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To dream that you are unemployed

If you are unemployed in a dream, it symbolizes luck in games of chance. You will guess numbers like you are a fortune teller in the following period.

Whatever number combination you come up with, you will get something. Everyone will ask you to play for them and promise you the world if you manage to win them a big amount of money.

You might get used to earning money in such a way and neglect your job. Your appetites will increase with time, but you will not always be so lucky.

If you are not careful, you might get involved with the wrong crowd and borrow money under unfavorable conditions.

To dream that someone else is unemployed

When you dream of other people being unemployed, it means you lack authority. If you have kids or a team of people you lead at work, you will have problems imposing your will on them.

No one will take you seriously and will do what they please despite your orders. You will be desperate because you care about leaving a good impression at work.

People will spread rumors about you and say you are not up for that job. If you want your kids, students, or coworkers to respect you, you have to change your approach and show more compassion to get close to them instead of expressing anger.

To dream of looking for a job

If you dream of unsuccessfully looking for a job, it means people don’t appreciate you enough. You believe they don’t understand how much effort and hard work you invest in having a better-quality life.

They often take you for granted and disrespect you in a professional sense. That affects your mental state and confidence and causes dissatisfaction.

If you believe you have proved yourself, you have to give up on arguing with those who are minimizing your work.

To dream of other people looking for a job for you

If you dream of someone else looking for a job for you, it means you are scared for your existence. You probably don’t make as much as you would like, and you are tired of making sacrifices because you don’t have enough money.

You envy carefree people because they don’t have to think about how they will pay their bills next month.

Even though you are probably tired of a constant struggle, you have to be patient because better days will not come so soon.

That doesn’t mean you should despair but look for an additional job to get out of the crisis you have fallen into.

To dream of other people looking for a job

When you dream of someone else looking for a job, it means someone is meddling in your life. An older family member is trying to control you.

That bothers you tremendously, but you will not say anything out of respect for that person.

However, you need not keep it inside for too long because it could harm your health. There must be a polite way to let that person know that you don’t need an advisor or boss in your personal life but that you still want to have them by your side.

To dream of looking for a job for someone

If you dream of looking for a job for someone, it means you are a very hard-working and ambitious person.

You believe you can achieve success only if you work. You don’t have compassion for those waiting for luck and money to get handed to them.

You are trying to transfer your discipline to other people as well, but you often fail. You strongly believe that poverty is a result of laziness instead of a bad system in society.

To dream of arguing with an unemployed person

If you dream of arguing with an unemployed person, it means your effort will not pay off. You will invest a lot of time and effort into something that will turn out to be entirely unsuccessful.

However, that experience will teach you to think well about your decision to devote your time to something next time.

When you dream of someone else arguing with a lazy person, it symbolizes expenses. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, and you will have to invest a lot of money into a repair.

That will not be hard for you because you won’t have to take a loan again.

To dream about fighting with a lazy person

A dream wherein you are fighting with a lazy person symbolizes internal conflicts. You will probably be in a situation where you have to make a decision that will determine your relationship with the people you care about. If you own a company or manage someone’s business, you might have to let people go because of big expenses.

You will think about what to do for a long time, but you will have to make a decision in the end and face the responsibility that comes with what you do.

If you see someone else fighting with an idle person, it means you will suffer because of someone else’s neglect. You might share chores with someone lazy or irresponsible.

After you get your part of the job done, you will have to do theirs as well so that you don’t get punished. You will realize you can only count on yourself.

To dream of someone calling you lazy

If you dream of someone calling you lazy because you don’t have work, it implies you have to make yourself look the truth in the eye. The whole world is not against you, and that is not the reason why you don’t make progress.

On the contrary, when you figure out what you are doing wrong and take responsibility for it, you will learn something from it, and your life will be much better and simpler.

To dream that your partner is unemployed

If you dream that your partner is unemployed, it implies you resent that person for something but are afraid of talking about it. You probably know that the person in question will get mad at you because of your criticism, and you are not ready to lose them.

However, the foundation of a good relationship is trust and honesty. You have to know that relationships based on lies don’t have a bright future.

To dream that your family member is unemployed

When you dream that your family member is unemployed, it means you are worried about that person.

However, that doesn’t mean you have the right to meddle in their life and impose your attitudes and opinions on them. You have to give advice when someone asks for it only.

Everything else is a direct intrusion of someone’s privacy.

To dream that one of your friends is unemployed

If you dream that one of your friends is without work, it means you will solve that person’s problems instead of dealing with yours.

You will put other people first again and be dissatisfied because of it. You have to learn to say I can’t, I don’t want to, or I will not so that you don’t get mad at yourself anymore.

To dream about stealing from a lazy person

Stealing from a lazy person in a dream means you have to start thinking about your future.

Living from hand to mouth can be interesting, but you have to change if you want to be in a relationship or have kids.

To dream of a lazy person stealing from you

When you dream of a lazy person stealing from you, it implies you will believe false promises and seem naïve again. You haven’t learned much from past mistakes, which will backfire on you sooner or later.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently been lazy or hung out with someone like that, it has left an impression on you.