Wolf – What Does It Mean to Dream about Wolves?

Wolves were a more commoner motif in dreams a few hundred years ago than they are today. The main reasons for that are people’s departure from nature and their drastically decreased contact with these wild animals.

It is very rare for modern men to hear wolves howling today, let alone to have an encounter with them, except in zoos.

Dreaming of wolves is more specific for people who live in remote places where they have a higher possibility of encountering them. If you have seen a wolf, a pack of wolves or you have heard of them howling recently then this dream shouldn’t be interpreted.

Dreaming of seeing a wolf
If you see a wolf in a dream that symbolizes anger. It is possible that you have resentment toward a loved one and no matter how hard you try you are not able to forgive them. You are constantly reminding them of mistakes that they have made which makes you wonder if your relationship, marriage or friendship has future.

To see a pack of wolves in a dream
A pack of wolves symbolizes unrestrained anger in a dream. It is possible that you will have a nervous breakdown or that you will snap at someone and be furious.

Dreaming of wolves howling
If wolves are howling in a dream that warns you of upcoming misfortunes. You will probably feel lost so you will want to do something stupid. You will have to make important decisions, but you will not know what you want so you will miss chances that rarely appear.

Dreaming of being chased by wolves
When you are dreaming of being chased by wolves it means that someone wants to harm you. It is possible that a person with authority, like a professor or a boss, dislikes you. They will not miss a chance to talk about you badly and they will try to complicate your life. You will seriously think of leaving because the situation will be getting worse each day.

Dreaming of overpowering wolves
If you overpower wolves in a dream it means that you will win in the end. You will probably show your enemies that you are not a naive opponent and that they should watch out for you. It is possible that you look harmless at the first glance, but a saying ‘Still waters run deep’ describes you the best.

Dreaming of chasing wolves
Dreaming of chasing wolves means that you like to take risks. It is possible that you will invest your time or money in a project but the end result will be uncertain. Everyone will try to reason with you but you won’t listen to them and you will do what seems right to you.

Dreaming of being a wolf
This dream suggests that you will solve a problem without trouble. You will be ruthless.

Dreaming of petting a wolf
You are playing with fire. It is possible that you are hiding a problem under a rug instead of dealing with it. That type of behavior could cause some unwanted consequences in the future.

Dreaming of a wolf in a cage
You are holding anger. You are dealing with stress quietly and keep your problems to yourself. Try finding a stress relief because of your health and future.

Black wolf in a dream
You are angry with your friends or acquaintances because they don’t act the way you want them to.

White wolf in a dream
You are angry with your friends or close family members because they don’t act the way you want them to.

Red wolf in a dream
This dream symbolizes financial problems, debt and loans. You need to act rationally when it comes to money.

Dreaming of being bitten by a wolf
If you are bitten by a wolf in a dream that symbolizes upcoming illness. It can be insignificant as a flue but it can also be more serious. It is not defined.

The meaning of a dream can be simpler. If you have seen or chased wolves recently that definitely has made an impact on you.

Definition of a wolf

Wolves are mammals from a family of Canidae.

4 thoughts on “Wolf – What Does It Mean to Dream about Wolves?

  1. I dreamt I was running with a wolf pack as their alpha and I was a black wolf with white paws. We hunted down a deer a big buck and ate it. Then we howled to the moon before going to the den and going to sleep. Then I woke up. What does this mean?

  2. I dreamt that a black wolf was looking for food outside of my house and when I let the door open he tried to attack me but I defended myself and gave him some food. The wolf and became close and I could pet him.

  3. I dreamt that I was in the house I grew up in and was watching from a picture window a wolf (sometimes black sometimes white) was running wild at the park across the street. I was trying to call animal control and police but couldn’t find number. I decided I would go shoot the wolf. When I went across the street there were a number of people trying to subdue the wild animal and I shot the wolf and it died instantly. I began to look at wolf with tears in my eyes and then I woke up.

  4. Mine dream was placed in my mother’s current residence and I was there standing in the back window in the dining room area. As I looked out the window I noticed a pack of wolf es staring directly at me. I was a bit nervous seeing as even in my dream it felt to be so incredibly mysterious yet unexplained.

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