To dream about a tower
If you see an ancient tower in a dream, it means that you have unfulfilled love wishes. You probably regret not having more courage to start a relationship with someone that you liked. You cared more about how other people would react and what they would say, which is why you have always been kind and gave off the impression of a mature and serious person. As time goes by, adventures and affairs that your peers surpassed a long time ago will attract you more and more.

To climb a tower
Dreaming of climbing a tower means that you will reveal a secret. There is a chance that your parents are hiding some events from you since they believe that they will hurt you. However, you will be persistent to reveal everything that is unclear to you since the truth always comes up to the surface. You will realize that many things don’t add up, so you will ask for an explanation kindly at first, but when you don’t get it, you will ask everyone involved in your family’s life about it. You will feel bad that they don’t trust you enough to tell you all of it or that they believe that you are an immature person that wouldn’t understand or forgive.

To see others climbing a tower
A dream in which you see someone else climbing a tower is a sign that you are afraid that your sin from the past will come to the surface and hurt many people that you care about. Maybe you should talk to someone about it since that will help you take off the burden from your chest that is pressing you at the moment.

To build a tower
Building a tower means that you want to protect yourself from people because of the bad experiences from the past. It seems to you that every time you open up to someone, you get hurt. People that you have never expected anything bad from have hurt you. However, if you don’t let new people into your life, you will miss great opportunities to have beautiful experiences.

To see others building a tower
If you see someone else building a tower in your dream, it means that you worry about your partner, friend, or family member. They have completely retreated inward lately and don’t want to talk about the things that bother them. Don’t insist on talking but give them space to think about it alone, and then they will come to you for help.

To demolish a tower
Unfortunately, this dream doesn’t have a positive meaning. It usually symbolizes chaos, confusion, or disarray that you will experience soon. Unlucky circumstances or bad decisions that you have recently made probably caused that.

To see others demolishing a tower
When you see someone else demolishing a tower in your dream, it means that you need to be ready to fight to solve one problem. You feel weak and depressed at the moment, but the following period will be turbulent, so you need to invest a lot of will, energy, and effort to minimize the bad consequences that will emerge. Believe in yourself and be patient, so you will come out of that situation with fewer scars.

To see a destroyed tower
A dream in which you see a destroyed tower is a sign that you are not satisfied with your love life. You might have achieved everything that you have fantasized about when it comes to business, but you are still not happy. Bad family relationships or communication with a loved one are probably bothering you. When you solve that problem, you will be able to say that you are a truly happy person. However, life is full of challenges, so something else would bother you if you didn’t have this problem. Try to fix the things you can, but don’t stress yourself out with the things you can’t change.

To stand at the top of a tower
Dreaming about standing at the top of a tower means that you will soon make progress in your career. You will gain respect not only in your field of work but in society as a whole. People will respect you because of your knowledge and skills, as well as the fact that you have stayed the same despite the success. You will reach a social status that many people dream of, but you will still be the same person that doesn’t care about how much money or wealth they have. The fact that you will help other people will bring you a good reputation.

To see others standing at the top of a tower
If you see someone else standing at the top of the tower, it means that someone’s arrogance will surprise you. You will meet one person who has everything in life, but you will not envy them on it. Unlike them, you still have many honest and true friends, which is priceless for you.

To get down from a tower
If you are dreaming about getting down from a tower, that is a sign that risk will pay off for you. You might invest time or money into something, hoping that it will bring you positive results. The fact that many people don’t believe that your project will succeed is bothering you at the moment, so you have started to doubt it as well. However, you will soon see that all of them were wrong and be able to enjoy the fruits of your hard work and effort.

To see others getting down from a tower
This dream means that someone’s courage and hustle will amaze you. You will meet someone a lot older than you who possesses great energy and the will for life. They are trying to use every moment of life on this planet the best they can. If you listened to their pieces of advice and started enjoying life, you would be a lot happier and more satisfied.

To jump off a tower
Dreaming about jumping off a tower and surviving without any consequences means that you will take over a great responsibility in your life. You might make progress in your career, so your superior will promote you into a boss. On the other hand, you might start your own business, so your results will affect the destiny of people that you hire in your company. However, you shouldn’t be afraid of responsibility but keep working the way you believe is best. Otherwise, the stress could jeopardize your mental and physical health.

To see others jumping from a tower
If you see someone else jumping from the top of the tower, it means that you will have to solve one problem alone. You will not be able to count on the help of people close to you. You might have made a mistake at work, and now you have to deal with it. If nothing else, you will learn what to do next time when you end up in a similar situation.

To fall from a tower
Falling from a tower in a dream is a sign that you should watch your behavior around people that you love. Even though you are strict for their own good, your words often hurt them. Give advice only when someone asks you for it since everything else is meddling in other people’s lives. Don’t be arrogant but try to understand your interlocutor. It is easy to be wise when you are not in a stressful situation.

To see someone falling from a tower
If you see someone falling from a tower in your dream, it means that you will set your idea, plan, or project to failure even before you try to realize it. You probably lack courage or self-confidence. Anyhow, you need to work on it until the rest of your life, like everyone else. Don’t give up on your dreams easily because you will never know whether something is good and profitable or not if you don’t try.

To dream about a send tower
If you dream about building a send tower, it means that you fantasize and live in the imaginary world too much. You let yourself live in a world that functions separately from the real world. Because of it, you often end up in your universe and don’t know what is happening around you.

When you are dreaming of someone destroying your send tower, it means that the effort and hard work that you are investing in the company you work for is not getting rewarded enough. You probably do your best but don’t get anything in return. You will be in the same position as long as you don’t stand up for yourself and let your boss know that you know how much they depend on you.

Dreaming of a wave destroying your send tower means that didn’t predict some situations, which will backfire at you now. If you thought about your actions and decisions a bit more, that wouldn’t have happened.

To dream of a card tower
When you are dreaming of making a card tower, that symbolizes the optimism that is always present in your life. You are someone who can always find something good in any situation. Because of it, people that know you respect and love you greatly. Even though you can be pessimistic or depressed sometimes, you never let other people see you like that.

Dreaming of destroying a card tower is a sign that you will give up on a job that didn’t bring you either financial or moral satisfaction. You will realize that you have been wasting your time on it for too long and that you should turn to something more constructive in your life.

If you see someone else destroying your card tower, it means that you will face harsh criticism because of your actions and decisions.

Meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen a tower or climbed it, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of a tower

A tower is a part of a castle, fortress, or fortification.