To dream of windmills
If you see windmills in a dream, it warns that your enemy will sabotage you. You will probably have to change your job, postpone a wedding, etc., because of someone’s intrigues. You will be depressed and unable to fathom that some people are that evil. The whole situation will have an immense impact on you, and you will become much more experienced and cautious after it.

To dream of a still windmill
If you see a still windmill in your dream, it means that you will have guests. Your relatives or people who live abroad might visit you. You will be happy to see them, but all of it will also be an immense obligation to you because you will have to figure out what places to take them to, what to cook, etc.

To dream of a windmill working
When you dream of a windmill working, it means that you enjoy your job. You are one of few people who wakes up with a smile and can’t wait to get to their office. You look forward to new obligations and challenges, and you often stay longer at work than required.

To dream of a damaged windmill
If you see a damaged windmill in a dream, it symbolizes wasted energy. You might have invested a lot of effort and money into a business that doesn’t bring wanted results. You are thinking about redirecting your efforts and dedicating your attention to something that has a higher chance for success because of it.

To dream of making a windmill out of paper
When you dream of making a windmill out of paper, it means that you would like to go back to your childhood. You might feel unprotected, which is why you gladly remember the period when you believed the whole world was yours. From this perspective, the problems that bothered you then seem ridiculous now, and you would do anything to exchange them for the ones you have to deal with at the moment.

To dream about building a windmill
Building a windmill in a dream means that your ideas are ahead of your time and the environment you live in. You have a hard time imposing them on the people around you, which especially applies to your work colleagues. Many things depend on you, and you know how to solve some problems, but other people don’t like the methods you suggest, and they don’t even want to consider, let alone acquire them.

To dream of other people building windmills
A dream wherein you see someone else build a windmill means that you have to broaden your horizons. It is great that you have firm attitudes about many topics, but they are often not based on your knowledge and experience but assumptions. You have to give people a chance and take advantage of the possibilities you have at the moment. You will not regret it, for sure.

To dream of repairing a windmill
Repairing a windmill in a dream means that you will fix someone’s mistakes. Your boss might give you such a task, but you will probably have to solve problems one of your family members caused. Anyhow, that will take away your time and energy, and you will be frustrated because of it.

To dream of other people repairing windmills
When you see someone else repair windmills in your dream, it means that you expect too much from the people from your surroundings. You are used to letting your family members, partner, or colleagues even deal with your problems. You have to learn to take responsibility for your mistakes, and you will learn something from them.

To dream of buying a windmill
Dreaming of buying a windmill symbolizes a wise investment. You might invest your money into something that can bring multiple benefits. That especially applies to people who own businesses. If you focus on quality instead of quantity, you will be better than your competition, which will bring you better earnings.

To dream of selling a windmill
Selling a windmill in a dream means that you have to think about the decision you have made regarding your future once more. The option you have at the moment might seem ideal, but it has some flaws which could lead to negative consequences. You have to ask for advice from someone who has more experience than you.

To dream of demolishing a windmill
Demolishing a windmill in a dream means that you have given up on your idea as soon as you come across the first obstacle. Indeed, you have tried to predict everything and prevent some problems from happening, but unexpected situations have occurred, which has discouraged you. You need not give up on what you have invested that much time and effort into so easily.

To dream of other people demolishing a windmill
If you see someone else demolish a windmill in your dream, it means that you have to watch out for sabotage. One person from your surroundings envies you and is ready to ruin you because of it. If you start paying attention, you will soon realize who they are and what is going on and then be able to stop that person from putting their plan into action.

To dream about setting a windmill on fire
Setting a windmill on fire in a dream means that someone will persuade you to give up on something that means a lot to you. You probably have an idea how to change your future, but your family member or partner will convince you that it doesn’t have perspective. If you believe in your vision, you need not let someone else’s opinion prevail.

To dream of other people setting a windmill on fire
When you see someone else set a windmill on fire in your dream, it means that you have to support your loved one and that person’s ideas. You might suggest how to improve some things, but you don’t have the right to impose your opinions on them and tell them what to do. At the end of the day, you have to imagine that the situation is reversed and ask yourself how you would feel if someone treated you that way.

To dream of climbing a windmill
Climbing a windmill in a dream means that you are bored. You have probably fallen into a rut, and every day is the same for you. You fantasize about experiencing something spectacular, but you don’t have the will to change anything. Nothing significant will happen if you continue spending every free moment on the couch in front of the TV.

To dream of other people climbing a windmill
If you dream of someone else climbing a windmill, it means that you have to accept the offer you go that has something to do with your personal life. You have let your job become the center of your life, but the opportunity you have at the moment could shake you up and make your life much more beautiful and fun.

To dream of a windmill wing hitting you
If you dream of a windmill wing hitting you, it means that you have to be careful in the following period if you plan on signing contracts. You have to read every word in the document and, what’s even more important, understand what it obliges you to. You could end up in trouble in the future because of recklessness.

To dream about a windmill wing hitting someone else
This dream means that you need not give legal advice to other people if you are not a lawyer. That is a broad and complex field that people go to school for years to master, understand, and use the right way. You have to turn to professionals in such situations.

To dream of passing by a windmill
If you dream of passing by a windmill, it symbolizes a trip. You might finally find time and the means to visit a destination you have fantasized about for a long time. Another possibility is that you will stay with friends or relatives in another city or state, or your boss might send you on a business trip.

To dream of taking photos of windmills
Taking photos of windmills in a dream means that you make an effort not to forget some past moments that are important to you. You know that your memories are fading, but you don’t have a material item that would remind you of those moments. However, you need not regret that because little things you experience daily might remind you of some situations.

To dream of watching photos of windmills
Watching photos of windmills in a dream means that you live in someone’s memory. Your ex-partner or friend probably remembers you with a smile. You might have left a strong impression on the person you don’t remember. Anyhow, the dream suggests that someone thinks of you positively.

To dream about painting windmills
Painting windmills in a dream means that you are a creative person and that you have to direct your life experience into a hobby. You might be a gifted writer or painter, but it hasn’t crossed your mind to try out your skills in art. There are many schools for imaginative people, and it wouldn’t be a bad idea to upgrade your skills because it can bring you financial benefits.

To dream of watching a painting of windmills
If you dream of looking at a painting of windmills, it means that you will soon encounter someone who will amaze you with their charisma and views on life. You will realize that you are much more tolerant of others in that person’s company, which is why you will make sure to spend more time together.

The meaning of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen a windmill on TV or in person, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a windmill

A windmill is a device used for turning the kinetic energy of the wind into mechanical energy.