What Does it Mean to Dream of Menstruation or a Period?

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Women have dreams with a motif of menstruation more often than men. Their meanings are usually positive, but the detailed interpretations depend on the context in which a dream occurred.

Talking about menstruation in a dream

Talking to your loved one about menstruation in a dream means you have to get rid of the prejudices that control your life.

You don’t form opinions about people and things based on your knowledge and experience but based on assumptions.

Because of it, you miss opportunities to have fun, learn something new, and gain valuable experiences and friendships.

Dreaming of other people talking about menstruation

If you dream of someone else talking about menstruation, it implies someone you have recently met will confide in you.

The trust that they have in you will surprise you, considering that you don’t know each other that long.

However, you will make sure to keep that person’s secret to yourself.

Holding a lecture about menstruation in a dream

Holding a lecture about menstruation in a dream suggests you should never underestimate your abilities.

You possess numerous qualities. You are hard-working, reliable, and attractive. You only have to work on your confidence to have a better future.

Dream about listening to a lecture about menstruation

Listening to a lecture about menstruation in a dream means you might meet an interesting woman.

You will realize you can learn a lot from her, so you will make sure to spend more time with her.

Dream meaning of reading about menstruation

Reading about menstruation in a dream suggests your boss will give you a demanding task.

Before you decide to deal with it, you will have to learn every detail of what you have to do. It will not be easy to get that done, but you are too persistent to give up on it.

Writing about menstruation in a dream

Writing about menstruation in a dream means a woman might ask you for advice regarding a problem that bothers her.

You will probably realize it is easier for you to get that job done for her instead of explaining to her what to do.

To dream of watching a documentary about menstruation

Watching a documentary about menstruation in a dream suggests you ought not to be judgmental.

If you want to meet someone, talk to them directly instead of asking around about what other people think of that person.

Opinions are subjective, so they vary. You have to form yours based on personal experiences.

Dream interpretation of an animal has a period

If you dream that a cat, dog, mare, or another animal has a period, it means you are a perfectionist.

You take care of every detail in your life and work or living space. You don’t like to work in a team because you have experience with lazy people.

It is not easy to maintain the standards you have set for yourself, but you will not change now.

To dream of stepping in a puddle of menstrual blood

This dream is a bad sign. It suggests a lack of focus might put you in an inconvenient situation. You have to be extra careful in traffic.

If you do something delicate, make sure to have someone around you whose thoughts are not as scattered as yours.

Dream about drinking menstrual blood

Drinking menstrual blood in a dream means you are superstitious. You don’t only spit when a black cat crosses your path, but you have adjusted your daily life to those little rituals.

To dream of other people drinking menstrual blood

When you see someone else drink menstrual blood in your dream, it implies you will have to stay quiet about something that shook you to protect yourself.

Interpretations of dreams about menstruation for women

Dreaming that you are on your period

If you dream that you are on your period, it symbolizes a heightened maternal instinct. If you don’t have a child, you probably subconsciously want one.

On the other hand, if you already have a baby, you probably have the desire to be pregnant again.

Having cramps but not bleeding in a dream

When you dream of having period cramps but not bleeding, it means you are stressed out.

Many things have happened to you lately, and you had to face various challenges but protect your mental health in the process. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to go on vacation somewhere.

Dream meaning of getting your period early

If you dream of getting your period early, it implies you are impulsive.

You want everything now, so you often make mistakes and regret failing. It is necessary to know that other people are not responsible for your mistakes, but you are.

When you realize it and learn something from those failures, your future will be better.

To dream that your period is late

If you dream that your period is late, it means you are afraid because you can’t solve one problem alone.

You are used to having everything under control, but something will get you off track.

You don’t have to panic because you don’t think clearly in such situations. You have to take a deep breath and look at all the possibilities at your disposal.

Dreaming that your menstrual blood is an unusual color

This dream represents an unusual situation. Something you couldn’t predict or imagine might happen to you in the days that follow.

However, it doesn’t have to be bad. There is a chance something positive or beautiful will come out of that event.

To dream of menstrual blood staining your clothes

When you dream of menstrual blood staining your clothes, it implies you will embarrass yourself in front of a large group of people.

In your desire to look smart, you will probably say something stupid. You will regret it immediately, and it will be a good lesson for the future.

Dreaming of menstrual blood running down your legs

If you dream of menstrual blood running down your legs, it means something you are not ready for will happen to you.

You probably believed nothing could discourage you, but one situation will prove you wrong soon.

Dreaming of menstrual blood getting on your bedding

If you dream of menstrual blood staining your sheets or linen, it implies you have to be careful whom you confide in.

You can talk about your secrets and plans only with people who have been a part of your life for a long time and have never betrayed you.

One person in your surroundings will try to take advantage of you to achieve their interests and goals.

Dream about menstrual blood staining your chair

This dream suggests you are afraid of not justifying the trust that your boss gave you. You might believe you are not up to one task.

The fear of responsibility is a paralyzing factor in the process of making progress, and it is time to get rid of it.

Getting your period while pregnant in a dream

When a pregnant woman dreams of getting her period, it is not a bad sign. Such dreams don’t suggest that something is wrong with your baby.

On the contrary, ancient dream books say your baby will have special talents and abilities, and you can be at peace.

If it eases your worry, you can make an appointment and make sure everything is fine.

To dream of getting your period in menopause

If you dream of being in menopause and getting a period, it symbolizes a new beginning. You might finally manage to find peace after a stressful period.

Dreaming of making love on your period

If you dream of getting your period while having sex, it implies someone has an eye on your partner.

One person in their surroundings has a crush on your significant other, but you don’t have to worry because your loved one will not do anything to hurt you.

Don’t attack their admirer, but subtly let them know you are aware of what they are doing.

To dream about getting your period but not having a pad or tampon

This dream is every woman’s worst nightmare. However, it doesn’t have a negative meaning.

It usually suggests you will manage to overcome a big challenge, which will boost your confidence.

You will realize that you can do many things and that not many of them can get you off track.

Taking pills to get a period in a dream

When you dream of taking pills to get your period, it implies you have to take more care of your health.

The symptoms you feel will not disappear on their own, so you have to ask a professional for help.

The worst you can do is to diagnose or treat yourself with the help of the Internet and magazines.

To dream of taking pills to postpone a period

Taking pills to postpone getting a period in a dream means you are ready to sacrifice important things for trivial pleasures.

One might characterize your behavior as irresponsible, but you always have a suitable excuse when such situations are in question.

Interpretations of dreams about menstruation for men

To dream of getting a period

If a man dreams of being on a period, it symbolizes material or non-material losses. You might invest your money into something unprofitable.

Another possibility is that you will lose your partner for not trying hard enough to make your relationship or marriage work.

To dream that your partner is on her period

If a man dreams of his partner being on her period, it symbolizes his desire to become a father for the first, second, third, or fourth time.

If you haven’t had such wishes before, things could change soon. Even the biggest womanizers will feel the urge to pass down their genes.

Making love with a woman on her period in a dream

When you dream of making love with a woman on her period, it implies you are sometimes unaware of your responsibilities.

You often blame other people for your mistakes. Because of it, you haven’t learned some lessons, and you keep ending up with the same problems.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently been on your period or talked about it with someone, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of menstruation

Menstruation or period is the periodical discharge of blood and tissue (endometrium) from the uterus and vagina.