What Does It Mean to Dream of a Yule Log?

To hold a yule log
Dreaming of holding a yule log symbolizes peace and happiness. You will be successful at everything you start. Your love life will be better than ever and you and your partner will agree on everything. It is possible that you will resolve problems with your partner’s family, so they will finally accept you, after a long time of arguments. Things regarding your business life haven’t developed the way you wanted them to, at first, but in the following period, everything will go according to your plan. In spite of difficulties, patience and hard work that you have invested will start to pay off. You will receive new business offers, so it is possible that you will change your work place, since you haven’t been really satisfied with the previous one.

Dreaming of someone bringing you a yule log
To see someone bringing you a yule log in a dream means that you will hear good news from a friend or family members. It is possible that you have asked someone for a favor. It is related to something that is very important to you, like getting a job or making an appointment with a doctor who is really hard to get. You will get a response that you have been wanting to hear, so you will be really grateful to that person.

To carry a yule log
Dreaming of carrying a yule log to someone’s house means that you will make someone happy with your actions. It is possible that you will not be aware of it, but with a small sign of affection, you will gladden a person that you don’t know really well. However, that will make a strong impression on them.

To cut a yule log
Dreaming of cutting a yule log means that someone will show you respect. It is possible that a friend will ask you to be their best man or you will get a better job position or a raise, thanks to your superior’s recommendation. Anyhow, this dream has a positive meaning.

Dreaming of other people cutting a yule log symbolizes memories on your childhood. It is possible that you’ve watched someone cut a yule log as a child, or you’ve heard stories about it. If that story has transferred to your dreams, it means that your subconsciousness is taking you back to happier and carefree days, in order to give you an escape from your solemn everyday life.

A yule log in front of a church
A yule log in front of a church symbolizes family’s prosperity in a dream. A difficult period is behind you and no matter how many challenges you face, you know that your family’s love and support are the most important things in the world. You know that you can always count on them.

A yule log in front of your door
If you see a yule log in front of your door, it means that you will hear good news. It is possible that you will get a good job offer or it will turn out that you didn’t have a reason to worry about your health. You will finally have a reason to hope for something, because things will start to improve. Use the following period to rest, because you will have to work really hard in order to prove yourself on a new job.

A yule log in your home
Dreaming of a yule log in your home means that you will meet with a family member who you haven’t seen in a long time, in the near future. Hanging out with them will suit you a lot, because it will bring back memories from your childhood. It is possible that they will invite you in their home, which is in another city or in a different country even. Accept their invitation, because a change could suit you.

An oak yule log
Dreaming of an oak yule log means that you will fulfill your business or private plans. If you are planning on changing a job, profession or college, it is the right time to do it, because your choice could turn out to be good and profitable. If you are planning on moving abroad, ask around about living conditions, rules and customs in that state.

A pine or fir yule log
Even though it is rare, a yule log can be made out of pine or fir. This kind of a yule log symbolizes happy moments with your loved one. The communication between you two will finally improve, so you could plan a trip together.

To burn a yule log
Dreaming of burning a yule log symbolizes good health. You will be satisfied with yourself, which will affect your mind and body. You will realize that dissatisfaction and complaining can’t bring you anything good, so you will try to live your life the way you’ve always wanted to. You will start eating healthy and working out.

If you have recently cut a yule log, or celebrated the Christmas Eve, this dream shouldn’t be interpreted. The same rule should be applied if you have watched a TV show or a documentary about this Christian tradition. That has probably made an impression on you, so you’ve transferred it into a dream as well.

Definition of a yule log

A yule log is usually an oak tree, cut on the Christmas Eve early in the morning, while it is traditionally burned in the evening of the same day, after dinner.

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