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Dream about a violet

If you see a violet in a dream, that symbolizes luck in life. You are someone who is surrounded by good-hearted people that would do everything for you.

You are thankful for everything nice that is happening to you, which is why you are trying to pay attention to them and reject everything that will ruin your mood and the positive energy you radiate.

Picking violets in a dream

Dreaming of picking violets symbolizes pleasant memories. You are proud of the fact that there is nothing you are ashamed of when you look back on the past. You don’t let illusions deceive you, and you firmly stand with both feet on the ground.

Your ex-partners have nothing bad to say about you because you always try to stay in good relationships with them.

Dreaming of bestowing violets on someone

When you are dreaming of bestowing violets on someone, it means that you don’t expect much from other people.

There is a chance that you want to get closer to people and become friends as soon as you meet them. You believe that other people don’t have a reason to be bad if you are good to them.

However, the reality is different, so they often disappoint you or betray your trust.

To dream of other people picking violets

If you see someone else picking violets in a dream, it means that an encounter with someone who marked one part of your life will gladden you.

We are talking about someone who you happily remember, even though you are not in contact anymore.

You will exchange a few words on the street, but you will spend a lot of time thinking about that person with a smile on your face, remembering everything you have been through together.

Dreaming about planting violets

Planting violets in a dream symbolizes romantic moments with your loved one. There is a chance that your partner will surprise you with dinner or a short trip.

You probably haven’t spent time together alone for a while, so much intimate moments will suit you. Only then you will realize how lucky you actually are to have someone like that by your side.

To dream of other people planting violets

When you see someone else planting violets in a dream, it means that you will envy someone from your surroundings because of their relationship with a partner.

You will get the feeling that they enjoy the love and attention that you long for. You will not be jealous but realize how much you are actually lonely.

Dream meaning of watering violets

Watering violets in a dream means that you are a very thoughtful and dedicated person. You are ready to do whatever it takes for those that you love, and you always try to spend every moment you have the best you can.

You are in contact with relatives, friends, and even ex-colleagues, and you don’t let time be an excuse for the end of the communication.

Seeing other people watering violets

If you see someone else watering violets in a dream, it means that you should be kinder to your partner or family members.

Your harshness is coming from your wish to protect them from everything negative in life, but you also have to show them that you love them.

Getting violets as a gift in a dream

Receiving violets as a gift in a dream means that someone’s gesture will surprise you. You will probably get a positive impression of someone you have recently met.

Talking to that person will suit you, while their readiness and determination to help everyone in need will inspire you. There is a chance that hanging out with them will turn into a true friendship.

Dream interpretation of buying violets in pots

This dream symbolizes the optimism and good energy that you possess. You are currently in a phase when you have the will for everything and believe in everything you do.

You don’t lack either the motivation or strength to dedicate your attention to anything. Use this period to finish all obligations, as well as to plan your future projects.

Selling violets in pots

Selling violets in pots means that you will hesitantly take a chore or obligation on yourself. You will probably do that to give someone a hand, but you will not have a lot of will to deal with it.

Despite that, you will make sure to do your part of the job the best you can so that that person would be satisfied.

The symbolism of a field or forest covered in violets

When you see a field covered in violets, it means that you are a very imaginative and creative person, but you are not using your talents as much as you should. You probably do something that doesn’t require innovativeness.

However, you can take advantage of your gift by having an interesting hobby. There is even a chance that all of that will bring you a decent profit one day.

Dream meaning of stealing violets

Stealing violets in a dream means that you are not satisfied with your love life. People who have been single for a long time or are in a bad relationship often have these dreams.

If your situation is the latter, you will have to work on the relationship with your partner or end it.

You can’t let yourself wake up one day and realize that you are a miserable and frustrated person if you can do something about it to stop it now.

To dream of other people stealing violets

If you see someone else stealing violets in a dream, it means that you believe that you have a rival.

Your partner has become close to someone from their surroundings, and you are afraid that they could cheat on you with that person.

It is time to openly talk about it with your loved ones, but ask yourself first why you don’t trust them.

Dream about a bouquet of violets

A bouquet of violets in dreams symbolizes happy moments. There is a chance that you will soon attend a wedding, christening, or some other celebration.

Your hosts will make sure to welcome you the best they can, and you will enjoy a great atmosphere. You will talk about your impressions of that event for a long time after that.

Dream meaning of wilted violets

Wilted violets in dreams often symbolize an end of a relationship or friendship. You will probably realize that you don’t love your partner anymore, which is why you will decide to go your separate ways.

You will not let the habit keeps your relationship alive but decide to courageously move on.

Another possibility is that you will conclude that you don’t have similar interests with your long-term friend anymore, and you will totally distance yourself from that person.

Throwing violets away in a dream

If you are dreaming of throwing a bouquet or pot of violets away, it means that a loved one will disappoint you. You will realize that you are giving a lot more than them in that relationship, which is why you will decide to stop doing that.

That person will realize that something is wrong and try to change it, but you will be determined and refuse to give them more chances.

To dream of other people throwing violets away

A dream in which you see someone else throwing violets away means that you could soon comfort someone who ended a long-term relationship.

We are talking about one of the family members or friends, so you will try to be there for them so that they would overcome that difficult period of their life more easily.

Dream about making a wreath out of violets

Making a wreath out of violets in a dream means that a younger person will gladden you. There is a chance that you will spend beautiful moments with kids and realize that you actually feel the best in their company.

You will remember your childhood full of carefree moments and go back to the days when you were the happiest.

To dream of other people making a wreath out of violets

If you see someone else making a wreath out of violets, it means that you will decide to protect the weaker. You will probably have a chance to watch and hear many people verbally attack someone.

You will realize that their behavior is unfair and decide to stand up to them. That person might be in the wrong, but you strongly believe that no one deserves such treatment, and you will have to do something about it.

Wearing a violet wreath on your head in a dream

If you are dreaming of having a wreath made out of violets on your head, it means that you have a secret admirer.

Someone from your surroundings likes you, but they haven’t admitted it yet to you. You have probably noticed some signs already but decided to ignore them.

If you are single at the moment, and you like that person too, then there is no reason not to show it.

Dreaming of other people wearing a violet wreath on their heads

When you see a young girl or woman having a wreath made out of violets on her head, it means that you will hear good news.

There is a chance that your problem will be solved, thanks to someone else. You are used to dealing with your problems and worries alone, but you will get help from someone else this time.

Smelling violets in a dream

This dream predicts extremely pleasant events. Something that you will remember for the rest of your life will happen to you.

That can have something to do with your private or business life. The dream can also symbolize big career progress or an improvement when it comes to finances.

Dreaming about other people smelling violets

If you see someone else smelling violets in a dream, it means that someone else’s happiness will make you happy.

Someone from your surroundings will experience something nice, and you will share the joy with them because of it.

Considering that you don’t know the meaning of the word envy, you will find it strange when some people can’t look forward to other people’s success and joy, or when they even try to minimize it.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen, picked, or bestowed violets to someone, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of violets

Violet is a flower with heart-shaped purple leaves from the Violaceae family.

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