Torch in a Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

To observe a torch
Dreaming of observing a torch symbolizes recognition in the society. You will have a lot of success regarding business, in the following period. You will get a promotion which you have been expecting for a long time, and your hard work will be rewarded, rightfully so. That will bring you success in the society, so everyone will treat you with respect. You will attract attention from the opposite sex more and you will enjoy in advantages that power brings with itself.

To carry a torch
Carrying a torch in a dream symbolizes returned love. You will realize that you have found a person who you can share everything with. You have a desire to tell everyone how happy and satisfied you are. Your feelings will be returned, so it is possible that you will plan a wedding soon or decide to live together.

A burning torch
Dreaming of a burning torch symbolizes success regarding love and business. You will have many reasons to celebrate, so it is possible that you will soon throw a party. You will want to get your friends together and share beautiful moments from your life with them. In spite of many problems, you will achieve your dreams and live the way you’ve always wanted.

An extinguished torch
Dreaming of an extinguished torch warns you of failure. If you are planning on attending a torch celebration, you need to be really careful. It is possible that you will be hurt by someone else’s fault, which could bring you serious consequences. If you are going on a fan torch celebration, there is a possibility that your favorite team will lose a game.

An extinguished torch can symbolize disappointment. You will find out something about a person that you admire and that you consider an idol. You will realize that they are only human and that even they can make a mistake. That idea will be hard for you to accept, but it will be useful for you in the future.

These dreams are followed by feelings of excitement and happiness, but sometimes of panic, fear and anxiety, as well.

To burn a torch
Dreaming of burning a torch means that you worry for no reason. A problem you currently have is not unsolvable, you just need to look at it from another perspective. Ask for an advice from a friend, acquaintance or someone whose profession is related to your problem. After you realize that you have missed the obvious solution, the problem will seem ridiculous to you.

Dreaming of other people burning a torch means that there is a possibility that you will have a heated argument with a colleague from work or a college professor. You will hold onto your opinion, even though, they will try to tell you that it is wrong. You will realize that you need to get out of that argument as a winner, to prove yourself and others how much you worth. Ask yourself if that is the right way to do it.

To put out a torch
This dream symbolizes dissatisfaction of some sort. It is possible that you don’t like a job you do, or that you are not happy with your partner. Anyhow, you are trying not to show it, because that would mean that you are incapable of making decisions by yourself, without anyone’s advices and meddling of other people, which you always insist on. However, now you will realize that you are not the smartest and that it is important to hear other opinions, sometimes, as well. Make peace with the situation or find a way out, because there is no a third option.

Dreaming of other people putting out a torch means that some plan of yours will fail. You have been thinking about an idea for a long time, but you haven’t said it to anyone. After you finally tell everyone what you are planning, you will realize that it is not doable at the moment. However, don’t let yourself the luxury to give up on it too soon. There is still hope that you will achieve your goals.

To be burned by a torch
Dreaming of being burned by a torch symbolizes a lack of motivation. You are probably doing everything lately just because you have to. You don’t have the will for new ideas, or intention to get out of your comfort zone. However, that doesn’t stop you from dreaming about success. You will have to realize that success doesn’t come by itself, but you have to invest a lot of effort into something to achieve it.

Dreaming of someone else being burned by a torch means that a friend will ask you for an advice or money. They will ask you to help them, because they are in a difficult situation right now. You know that all of it is their fault, but you will not say it to them. If you lend them money, don’t expect it back soon.

To be suffocated
A dream in which you are suffocating because of smoke coming from a torch symbolizes powerlessness. You are probably in a situation that you can’t control, so that is causing you many headaches.

If someone else is suffocating in your dream, it means that you will try to help a friend who has financial problems.

To throw a torch
Dreaming of throwing a torch on someone or something means that you are afraid for your own health. Instead of diagnosing yourself using the Internet and searching for symptoms on forums, ask for help from a doctor. You have to change your nutrition and be more physically active in the everyday life, in order to feel better.

Dreaming of being hit with a torch means that you will get an idea on how to transform your hobby into a profitable job. People from your surroundings might not understand you, but that will not bother you. You know what you want and how to get it, so don’t give up after the first obstacle.

To see the Olympic torch
Dreaming of the Olympic torch means that you are an ambitious person who is trying to achieve their goals with all their might. No matter how hard it must be, you are pushing forward courageously, because you know that results will follow. You appreciate your hard work and effort, which is why your colleagues and friends respect you. You have realized that you can’t sit around doing nothing and hope for something, on time, so you have invested your time into a better future.

Dreaming of carrying the Olympic torch means that you have too many obligations. You are aware of the great responsibility, so you are sometimes afraid that you will not be able to do everything that is expected from you. You can be at peace when it comes to work, because your superiors will recognize your efforts.

If someone else is carrying the Olympic torch in your dream, it means that you are not ready to accept responsibility for your actions. For you, it is easier to follow than to lead. You are probably dissatisfied sometimes, because you believe that someone else is taking credits for your work, but you need to know that you have chosen that path by yourself.

A torch celebration
This dream symbolizes happiness, joy and excitement.

If you have recently watched a game, in person or on TV, where people had torches, interpretations of these dreams are simpler. That has made a strong impression on you, so you have projected what you saw onto your dream.

Definition of a torch

A torch is a wooden stick coated with flammable materials.

5 thoughts on “Torch in a Dream – Meaning and Interpretation

  1. Hi I dreamed that my big sister was holding a torch, then I asked her to light it, when she lit its, it was not very bright then I asked her to adjust the light, after that I started admiring her torch and asked her if I can get one like hers. What foes that mean?

  2. I dream I was in a big house with my friends so that house was having one bed and one sitting on our sitting my ex husband was sleeping there on the couch I beg a song whilst he was sitting there that song he send it whilst I was in the bedroom after that I send a massage ex telling him that am coming to him and my brother just come inside with a light torch whilst I was opening a door after that I work up what is the meaning but I need that exboyfriend back

  3. I saw i wanted to go downstairs but there was too dark so i asked my friend to light up the torch and she did. And down there so many people had torch cuz there was too dark.

  4. I dream that my two sons were in the kitchen with me. When we seen a large angry crowd of people with torches out side. My feeling in the dream was to protect my children. Two weeks latey don in the dream was shot and deid 32 days later.

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