Almonds – Dream Meaning and Interpretation

Unpeeled almonds
Dreaming of unpeeled almonds symbolizes enjoyment. You will feel joy that will not be conditioned with a certain event. You will simply have many reasons to be happy and you will be grateful for it. You believe that being healthy, doing a job that is satisfying you and being surrounded by people you love is enough to have a beautiful life. You will not be able to understand people who are constantly complaining about their destiny. You will radiate positive energy, so people will enjoy being in your company.

To see peeled almonds
Dreaming of peeled almonds warns you of worries. It is possible that you are worried for the future of the company you work in. Many changes that resulted in failure have been made in your work place lately. Even though you don’t want to admit it to yourself and other colleagues, you know that the ship you are on is helplessly sinking. You will have a hard time with deciding whether you should stay on it or leave.

To eat almonds
Eating almonds in a dream symbolizes pleasant news. It is possible that you will go on a regular checkup where it might seem like you have some health issue. Tests you’ll do will show that you don’t have a reason to worry. You will be advised to watch out on your nutrition and start working out.

Almonds in bloom
To see almonds in bloom symbolizes short-termed success. You will work on a project that will bring you unexpected experiences and acquaintanceship’s. Even though all of it will seem amazing, if you relax too much, you will face problems. Your job will require constant progress and improvement.

To plant almonds
Dreaming of planting almonds symbolizes a peaceful period during which you will feel great. The hard work and effort that you have invested into something will finally pay off. That will make you satisfied, and you will enjoy it even more, because you will finally have enough time to dedicate to your friends and family.

If someone else is planting almonds in your dream, that symbolizes good news. If you have been worried for your friend’s health condition lately, you will finally be able to relax, since you will find out that things are not as bad as they seemed to be, at first. You will try to be there for them, because that is the only thing you can do now.

To pick almonds
Picking almonds in a dream symbolizes fear of failure. Things haven’t been going according to a plan lately. That has affected your confidence a lot, so you are afraid that your plans could fall apart. However, there is no reason for worry, because you know that you are doing enough and that you can hope for the success in the near future.

If someone else is picking almonds in your dream, it means that someone could take credits for something you have done. That has happened to you even before, but this time you will know what to do to stop it. Don’t be afraid to do what is necessary in order to be rewarded for your hard work and effort.

To peel almonds
Peeling almonds in a dream means that you will reveal someone’s secret. It is possible that you will accidently hear something about someone you know well. The news will shock you, but that doesn’t give you the right to talk about it to other people as well. You are not sure if what you’ve heard is true, so make sure not to spread rumors about them.

To see other people peeling almonds is a warning that someone close to you is twofaced. They are telling you one story, while talking the complete opposite to someone else. It is possible that their intentions are not bad, but the consequences could be. Watch out who you are confiding in and talk about your future plans only with your loved ones.

To toast almonds
Dreaming of toasting almonds means that your body is warning you of vices. You are probably enjoying unhealthy food, cigarettes and alcohol. You can’t feel the consequences of such a lifestyle still, but your subconsciousness is sending you a clear message through your dreams. No matter how hard it seems to give up on something, you need to believe that the saying ‘Better safe than sorry’ is true.

Dreaming of other people toasting almonds symbolizes efforts in vain. It is possible that you are constantly trying to explain your attitudes and actions to someone, but they are refusing to understand you properly. You can get out of that vicious circle only if you realize that you shouldn’t waste your energy on such arguments, on time.

To buy almonds
Buying almonds in a dream symbolizes big upcoming financial gain. It is possible that your superior will finally reward you by increasing your salary, or you will be lucky with playing lottery. Anyhow, some extra money will be beneficial for your budget, so you will be able to plan out some trip or a vacation.

To sell almonds
Dreaming of selling almonds means that you could have problems with the law. It is possible that you haven’t paid taxes or a parking ticket, which will get you in trouble. Your debt might not bring you to court, but it will cause you a headache.

To bestow almonds
Dreaming of bestowing almonds means that you will gladden someone with good news. It is possible that your partner, parents or a family member will be happy after you tell them some information. No matter what the news are, their reaction will bring you more joy than your own success.

To receive almonds as a gift
To receive almonds as a gift in a dream symbolizes luck in love. Someone you like will decide to make the first move. However, if you are married or in a relationship for a long time, a third person could meddle into your relationship. You have let someone into your life consciously, but now, you don’t know how to put to an end their constant attempts to push their attitudes and opinions onto you.

To see ground almonds
Dreaming of ground almonds symbolizes confusion. It is possible that certain things from the past have made your life a mess. You don’t have enough courage to start anything new, because you are afraid of failure. In order to overcome that, try to talk to someone you trust. If, however, your condition continues, don’t hesitate to ask for help from a professional.

If you have recently eaten almonds or made a cake with them, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. The same rule should be applied, if you have watched an article about this plant on TV.

Definition of almonds

Almond is a tree from the family of roses. Its fruit and seeds are used in people’s nutrition as fruits.

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