Adventure in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details or feelings that follow them. If you have recently watched an adventurous movie, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted, because that has made an impression on you.

Dreaming of an adventure
Dreaming of an adventure can have multiple meanings. In the previous period, you haven’t been satisfied with things you have achieved in your life. You will have a feeling that other people are more successful than you and that everything works out for them. You will want something new and exciting to happen to you, but you will not appreciate things that you have. You will probably search for a solution in gambling, alcohol or some other vice. You will hang out with people who have similar past, so they will land you money or take you to luxurious destinations. You will believe in their honesty and intention to help you.

To be afraid of an adventure
When you finally snap out of it, you will be in huge debts, without the possibility to get out of that situation. Your friends will stop trying to help you, your loved one will leave you and you will probably be fired. You will want to go back to your boring life, but without problems, even though you couldn’t stand it before. Another meaning is that you will go on a trip which will change many things in your life.

To anticipate an adventure
You will meet someone who will fascinate you, so you will think of them as of your soulmate. Love will not let you see that you are to different and that they are not ready to compromise for you. You will have a choice to accept them the way they are, or to leave. In the beginning, you will say yes to everything, because you will believe that they will change, but you will realize that it is impossible, with time. You will stop trying and you will let someone who is in love with you for a long time to win you over.

To be chased by someone
Dreaming of being chased means that you are trying to hide something. You have probably done something bad and you don’t want people to find out about it. These dreams are usually connected to subconscious fears and situations that you are trying to avoid.

If you don’t see your chaser while running away, that symbolizes hate, fear, anger or any other powerful, yet negative emotion that you are faced with.

Dreaming of chasing someone means that you are determined to achieve your goals. You have set the bar with your expectations pretty far, so it seems to you that what you want is out of reach. That can also mean that people from your surroundings don’t understand your ambitions. Sometimes, it awfully bothers you that people look at you like you are crazy when you are talking about your plans. You are rarely able to find people who know exactly what you want and who are supporting you in achieving it.

To avoid danger
Dreaming of avoiding danger means that you are trying to avoid a stressful situation in real life. You are pushing problems under the rug, hoping that they will resolve on its own. If you are dreaming of running away from prison or breaking free out of chains, that symbolizes the need to get out from some relationship. It is possible that the situation with a partner is not going well. You will realize that they have changed and that you don’t like that change. Your subconsciousness is telling you to get out of that relationship.

Dreaming of being saved from a deathly situation means that you are too overwhelmed with money and material things. You are neglecting everything that is currently not bringing you profit, which is why your creativity is suffering. You should turn to a hobby that is bringing you satisfaction, not money.

To jump from a height
Dreaming of jumping from a height means that you have lost control over your life. These dreams have anxious people. That anxiety can be related to your business or sexual life. It is possible that you are tired of the job you have, but the raise or promotion are not there yet. That makes you frustrated, while not being able to find another job at the moment is an additional problem.

On the other hand, a dream can represent dissatisfaction with your sexual life. Your relations are probably not as often as you would like them to be. Sexual energy is piled up in you, but you don’t know how to release it. If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, you often have an argument with your partner because of it. If you are single, the meaning is obvious.

To be trapped
Dreaming of being trapped means that close people to you see you as an immature person. They don’t let you make decisions on your own. You are probably used to that behavior, so you have the need to ask for permission with each move you make.

To be locked
Dreaming of being locked in some room and trying to get out usually has something to do with your sex life. If you are trying to open the door or unlock them, it means that you are satisfied with it. If, however, you can’t unlock the door, you are probably frustrated and dissatisfied with your intimate relations. These dreams can be connected to hidden feelings and desires that you have, which you don’t want to share with others.

To be kidnapped
Dreaming of being kidnapped means that you lack freedom. It is possible that you are stuck at a job that doesn’t let you show what you can do, or express your creative side. It is also possible that your partner is smothering you. Their jealousy and the need to know where you are and what you are doing every moment of each day is not fun anymore. On the contrary, you feel a lot of pressure, or even fear that you will do or say something that they will not like. This relationship is unhealthy, which is why you dream weird dreams.

Dreaming of a love adventure
A dream in which you have a love adventure with a stranger symbolizes your need to change you dwelling place. The same people, streets or buildings are probably smothering you so much that you would run away anywhere. You will start looking for a job in some other city or country, just to leave out of there.

If you have a love adventure with someone you know, but you are not in a relationship with them in real life, that symbolizes a lack of self-confidence. You are too critical of yourself, your appearance or achievements. It is time to love your body and start being proud at even the smallest things you have achieved in your life.

Definition of an adventure

Adventure can symbolize an unexpected event, dangerous or suspicious act, a trip or a love affair.

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