Dreams about Alimony – Meaning and Symbolism

To pay alimony
When you dream of paying alimony, it is a warning that you will have many inconveniences in your love life. It is possible that you will start a relationship impulsively which will harm you. The other person is probably taken or very unstable. You will be aware of their imperfections, but passion will blur your judgement. The relationship will bring fights with your family and friends. You will distance from everything that was a part of your life before. When you realize that you have made a wrong decision, it will probably be late for regrets.

To receive alimony
When you dream of receiving alimony it means that you will get out of problems that were burdening you. You are in a tough financial situation, as well as people who owe you money. You will be stressed out, since you will not see a way out of the situation. However, you will manage to restore some money that you thought was lost forever. You will pay your debts successfully and learn a valuable lesson from this experience.

Dreaming of other people receiving alimony
When you dream of other people receiving alimony that implies that you are worried for a friend. It is possible that they have marriage or relationship problems. It is obvious that something is bothering them and you feel helpless because you are not able to help them. They will be extremely thankful for all of the support and love you are giving them. That problem will have a positive side to it as well. It will make your friendship stronger.

To refuse to pay alimony
If you dream of refusing to pay alimony, it means that problems from the past will enter your life again. It is possible that you’ve lied about something or you were careless, which could affect you now. You have been searching for the solution that would minimize consequences of your actions for a very long time. It is possible that your actions or words will hurt someone, but you will know that is necessary in order for the problem to be fixed.

To talk about alimony
If you talk about alimony in a dream, it means that you need help and support from people around you. That will be necessary for your future plans. You will enter a period in which you will have a hard time with doing everyday chores, which will be really frustrating. When you finally realize that you have someone by your side who you can trust, everything will be a lot easier.

To demand alimony in court
When you dream of demanding alimony in court, it means that you will be disappointed by a colleague, superior or someone who you trusted a lot. You have been working hard while hoping that someone will recognize your enthusiasm and effort and that it will be rewarded in some way. However, people that make those decisions will disagree with you, so they will think that a reward belongs to someone else.

These dreams are usually followed by feelings of fear, helplessness, disappointment and stress. If you have talked with someone about this topic recently, the dream shouldn’t be interpreted.

Definition of alimony

Alimony is a sum of money that one of ex-spouses has to pay after a divorce for the child support, according to the law.

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