Tools in a Dream – Meanings and Interpretations

To see tools in a dream
Dreaming of tools means that your hard work will pay off. You have invested a lot of effort into a job you are doing right now. You have also been studying and improving your education in order to gain success. This dream is a sign that you should continue doing that and results will be guaranteed. When you first started, it is possible that everyone was doubting your success, including you. Time will be on your side, while experience you’ve gained over the years will enable you to have a comfortable life.

To buy tools in a dream
Dreaming of buying tools means that you will be successful at your new job. You are planning on starting a private business or working on a new project for a company that you have been working for years. You are worried, because to you it seems like the situation is not favorable to start a new business. You lack self-confidence and you always doubt decisions you make. It is possible that you will change that as soon as you start working. You will realize that people love what you have to offer them and they will work with you with pleasure.

To borrow tools
Dreaming of borrowing tools warns you of death in further family. If you have an elderly cousin who has health issues, it is possible that you will hear sad news. Even though you have distanced with time, you will be really sad since you’ve had a good relationship before. You will probably stay in touch with cousins after that.

To receive tools as a gift
Dreaming of receiving tools as a gift means that your business idea will be well accepted by your colleagues and superiors. You have been trying to present something for a long time which would multiply pay off. In the future you could completely perfect your idea and when you present it to your colleagues or associates, they will want you to start with the realization of it right away. That could boost your confidence which was ruined because of stagnation.

To bestow tools
Dreaming of bestowing tools means that you will give up from an idea of looking for a new job. It is possible that you think about it from time to time, because your job is stressing you out and burdening you. You are not sure if what you are doing is good for your health, considering the amount of stress and worries you experience. However, in spite of everything, fear of change will win over and you will decide to give another chance to your current job.

If you are unemployed at the moment, this dream can suggest that you have been disappointed during a job search. You have probably been on many interviews that didn’t end the way you expected them to. However, don’t hesitate, but move on. A good opportunity is maybe behind the corner and if you miss it, you will have an even harder time accepting it.

Throwing tools away
Dreaming of throwing tools away symbolize a change in your love life. You feel like your current private life doesn’t satisfy your needs, regardless of being single or in a relationship. People that are in a relationship are dissatisfied with communication they have with their partner who doesn’t have a lot of understanding or will to change anything.

A tool box
A dream in which you observe or carry a tool box symbolizes financial gain. Even though you are afraid of crisis caused by low earnings or risky investments, an unexpected extra income will come your way and solve many problems.

Dreaming of bestowing a tool box to someone suggests that your consciousness is warning you to give up on someone or something. It is possible that you are preoccupied with a job that takes a lot of your time away, but it doesn’t bring you expected results or you are stuck in a bad emotional or another type of a relationship.

If you dream of receiving a tool box as a gift, it means that you will hear happy news from family members or friends.

Car repair tools
Dreaming of car repair tools suggests a possibility that you will go on a trip. You have probably been hesitant if you should save you money for emergencies or treat yourself with a nice vacation for a while. You will go for the second option in the last minute, thanks to your friend’s advice.

Carpenter’s tools
Dreaming of carpenter’s tools symbolizes a new beginning. If you are in a marriage or relationship for a long time, it is possible that your partner is doubting your fidelity. Such a tormenting situation where you constantly have to prove that you don’t have an intention of cheating on them has started to stress you out. You keep imagining how your life would look like without such pressure.

Single people can expect an interesting encounter. It is possible that you will see an old acquaintance who you’ve always had an affection for. Your encounter will bring some beautiful feelings and wake up memories of a carefree life you’ve had before. You will decide to accept their invite for a drink in hope of reconnecting again.

Masonry tools
Dreaming of masonry tools represents a chance that you will change your dwelling place. No matter if you are only moving to another place in the same city or going abroad, this change will suit you.

Plumbing tools
Dreaming of plumbing tools means that you will cut someone out of your life. They are probably someone who you haven’t been in the best relationship with for a while. Long-termed friendship and many things that you have experienced together will stop you from giving up on someone who doesn’t suit you in any way anymore. You will realize that their negativity is sucking all the energy from you, so you will first stop seeing them and then distance yourself completely from them.

Tailoring tools
If you dream of a sewing machine, needles, thread, glue or something similar to that, it means that you will do something that you’ve dreamt of doing for a long time. It can be related to your business or private life, but it will be positive.

Hairdressers’ utensils
A dream in which you are using or seeing hairdressers’ utensils can have various meanings. If you dream of scissors that symbolizes bigger financial gain, which can be a raise or gain on the lottery. A brush or a comb are warning signs of an argument. You will be disappointed in a loved one. To see a mirror in that context symbolizes an inconvenience. Someone will publicly embarrass you. Dreaming of a blow drier suggests that you are doubting your partner or friend’s honesty.

Writing and drawing utensils
A dream in which you see writing utensils like a pen, paper, paintbrush, writing machine and so on means that you will get a creative job where you will be able to show all your talents. It might worry you how other people see it, but you will do it with pleasure. Love you have invested in all of it will be seen in the final product as well.

If you have recently used tools, talked about them or watched a TV show about tools, these dreams shouldn’t be interpreted, because your subconsciousness is only processing information it received.

Definition of tools

Tools are instruments used for handiwork.

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