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Water wells are motifs that we rarely dream of. They can symbolize conflicting things so dreams about them are not easy to interpret. Sometimes the same dreams with water wells in them can have completely different meanings.

To see the water well in a dream

If you see a water well in a dream that symbolizes better times in the future. When it comes to business opportunities you have been exposed to many dangers during days that are behind you.

You will be able to finally relax and enjoy your achievements. You will also receive public recognition from your superiors or people that know what you’ve had to deal with to succeed. Because of that people will admire your abilities even more.

Dreaming meaning of getting water from a well

This dream suggests that you will get married because of money. It is possible that you are disappointed with someone you love or that you have decided to let your ambitions win over love.

You will be sure that you have made the right decision at first, but you will be dissatisfied with your life and start feeling emptiness with time.

You will learn the hard way that money can’t buy you everything.

To drink water from a well in a dream

This dream symbolizes good health. You will want to spend most of your free time in the county side or in nature.

You will like that you are far away from traffic and stressful situations that you are not able to solve in spite of losing your temper.

You will be devoted to a healthy way of living and you will see positive changes in your body and mind in a few months.

To jump into water well

If you jump into a water well in a dream that symbolizes happiness. Your impulsiveness will bring positive results in certain situations, so you will experience the success that no one except you has expected.

You will not let pressure break you and force you to become a part of a herd whose dreams and hopes disappear because of ruthless life situations and obligations.

To fall into a water well

This dream symbolizes a tough future. You don’t think of securing yourself and welcoming old age carelessly. You will live in the moment and try to fulfill every impulse you feel.

It is possible that you will find yourself in a tough financial situation which will make you open your eyes and be more responsible when spending money.

Even though that will be an unpleasant experience, you will learn a lot from it.

Dream meaning of a waterless well

If you see a well without water in a dream it means that you will suffer losses. A seemingly harmless financial move will bring you great worries that will affect your health badly.

You won’t believe what is happening to you and you won’t come to terms with a negative outcome that one unplanned reaction has caused.

Dream symbolism of a deep well

This motif symbolizes prosperity. Everything will go in your favor and things will develop the way you want them to.

You will enjoy in family happiness and good relationships with most people from your environment. You will be satisfied with your love life, so you will start planning on formalizing your relationship.

Dream interpretation of a shallow well

Dreaming of a shallow well warns you of poverty. You will be forced to spend money that you have saved for emergencies.

It is possible that your salary will be lower or that you will leave the job because of bad conditions on it.

You will have to find a way out of an unpleasant situation quickly, but all of it will cost you your mental and physical health.

Digging a well in a dream

If you are digging a well in a dream that can be a warning that you will suffer damage. You will not be careful with whom you are sharing your intimate secretes, so it is possible that they will be revealed.

Because of that, people will judge you while acting as morally superior to you, even though you know that they are not innocent either. This experience will be useful to you because you will realize who your true friends are.

To clean a well

Dreaming of cleaning a well symbolizes upcoming better times. Your time is coming. Be sure to use it.

A well filled with water in a dream

This dream suggests that a person close to you will recover from an illness. You will finally be able to take a break and not worry about someone whose illness has brought you many sleepless nights.

You will enjoy seeing them capable of doing everyday things with a smile on their face. This situation will change you, so you won’t worry about trivial things anymore. Someone close to you is extremely healthy.

Dreaming about a polluted well

This dream symbolizes bad relationships. It is possible that miscommunications will happen between you and your friends, you and your parents, your friends and other people close to you, and so on.

That is not defined. If people close to you start fighting that will affect you too, so the time will come when you will have to choose sides.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen a well recently or drank water out of it that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a water well

Water wells are vertical objects on the ground, made by the digging of the soil. They are used for the exploitation of underground waters.

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