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Since weddings are considered to be a crossroads in life, according to our society, this event is a common dream as well. Women dream of it more often than men.

Dream books have various interpretations of it because different nations and cultures look at this act differently. This dream shouldn’t be interpreted if it is a consequence of a recent wedding that you have gone to or if you are planning a wedding soon because that has made an impact on you.

In the following article, we bring you a few variations and interpretations of this dream.

Dreaming of your wedding

If you see your wedding in a dream that has a positive meaning. It is possible that something will happen which will make you the center of attention in the following period.

Everyone will want to be in your company, and you will be proud of achieving such an important life goal.

Dreaming of your partner who is flirting with someone else on your wedding day

This dream means that you are jealous. You will want to talk openly to your partner about doubts you have.

It is possible that bad experiences from previous relationships don’t let you relax out of fear of being hurt again.

Dreaming of a wedding with a widow or a widower

This dream warns you to watch out for your spouse. It is possible that you will be too busy to notice that they are behaving differently.

Everything will seem fine on the surface, but if you analyze the situation carefully you will realize that you need to have a serious conversation.

Bride and Groom on a wedding

Dreaming of getting married to an elderly person

This dream symbolizes judgments from society. You probably like someone who your loved ones don’t accept. You will be in an awkward position since you will have to choose between your love and your family.

No matter who you chose you will not be entirely happy and you will blame them for everything you lost.

Dreaming of getting married to a younger person

If you see a wedding with a younger person it means that you are jealous. It is possible that you won’t trust your partner and you will find them childish.

Bits of advice from people who judge easily, not understanding that they can cause serious problems, will contribute to your opinion.

Dreaming of getting married to your ex

This dream is similar to the one where your partner marries someone else. You are still not over your last relationship even though you don’t want to admit it to yourself.

Dreaming of taking a picture at someone’s wedding

If you are taking a picture of someone’s wedding in a dream that means that you should watch your mouth and be careful to whom you tell your secrets. Someone will probably use them to take advantage of you.

Dreaming of running away from your or someone else’s wedding

If you ran away with your partner, this dream is great. It means that you are a perfect couple. If you ran away by yourself, it means that success will come after failures, thanks to you acting on time.

Dreaming of being at someone else’s wedding

  • If you are single, this dream symbolizes marriage. It is possible that you will decide to spend the rest of your life with a loved one and get married. You will not consult a lot with other people since everyone likes to talk about their experience which can be completely different than yours.
  • *If you are married, this dream warns you of fights or a divorce. A hard period is in front of you and your spouse, so a bad mood and urges to insult one another will prevail. You will not be understanding and it will seem like you can’t wait to start a fight.

Dreaming of being at your parents’ wedding

Someone will accuse you of not being understanding and not being able to compromise. They will ask for more patience and they will want to solve problems with words.

Illustration of wedding ceremony

Dreaming of arranging a wedding

This dream warns you of problems. You will probably want to do a favor to someone and do something instead of them, but things will take an unexpected turn.

Instead of a simple ‘thank you’, you will get critiques that will teach you to think twice before you offer to help ever again.

Dreaming of not being invited to a wedding

This dream suggests that you will be disappointed. It is possible that someone you have always helped to will forget about you.

They will not call you to enjoy their pleasant life with them, but they will obviously avoid you.

Dreaming of your ex’s wedding

If you are present at your ex’s wedding in a dream it means that you have regrets. Maybe you behaved badly to someone you were in a relationship with and you wish you could reconcile.

You are afraid of loneliness unconsciously, so you would easily forgive some things that bothered you earlier.

Dreaming of observing a wedding

This dream suggests that you are jealous. It is possible that someone from your surroundings will get everything you’ve always wanted.

You will be respectful and envious at the same time because you are not as lucky as that person. Their life seems perfect from your point of view, but that can be far from the truth.

Dreaming of singing and dancing at a wedding

This dream suggests that someone will notice you. Even though you will not be aware of it, you will leave a strong impression on someone from your environment.

It is possible that someone who doesn’t make you feel anything likes you. You believe that love happens at first sight so you won’t give that person a chance to win you over.

People will be attracted to your energy and views so it is possible that they will want to be more than friends with you.

Dreaming of impeding someone’s wedding

This dream suggests that you will fight till the end. Since you are very persistent, you will not be able to make peace with the fact that someone you are in love with doesn’t like you.

Do everything to prove to them you are the best choice for them, or you will always regret it.

Dreaming of multiple weddings

This dream symbolizes many obligations. It is possible that you will have to attend many events in a short period of time.

It will be hard to please everyone since you will not be able to achieve it either physically or financially.

Dreaming of a wedding on a beach

Your marriage will be good and interesting. You will find a good partner.

Dreaming of wedding dresses

Different wedding dresses have different meanings. Search for dreaming of a wedding dress for more information.

Dreams about your fiancé

See: dreaming of a fiancé.

To dream of arguing at your wedding

Arguing at your wedding in a dream means that one of your plans will fail. You might have been thinking about a trip for a long time, but you will have to postpone it because objective circumstances will stop you from packing your bags and leaving.

To dream of arguing at someone else’s wedding

When you dream of arguing at someone else’s wedding, it means that someone will misinterpret your words or actions.

You might want to help a family member or friend, but that person will accuse you of wanting to meddle in their life. Let that be a lesson in giving advice only when someone asks for it.

To dream of other people arguing at a wedding

If you dream of someone else arguing at a wedding, it means that you will have to solve someone’s problems. A younger family member might do something stupid, and you will have to put out the fire.

It will not be easy, but your mission will be successful.

Decoration for wedding

To dream about fighting at your wedding

Fighting at your wedding in a dream suggests that you will be childish in a serious situation. Your will probably solve your problems with a partner in public instead of in the privacy of your home.

People around you will harshly criticize such behavior, and you will ruin your reputation.

To dream of fighting at someone else’s wedding

If you dream of arguing at someone else’s wedding, it means that someone will provoke you in real life.

Instead of smiling at that person’s attempt to minimize your effort, hard work, or success, you will decide to give them a taste of their own medicine.

To dream about other people fighting at a wedding

If you dream about someone fighting at a wedding, it means that a loved one might put you in an uncomfortable position.

You might ruin your relationship with another person while defending them and lower your chances to make progress on the job you currently do or want to do in the future.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot simpler. There is a possibility that you will attend a wedding soon or that you have already done it. In that case, all of it has made an impression on you, so dreams about weddings shouldn’t be interpreted.

Definition of a wedding

A wedding is a ceremony that happens when getting married. There are two types of them: church weddings and citizen’s weddings.

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