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To dream of an alarm clock ringing
If you are dreaming of an alarm clock ringing, that warns of an unpleasant family event. All of your family members will be upset when they find out that you are in a relationship with someone they don’t like. In spite of your efforts to persuade them, they will refuse to accept your decision and they will make you choose between them and your partner.

To dream of a broken alarm clock
When you see a broken alarm clock in a dream, it means that your plan will not be achieved. You will not have enough motivation, in the following period, to get yourself moving and do everything that you have planned. If you are going to college, you will postpone exams for the next month, which will backfire at you. At work, you will pile obligations up, which will affect your productivity with time.

To turn off the alarm clock
Dreaming of turning an alarm clock off means that you will go on a vacation that you desperately need. You will finally be able to relax and stop thinking about obligations which are a part of your everyday routine. Acting like that will be unusual for you at first, so you will be jumpy, but you will soon get used to enjoying the lack of stressful situations.

To turn an alarm clock on
A dream in which you turn an alarm clock on symbolizes a promotion or a change of a workplace. It is possible that you will decide to accept a good job offer that even includes moving. No matter how hard it will be to leave your home, friends, and family behind, you will know that you have made a good decision. On the other hand, it is possible that your superior will offer you a promotion or a raise if you take more chores and obligations on yourself.

To be awakened by an alarm clock
If you are dreaming of being awakened by an alarm clock, it means that you were thinking about obligations that are expecting you tomorrow, before going to sleep. It is possible that you are tired of many problems and you need some time for yourself. Try to squeeze in at least half an hour of activities that are relaxing for you in your busy schedule. You will reduce stress levels like that and stop your health from deteriorating.

To dream of an alarm clock waking up someone else
When you dream of an alarm clock waking up someone else, it means that someone will help you finish an important job. You have taken a lot of responsibility for yourself, but you don’t have time to finish that chore. You are constantly in a hurry because of it, and you are neglecting those you love. However, there is a possibility that your colleague will help you in order to do some job faster and better.

To not be awakened by an alarm clock
If you are dreaming of not waking up to an alarm clock and being late to something, it means that you will be disappointed in someone who will not keep their promise. You will realize that you can count on yourself and your abilities only, at this moment.

To buy an alarm clock
A dream in which you are buying an alarm clock is a warning that your laziness will bring you troubles. You don’t have the will to do work or house chores for a long time. That could cause rebellion with your family members or your superior to ask themselves if they really need you that much. If you don’t snap out of it soon, consequences will be fatal.

To sell an alarm clock
When you are dreaming of selling an alarm clock, that represents a nasty habit of yours to organize other people’s lives. You probably believe that one of your family members is incapable of taking care of themselves. Because of it, you have decided to sacrifice yourself and take their obligations on yourself. You often think that their life would be chaotic without you. You don’t even know how wrong you are, and when that person finally tells you to stop acting like that, you will be deathly offended.

To bestow an alarm clock to someone
This dream is suggesting that you need to have a serious conversation with your partner. Lately, you either don’t speak at all, or you are arguing. Those communication problems are the result of misunderstandings between you two. You need to work on that. The easiest way to do it is to say your opinions calmly and let your partner do the same. Every problem can be solved, only if will and love exist between two sides at war.

To receive an alarm clock as a gift
If you are dreaming of getting an alarm clock as a gift, it means that you will become a victim of someone’s manipulation tactics. Someone close to you sees you as a tool for achieving their goals. They are simply not your true and honest friend. As soon as you realize that and admit to yourself what the whole situation is about, you will be able to get out of it easier.

To break an alarm clock
If you are dreaming of breaking an alarm clock, that symbolizes damage. It is possible that you will have to pay for a mistake that you made in the past. That is probably related to a contract that you have signed and now, its conditions need to be paid off. Take this as a lesson to think well about what you are signing in the future.

To dream of others breaking an alarm clock
When you see other people breaking an alarm clock, it is time to visit a doctor. You have been troubled by some symptoms for a while, but you are diagnosing and treating yourself on the Internet. Such behavior is very wrong, so you need to ask for a professional’s help as soon as possible, in order to get proper treatment.

To hear an alarm clock
Dreaming of hearing an alarm clock means that you are afraid that your time is up and that you are late for some important things, so the only thing you can do is to be sorry for missed opportunities. On the other hand, hearing an alarm clock in a dream is an indicator of a chronic lack of time, which is a modern-day disease.

Interpretations of dreams depend on the type of alarm clock you dream of, as well.

Mechanical alarm clocks
This type of alarm clock in a dream symbolizes fear of getting out of your comfort zone. You need to obtain new knowledge and skills, in order to make progress at work, which you don’t like at all. Don’t miss offered opportunities just because you are afraid of failure.

Digital alarm clocks
They symbolize fear of uncertainty. You are a person who is trying to have a normal life thanks to your own hard work. However, you don’t have enough profit and you are afraid of things that might happen in the future. Try to get rid of dark thoughts by surrounding yourself with positive people.

An alarm clock on a smartphone
This dream means that you will finally plan out a shorter field trip or a trip. You have been thinking about it for a long time, but sometimes you don’t have enough time, other times the money, or sometimes even the company. However, everything will fall into its place in the near future, so you will be able to achieve your wish.

To dream of setting an alarm code
Setting an alarm code in a dream symbolizes skepticism. You don’t trust people much. That can be an inborn trait or something you have acquired thanks to bad past experiences. Anyhow, such behavior is desirable in the business world, but it harms your relationships.

To dream of other people setting an alarm code
A dream wherein you see someone else set an alarm code suggests that you are trying to get closer to someone or gain their trust in vain. You might like a closed-off and mysterious person, and you are continuously trying to jump over the wall they have built around themselves. The chances that you will succeed in your intent are slim.

To dream of forgetting to set the alarm
If you dream of forgetting to set the alarm, it symbolizes absent-mindedness. Many things have probably happened lately, and you didn’t have time to process it all. Besides that, you have many obligations and problems, which have affected your concentration negatively. You can try to take a break because the world will not end if you decide not to do anything for two days.

To dream that you can’t turn on an alarm
When you dream that you can’t turn on an alarm, it implies that you have misjudged the situation you are in and that you could make some bad decisions or actions because of it. You have to think about the possible consequences of your actions or ask for advice from someone you trust.

To dream that you can’t turn the alarm off
If you dream that you can’t turn the alarm off, it means your loved ones warn you about the consequences of the mistakes you are making in vain because you don’t see what you are doing. Your behavior has been pretty destructive lately, and you could face serious problems in the future if you don’t change something.

To dream of inserting a wrong alarm code
If you dream of persistently trying to insert a wrong alarm code, it implies that you will not manage to solve the conflict with your loved one for some time longer. The differences between you might be pretty big at the moment, which can lead to a breakup. That might be the only logical decision now.

To dream that you can’t remember the alarm code
When you dream that you can’t remember the alarm code, it means you are too harsh on yourself sometimes. You have set the expectation bar pretty high, and now you struggle to jump over it. Not everything in your life has to be ideal, but it is necessary to be happy. You have to try to be satisfied with the little successes that you achieve daily.

To dream of disabling the alarm
Disabling the alarm in a dream means you will wrong someone. You might believe your prejudice and characterize a person you have recently met pretty badly. Only later will you realize that you have made a mistake and try to become friends with that person because you know you can learn a lot from someone like that.

To dream of someone else disabling the alarm
When you see someone else disabling the alarm in your dream, it implies that you long for an honest piece of advice or suggestion regarding a problem that bothers you. People patting you on the back and telling you they believe in you is not helping. You need someone who will be brutally honest with you and have the strength and courage to point out the mistakes you are making at the moment.

To dream of going deaf from the alarm
If you dream of going deaf from the sound of the alarm, it means it is time to open your eyes. You have to stop telling yourself that someone or something will change if you are not ready to change either. Nothing will happen on its own, which is why you have to dare to make a decision that will change your future for the better.

To dream of an alarm in the house or apartment
If you dream of an alarm in the house or apartment, it implies that you have to watch out for who you let into your life because not everyone has good intentions. Some people who are trying to get closer to you want to gain your trust to take advantage of you and achieve personal goals or interests. It is necessary to keep your eyes open and be careful who you confide in.

To dream of an alarm at work
When you dream of an alarm at work, it means one of your colleagues envies you for the success you achieve or the trust your boss has in you. You might have noticed some signs but decided to ignore them. Everything is fine until that person starts sabotaging you.

To dream of a car alarm
If you dream of a car alarm, it implies that you have to consider postponing the trip you have been planning for a long time. There is a chance that you will have to come home much sooner than expected because of unexpected circumstances. You need not despair because a new opportunity to travel will come sooner than you think.

To dream of an alarm in the bank
A dream wherein you hear an alarm in the bank suggests that you have to watch out for your expenses if you don’t want to face bankruptcy in the future. You have to set your priorities carefully and not spend lavishly on what you don’t even need at the moment. If you do it and start saving now, you will avoid some bad scenarios.

To dream of an alarm in the shop, mall, or supermarket
Hearing an alarm in a store or mall in a dream means you will soon face big expenses. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay a lot for the repair or replacement. Luckily, you will be able to cover the costs without falling into debt.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently heard or seen an alarm clock, that made an impression on you.

Definition of an alarm clock

An alarm clock is a device used for emitting an alarm at a specific time.