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wrestling in a dream

To dream of wrestling with someone

If you dream of wrestling with someone, it symbolizes depression. You might be sad because you can’t find a solution to a problem you have at work or in your marriage or relationship.

You would like to say many things to the person you have a conflict with, but you get confused at the moment and miss an opportunity to fix your relationship over and over again.

To dream of watching wrestling

If you dream of watching wrestling, it suggests that you have to try harder. You are not used to fighting for what you want, and you always blame other people when you fail.

You start with negative beliefs and often seem to do something because someone made you, not because it is your choice.

Dreaming about training in wrestling

When you dream about training in wrestling, it implies that you have numerous interests. You eagerly learn new things because you believe they enrich your life and make you happier.

You don’t have any expectations or wish to be the best at anything since your only goal is to have a great time and meet interesting people.

To dream of refusing to wrestle with someone

If you dream of refusing to wrestle with someone, it means you don’t want to argue. You believe wiser people let things go, so you often give up on what you want, not to enter into a conflict.

Some people have started taking advantage of it, so you either have to show your teeth or make peace with losing everything.

To dream about winning a medal in wrestling

When you dream about winning a medal in wrestling, it implies that your effort doesn’t get noticed. You probably achieve great results in something that most people in your surroundings are unfamiliar with.

Many believe you are wasting time on it and advise you to find a real job, go to college, and so on.

To dream of wrestling with a professional wrestler

If you dream of wrestling with a professional, it means you will deal with a serious and demanding task.

You might need a lot of time, energy, and patience to finish it, but the results will be better than expected.

Wrestling with a partner in a dream

A dream wherein you wrestle with your partner means you will solve the issues that are bothering you at the moment.

It sometimes seems like you are not on the same wavelength and have a difficult time resolving specific problems. However, your love will win if you respect each other.

To dream of your partner wrestling with someone

When you dream of your partner wrestling with someone, it means you are worried about that person.

They are probably facing business challenges, and you don’t know how to help. You need not ignore the importance of the love and support you offer in such stressful situations.

Dreaming about wrestling with your ex

Wrestling with your ex in a dream can suggest that you haven’t resolved something. Some things are left to be said, but you are trying to ignore them and not look back.

In that case, the dream is a reflection of your subconscious.

To dream of your ex wrestling with someone

When you see your ex wrestling with someone in a dream, it suggests that you will soon hear some bad news about that person.

You will wonder if you should call them but will quickly give up on that idea because it could hurt your relationship with the current partner or that person’s relationship.

To dream of wrestling with a family member

Wrestling with a family member in a dream means you will forgive your loved one for making a mistake. One of the people you care about has done something you suffered for, and you have a hard time getting over it.

However, you will soon realize that life is too short to spend it pouting and holding grudges.

To dream of your family members wrestling

If you dream of your family members wrestling, it means you don’t get involved in their conflicts. A few of your loved ones will argue and ask you to pick sides.

You need not do it or act as an arbiter in that dispute because you will end up with the dirty end of the stick.

Dreaming about wrestling with a child

Wrestling with a child in a dream means you underestimate one task, obligation, or problem. You believe you will get it done quickly, but things will not go smoothly.

The sooner you decide to deal with it, the faster you will realize what you are up against and be able to come up with a good strategy.

Dreaming of kids wrestling

When you see kids wrestling in a dream, it means you will get involved in someone’s game. One person might try to take advantage of your friendship with their enemy.

If you pay attention, you will figure out what is going on and be able to do something to avoid a negative outcome.

To dream of wrestling with a friend

Wrestling with a friend in a dream means a hidden conflict exists between you. You have probably been competing in everything since childhood but would never admit it to anyone.

There is nothing bad in rivalry if your whole relationship is not based on it.

To dream that your friends are wrestling

A dream wherein you see your friends wrestle can mean that one side will talk badly about the other to you. They will probably argue about something and ask you to say who is right.

No matter what you do, it will be wrong, which is why you should tell your friends right away that you don’t want to be a part of either of their problems or solutions.

Dreaming of wrestling with a colleague

If you dream of wrestling with a colleague, it implies that you want to make career progress faster than them or have better grades than that person.

Your competitive spirit is not a bad motivator, but it is unhealthy to compare yourself to others constantly because it hurts your mental health.

To dream that your colleagues are wrestling

If you dream of your colleagues wrestling, it means you will notice that one side is trying to sabotage the other.

Considering that you are just, you can’t only observe what is going on, so you will openly point out the fact that one person’s methods are wrong and could be lethal for both of them.

To dream of wrestling with your boss

Wrestling with your boss in a dream suggests you have to fight for yourself more. You let your boss take advantage of you, even though you are more knowledgeable and skilled than the person in question.

If you have already concluded that you can’t make progress at that job, you have to start looking for a new one.

To dream about your boss wrestling with someone

This dream usually symbolizes an upcoming crisis in the company you work for. Don’t be surprised when your boss announces they are reducing salaries or letting people go.

You have to get ready for such a scenario by cutting down on expenses and starting negotiations about transferring to another job.

To dream of wrestling with a stranger

Wrestling with a stranger in a dream is a clear sign that you are your worst enemy sometimes. You overthink and overanalyze everything and get the wrong impression of your relationship with others.

Things are often not black or white, so the sooner you realize that the faster you will make peace with the world.

Dreaming of strangers wrestling

When you dream of two strangers wrestling, it implies that you avoid conflicts as a plague. It doesn’t cross your mind to argue, so you always try to resolve issues calmly.

To dream of hurting someone while wrestling

If you dream of hurting an opponent while wrestling, it means you have gotten into something too much and could face the consequences of your actions. You have to get it together before it is too late.

To dream about someone hurting you while wrestling

If you dream about your opponent hurting you while wrestling, it implies that you get easily offended. You can pout for days when something doesn’t go your way. Your silent treatment drives your loved ones crazy, but chaos ensues when you explode.

Not only are you jeopardizing your relationship with the people you care about with such behavior, but you also harm your mental health.

If you don’t want to change for others, do it for yourself.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently wrestled, watched wrestling, or won a medal in that sport, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of wrestling

Wrestling is a sports fight between two competitors whose goal is to knock the opponent down without hitting them.

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