Dreaming of Anemia – Meaning and Symbolism

To have anemia
Dreaming of having anemia symbolizes good health. It is possible that you are protecting yourself from illnesses, especially viruses or flues excessively. If you feel symptoms that are out of the ordinary, you immediately start searching for their cause. People from your surroundings think that you are a hypochondriac, but you live your life by s saying “Better to be safe than sorry”. Your partner probably resents you for being too tidy, while you think that they are irresponsible and reckless with their health.

Dreaming of other people having anemia
When someone else has anemia in your dream, it means that you are worried for someone who has been sick for a long time. Your consciousness is probably restless because you feel like you didn’t dedicate enough time to someone who has serious health issues. You try not to think about it, but you still feel guilty for not acting appropriately in that situation. That subject is very painful for you, so you try to avoid it whenever you can.

To be cured from anemia
Dreaming of being cured from anemia suggests that you are over exaggerating regarding problems you are facing with at the moment. You love to be dramatic and you often create fuss over nothing. With time, that has become a way of functioning and looking at the world for you. It is easier for you to think that everything is in vain and that you have nothing to hope for, because you can protect yourself from disappointments like that. You approach everything negatively, so you get joyful sometimes when some unexpected nice experience happens to you.

Dreaming of other people being cured from anemia
When you dream of other people being cured from anemia, it means that you will get rid of great worries. You have gotten yourself in a situation from which you didn’t see a way out. Obligations and stress have smothered you so much that you’ve started having health issues. However, you will soon realize that nothing is more important than health. That is the only way to bring positivity into your life, which will solve your problems more easily.

To get a blood transfusion because of anemia
This dream symbolizes a need to dedicate more time to yourself. It is possible that you feel tired for a long time. A lack of free time is making you use quicker solutions, like eating fast food for example. That makes you feel guilty and you want to change it.

Dreaming of other people getting a blood transfusion because of anemia
This dream suggests that your friend or a colleague could ask you for help or an advice. They believe that you are reliable and responsible person who will know how to approach their problem. That will make you feel proud and you will gladly accept to help them.

These dreams are usually followed by feelings of fear, panic or possibly even relief. If you or someone from your surroundings has problems with a lack of red blood cells, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. It simply means that you are processing information from the real-world during sleep.

Definition of anemia
Anemia is a medical condition caused by a lack of red blood cells.

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