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The symbolism of trading in dreams

If you dream of trading, it means that you can expect business gain.

You might quickly earn back the money you have invested. You will work hard but not have enough time to enjoy it.

Dream meaning of other people trading

If you dream of someone else trading, it means that you will complain about not being more persistent.

You will probably give up on your job, college, or another in-demand thing. You will be angry with yourself but not make an effort to try again.

Dream interpretation of not wanting to trade

When you dream of not wanting to trade, it suggests that you will follow your dreams. You might not want to stay in your family business because different things interest you.

You will want to be independent and prove to yourself and other people that you can succeed without anyone having your back. Your family members will not understand it, and they will continue meddling in your choices.

Dreams of trading on the stock exchange

If you dream of trading stocks on the stock market, it means that you will have a stressful job. You will probably work under pressure, and your boss will expect the impossible from you.

You will do your best, but that will not be enough, which is why you will start looking for a less-paid job without the tension and uncertainty that ruins every day of your life.

Dreaming of trading organs

When you dream of selling or trading organs, it warns you of doing something illegal. You might want to get rich quickly, and you will accept a risky job that people with shady pasts will offer you.

You will have more harm than good from it, and everyone will think that you are the same as those people.

Dreams wherein you trade something are relatively common for grownups. Their interpretations depend on the context in which a dream occurs and the details that follow it.

Human trafficking dream interpretation

Trafficking people in a dream means that someone’s arrogance and impoliteness will surprise you. You will watch an acquaintance walk all over people to achieve their goals.

Even though you know that their actions and decisions are pretty evil, you will not be able to do much to protect yourself and the people you love.

Trading exotic animals in a dream

If you dream of trading exotic animals, it symbolizes reckless decisions you made in the past that you regret today.

If you believe that you can change them or, at least, mitigate the consequences of such actions, you need not hesitate. If you think that it is too late for it, you can learn something from it and move on.

Dream meaning of the arms trade

Trading arms in a dream suggests that you will try to achieve your goal by manipulating someone.

You probably want to persuade one person to do something that will benefit you. They aren’t noticing what you are doing because they trust you, but they will realize what is going on at some point and decide to cut every contact with you since you will disappoint them deeply.

You have to give up on that plan if you don’t want that to happen, and no one will get hurt.

Dreams of securities trading

If you dream of securities trading, it means that you are afraid of the consequences of the decisions you made not long ago. You might have gotten involved in something risky, and now you fear that you have made a mistake and that your actions will backfire on you.

You don’t need to panic because there is no reason for it, but you can take advantage of this period to think about what you will do if your worst suspicion comes true.

To dream of real estate trading

Real estate trading in a dream means that you haven’t permanently resolved your housing issue.

Another possibility is that you are worried about a family member and their future. You probably know that the person in question can achieve much, but no one gives them a chance.

We sometimes have to find opportunities ourselves instead of waiting for someone to see something in us or give us something.

Dreaming about oil trading

Trading oil in a dream means that you fantasize about getting rich overnight. You hear and read about people daily that something like that happened to.

However, you often ignore the fact that some of them have worked hard to achieve everything they have. You have to get an idea, make a plan, and stick to it. That is the only way to get what you want.

Dreams of currency trading

Trading currencies in a dream suggests that you do something that doesn’t have a certain future.

You know that there is a chance that you will not have a job at some point, which is why it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start thinking about changing your profession.

Trading gold in a dream

When you dream of trading gold, it means that you love luxury. You spend a lot of time around people who have a lot of money, power, and influence because of it.

You don’t stand up to their opinions, beliefs, and attitudes so that they don’t exile you from that circle and make you lose all the benefits you have.

Trading precious stones in a dream

To trade precious stones or jewels in a dream means that you are still not aware of the negative consequences of your actions. You might achieve what you want, but you will also harm others.

What’s worse, those people have done nothing bad to deserve it except being marginalized and not having almost any rights.

To dream about trading cars

Trading cars in a dream can predict financial problems. There is a chance that your expenses will exceed your earnings, and you will have to find a way to change them. The worst you can do is continue falling into debt under bad conditions.

You have to read every word in the contract before you sign it and, what’s even more important, understand what that document legally binds you to.

Dream meaning of trading drugs

If you dream of trading drugs, it means that the wrong person will amaze you.

We are talking about someone you admire and respect but don’t know well enough. They have probably achieved a lot of success in life, but that doesn’t mean you have to idolize them.

Something much darker than you can imagine hides behind most of their success.

Trading fruits and vegetables in a dream

If you dream of trading fruits and vegetables on the market, it means that you make an effort to achieve what you want with your hard work.

You are a very energetic and diligent person, and you have never gotten anything for free. You have chosen a thorny path to success, but you don’t complain because you could never agree to make some compromises.

To dream about trading clothes and footwear

Trading clothes and footwear on the market in a dream symbolizes financial instability. You probably do something where you earn a lot one day but don’t get anything the next.

You are still young, which is why you don’t have a problem with it, but you will realize with years that such a way of life and such instability doesn’t suit you.

Dreaming about getting arrested for illegal trading

When you dream of getting arrested for illegal trading, it means that you are trying to stop the inevitable. Specific things in life have to happen, and you will have to make peace with them as soon as possible.

The upcoming events will be very stressful, but you will manage to overcome all obstacles and issues if you don’t doubt yourself.

To dream about getting convicted for illegal trading

This dream means that you have to watch out for what you do and speak. Your actions are under a magnifying glass that people from your surroundings are holding.

Everything you decide to do or do can have a negative effect on your reputation. People trust you, but everything can turn upside down quickly if you make even the slightest mistake.

Being in prison for illegal trading dream meaning

If you dream of ending up in prison for illegal trading, it means that you have chosen the wrong path, but there is still time and possibility to correct the mistake.

You need not complicate your life. Instead of working on changing the world, you have to work on changing yourself.

Dreams of getting rich for successful trading

If you dream of becoming wealthy for successful trading, it means that your loyalty will get rewarded. You probably invest a lot of effort and hard work into a job you do.

You think your boss doesn’t notice it, but you are mistaken. Even though they don’t praise you all the time, they know how valuable you are to their company. If you continue to be persistent, your effort will pay off.

Dreaming of going bankrupt for bad trading

When you dream of going bankrupt for bad trading, it means that you have set your priorities wrongly.

You put the things that don’t matter first and ignore the vital aspects of your life. You have probably neglected your love life because of the chase for money and a successful career.

Even your friends and family feel the consequences of such actions on their skin. If you don’t want to wake up as an unhappy and lonely person one day, you have to start changing now.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you or someone close to you has traded something recently, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of a trade

Trade is the process of exchanging goods and/or services.