What Does It Mean to Dream of a Warts?

Warts are a relatively common motif in dreams. If you have recently come in contact with them for some reason, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted.

To dream of warts on men’s chest
This dream symbolizes shame. This interpretation is used for all variations of a dream.

To see warts on someone’s body
If you see warts in a dream, it is a warning that someone doesn’t wish you well. It is possible that someone who is presenting themselves as your friend is spreading rumors about you. They are using every opportunity to harm you and turn your words against you. You will need some time to realize it, but after that, you will be determined to cut every contact with them. You don’t get mad often and you can stand a lot of things, but when you decide to do something, you don’t look back.

To have warts all over your body
Dreaming of having warts all over your body symbolizes prosperity. Everything in your life will soon start to improve, after a difficult period that is now behind you. It is possible that you had health issues, which you have successfully overcome. After that, every problem will seem trivial to you and you will enjoy in small things that you didn’t notice before.

Warts on a nose
Dreaming of having warts on your nose means that you are worried because of the way you look. You have complexes that are related to the way you look, and they started in your childhood. Many people have a hard time with loving themselves and you are one of them. It is time to start working on your self-esteem and accept that you have many beautiful traits which are not only physical.

Warts on arms
Dreaming of having warts on your arms warns you that generosity will bring you troubles. You will like to help all of your close friends that have financial difficulties. Your partner will not be understanding of your actions and they will warn you of possible consequences. That could bring you into an argument, from which you will not come out as a winner. When you don’t have enough facts, there is no point in getting into an argument that will not bring you anything good. Listen to the good-hearted advices.

Warts on legs
This dream suggests that you trust people too easily. You are naïve and you idealize people around you. It is possible that someone will play you. The worst thing is that those situations have happened even before. You didn’t learn anything from your mistakes, which is not a trait of mature and responsible people. The lack of trust is not a characteristic of weak people, but those who are stable.

Warts on genitals
Dreaming of having warts on intimate parts of your body symbolizes sickness, bad health, discomfort and shame, all related to health issues. You have been ignoring symptoms that you have, for a long time, but the worst thing is that you are searching for diagnosis and medication on the Internet. Don’t believe everything you read there and schedule an appointment finally.

Warts on a neck
If you dream of having warts on your neck, this dream symbolizes prejudices toward someone or something. It is possible that other people have prejudices regarding you, as well. They can be religious, related to the physical appearance or your intellect.

Warts on the head
Dreaming of having warts on your head means that you will experience many arguments and accusations in the near future. If you don’t notice the beginning of an argument in time, you will have long-term consequences. Your stubbornness will affect relationships with people that you love negatively. You can’t claim that you are right if you don’t let the other side explain themselves.

To have a third nipple
This dream symbolizes a long and happy life. It also represents a wealthy family and a possibility of having many kids if you want them.

To remove warts
If you are dreaming of removing warts, it means that you will get rid of a big burden. There is something or someone in your life that is constantly dragging you at the bottom. A lot of time will pass before you realize what it is about, but the enlightenment will help you to stop the fall. It is possible that you will have to cut contact with someone you love, simply because you will realize that their intentions are not honest.

If someone else is removing warts in your dream, expect a call from an influential person who will offer you a job or cooperation. That will be a chance to finally stand on your feet and improve your financial situation. It is possible that you will not like all your chores and suggestions, but you will know how much you need that money, so you will ignore everything else.

To burn warts
When you are dreaming of burning warts, that symbolizes financial problems. Your desires have exceeded your monthly earnings a long time ago. You are trying to show everyone that you have a nice life and that you don’t lack luxurious things. That will be the reason of your bankruptcy. A new loan is not a solution if you don’t cut unnecessary expenses. Think about your future.

A dream in which you see someone else burning warts symbolizes anxiety caused by many problems at work. It is possible that you have found out that the company you work for is in a crisis and you are afraid of losing a job. Your fear is completely justified, so start looking for another job.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently been to the doctor for a checkup, or you had problems with warts, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of warts

Warts are small, hard, benign growths on the skin that usually are a symptom of some disease.

4 thoughts on “What Does It Mean to Dream of a Warts?

  1. I dreamed of warts on my left hand specifically last night. I dreamed that I was washing my hands and I could feel bumps on my left hand. Someone came along I can’t remember who or if I really knew them or not. They were looking at the warts with me. They said something I can’t remember now. I just remember focusing in on my left hand and seeing lots of large warts. And I had tried washing them off. But I don’t think when I was originally washing them off I knew they were warts. I just was trying to wash whatever was lumpy off my hand. What does that mean LOL?

  2. Just had one, don’t remember what led up to it but I was in a doctor’s office, about to get a shot in my foot. The doctor warned that it would hurt a lot, I asked her if she ever had that shot to know what it’s like and she said no. Told her I’d probably be fine. Took off my sock and there were warts, and then I realized I had them all over my body. In a strange and unrealistic twist, the doctor then began popping all the warts with the hypodermic needle. Got the whole left side of my body before I woke up. Never got the shot.


  3. I had a horrible dream last night, where I had lots of growths, similar to big warts and small ones,all over my legs, I could even feel them in my dreams! Very strange and graphic! Was greatful when I woke up and found none! What does it mean?

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