieving the goals that you have set for yourself. Your parents, friends, and partner are supporting you, but it is up to you to move from a dead spot.

This dream can also mean that you want to travel somewhere. You have been working a lot lately, so you want to take a well-deserved rest.

You have finished most of your obligations in advance, which leaves you with enough time to dedicate yourself to your friends and family.

You are still not sure what destination to pick, but whatever you chose, a change of environment will suit you.

The dream can also suggest that you are mad at someone who doesn’t give you enough attention.

It is possible that you live far from each other, or it can all be just a feeling. You know that you make many sacrifices for that person and that you don’t have a problem with doing anything for them.

When you realize that they are not doing the same, you will be sorry. You will have a serious conversation, after which you’ll decide if it is worth fighting for that relationship or not.

Going through an atlas in a dream

Dreaming of going through an atlas means that you will make an important decision that will determine the course of your life. It’s about something you’ve been thinking of a lot.

It can be related to your private or business life. It is possible that you’ll decide to change your job or to move abroad for business. The decision will not be easy to make, but you know that is the best thing to do.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that you’ll decide to make your relationship official or break it off once and for all.

No matter what part of your life the decision is related to, it will be the right one once you make it.

If someone else is going through an atlas in a dream, there is a possibility that a partner or a friend will suggest that you travel somewhere together.

If you say yes, that will be good for you, because you will finally be able to relax and charge your batteries for the upcoming period in life.

Dream meaning of ripping an atlas up

Dreaming of ripping an atlas up means that you have the need to explain some things from the past.

There is an event that you are thinking a lot about because it is stopping you from moving on. It is possible that your partner has cheated on you or you have taken a loan from someone.

Anyhow, that is still bothering you and stopping you from acting in the present and thinking about the future.

Dreaming of other people ripping up an atlas means that your plans could fail. You have probably been thinking about a job for a long time, planning how to do it.

However, realistic circumstances will stop it, so you’ll have to focus your attention on something else. Try not to see it as something tragic because you know that one door closes for another to open.

Burning an atlas in a dream

Dreaming of burning an atlas symbolizes loneliness. You are in a phase of life where you can say that everything is working out for you- good health, a profitable job, and an almost carefree life.

However, you are bothered by the fact that you can’t share any of it with anyone. It is possible that you’ve distanced yourself from your friends or you’ve moved somewhere else because of work.

You have achieved your dream to be successful, without having to worry about money, but you would want to be able to share your ideas, impressions, and everyday stuff with someone.

This dream doesn’t have to represent that kind of loneliness. There is a possibility that you feel that way, even though you are surrounded by people.

It is possible that people from your environment often don’t understand your decisions and actions, or you’ve managed to scare them off with your behavior.

Ask yourself what the reason for such feelings is, because it will help you to overcome them more easily.

If someone else is burning an atlas in your dream, that symbolizes financial loss. You will probably invest in something that will turn out to be a wrong investment, or you’ll buy something which is not worth your money.

Anyhow, you will need a lot of time to recover from such a loss. You will have to plan your every move in order to fill your budget up again.

Dreaming about buying an atlas

Dreaming of buying an atlas symbolizes excitement. Ahead of you is a beautiful period in which one of your big wishes could come true.

Because of that, you have transferred your excitement into dreams as well. You are afraid of something ruining your happiness, which makes you do everything with caution.

You have been burned many times in the past as well, but now you feel like everything could go as you’ve planned it.

Selling an atlas in a dream

Dreaming of selling an atlas means that you will meet an interesting person. You will be amazed by their intelligence, charm, and their way of thinking, but they will also help you see things from another perspective.

They will teach you to look at life more positively and use your talents and skills for the right causes.

To bestow an atlas

Dreaming of bestowing an atlas means that you have the need to share your ambition with someone who will understand you properly. You have many plans whose benefits will be visible only later.

You firmly believe that your idea will bring you profit and other benefits, but you are doubtful whether you should listen to other peoples’ advice and turn to something which will bring you fast money.

Because of that, you would like to have someone by your side who is thinking the same as you.

Getting an atlas in a dream

Dreaming of getting an atlas means that you secretly have a crush on someone. It is possible that you have known that person for a long time, but they’ve started to attract you only recently.

Fear of rejection is probably stopping you from making the first move and trying to get closer to them.

Another obstacle you have is the fact that one of you is taken. You are afraid that you’ll not be able to hide your emotions for long, which is stressing you out.

Dreaming of losing an atlas

If you dream of losing an atlas, it implies that your resourcefulness will be put to the test. You will probably end up in a situation that asks for a quick but wise reaction.

Luckily, you are not someone who gets paralyzed in such circumstances, and you will manage to respond properly.

Finding an atlas in a dream

If you dream of finding someone’s atlas, it means you will profit from someone else’s loss. Your coworker might get fired, and your boss will offer their job to you.

Another possibility is that you will provide comfort to someone who recently ended their relationship and then fall in love with one another later.

Dream about stealing an atlas

Stealing an atlas from a bookstore or shop in a dream symbolizes childlike or immature behavior.

One situation will probably require wisdom and maturity, but you will do the opposite. You might even disappoint someone who expects a lot from you with such a decision or action.

When you dream of stealing someone’s atlas, it can symbolize an argument in your home or at work. You might fight with someone because of different approaches to a mutual problem.

To dream of someone stealing your atlas

If you dream of someone stealing your atlas, it means you might doubt your friend, coworker, or partner.

You will realize your secret has seen the light of day, and the main suspect will be someone you thought you could trust.

Looking for a specific city in an atlas in a dream

If you dream of looking for a specific city in an atlas, it implies that you are intently thinking about traveling.

You probably haven’t been anywhere for a long time, and the environment you live in is starting to overwhelm you.

Dreaming of looking for your city in an atlas

Looking for the city in which you live in an atlas can suggest that you are close to your friends and family.

Even when you think about continuing your life someplace else, the first thing that comes to your mind is the question of how you will leave your loved ones behind.

If you continue thinking that way, you might never achieve some of your goals.

To dream about looking for a non-existent city in an atlas

Looking for a non-existent city in an atlas in a dream means one of your plans will fail.

You have probably been thinking about traveling to another city or state for a long time, but objective circumstances will keep you from finally packing your bags.

However, you need not despair because a new opportunity for it will come before you expect it.

Looking for a specific country in an atlas

If you dream of looking for a specific country in an atlas, it implies that you fantasize about visiting a destination that has always attracted you, but you haven’t had a chance to go there for now.

You probably didn’t have the time or money for it, which is why you haven’t managed to fulfill your dream. That doesn’t mean you will not go to that place once.

Dreaming about looking for your country in an atlas

If you dream of looking for the country in which you live in an atlas, it means you might change your dwelling place. You might move to another apartment, neighborhood, city, or even state.

You will need some time to get used to the new surroundings at first, but one is for sure – you will never regret making that decision.

To dream about looking for a non-existent country in an atlas

When you dream about looking for a non-existent country in an atlas, it implies that you will postpone some of your plans to please your loved ones.

You might want to devote some time to yourself and your needs, but you will help a family member, partner, or friend instead.

If you have recently been going through an atlas or looked for something on the map, an interpretation of this dream is simpler. Your brain is processing information or feelings you’ve had while you were awake.

Definition of an atlas

Atlas is a collection of geographical maps organized in one content whole.

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