To see planted tobacco
If you see planted tobacco in a dream, that suggests that you are forgetful. You often miss meetings, or you are behind with work since you forget about the deadline that your boss sets. Such a trait puts you in trouble, so people that don’t know you get the impression that you are irresponsible and uninterested.

To pick tobacco
When you are dreaming of picking tobacco, that symbolizes the success when it comes to business. You will get the chance that you have wanted for a long time, but it will require a lot of time and sacrifices. You will get forced to sacrifice your private life to become respected in that field and prove that you are still ready to learn and achieve good results.

To smoke tobacco
If a man dreams of smoking tobacco, that is a warning to stay away from unfamiliar women. You will probably like an attractive woman who you have recently met and who you know nothing about. The possibility of an informal relationship will draw you in, but there is a chance that she has hidden intentions and that she wants to harm you. If a woman dreams of smoking tobacco, it means that she should avoid a man who is trying to become friends with her and gain her trust.

To cultivate tobacco
If you are dreaming of cultivating or planting tobacco, it means that you are cautious, but you will oversee something. You will face a situation that will show how resourceful and wise you actually are. There is a chance that you can’t see the forest for the trees, so you will realize that you have taken too big of a risk on yourself. If you stay pragmatic and careful, everything will end without bigger consequences.

To cut tobacco
A dream in which you are cutting tobacco symbolizes anxiety and depression. You probably feel helpless and overly sensitive because of an unfortunate event from the past. Even other people’s pain and suffering can shake you up. Try to put the past behind you once and for all, and you will be able to start planning the future little by little.

To see others cutting tobacco
When you see someone else cutting tobacco in a dream, it means that someone close to you will disappoint you. Your colleague may refuse to help you with one project, or your friend or family members will deny you something. You will realize that you are the only person that everyone can count on. Everything you can do alone, you will do it, while you will deal with the rest later.

To roll tobacco
If you are dreaming of rolling tobacco, it means that your subconsciousness is warning you not to try to get out of one problem by lying. Otherwise, you could make even a bigger mistake that will give you headaches. It would be better to admit that you have made a mistake and try to fix it. Responsible, professional, and mature people do that.

To see others rolling tobacco
This dream is a sign that someone is lying to you. You may have noticed that your loved one is acting strange, avoiding conversations or hiding something, lately. There is a chance that they don’t want to hurt you by telling you the truth, but you only feel worse. Give them some time to open up and say everything they want, and don’t judge them before you put yourself in their shoes.

To chew tobacco
If you are dreaming of chewing tobacco, it means that you have a hard time accepting criticism. You don’t like smarty-pants since you believe that you have enough experience and skills to do your job the best you can. You act the same in your private life as well, so people are afraid to show you that they disagree with you sometimes. You can act pretty violently, so people avoid arguing with you. If you want a successful career and the people you love in your life, you will have to change some nasty habits.

To see others chewing tobacco
If you see someone else chewing tobacco in your dream, that symbolizes an argument. You will probably have a conflict with a partner, family members, or even superiors at work. You will try to state your opinion using facts, but the other side will not like that. After that, you will realize that there is no point in wasting your time on arguments with a stubborn person, so you will listen to them and continue living and working the way you find fitting.

To buy tobacco
Dreaming of buying tobacco means that you will approach old problems in a new way. You will not let previous failures discourage you, but you will look for a fresh perspective for ever-present problems. That could work, so you will overcome this difficult period without bigger consequences.

To sell tobacco
A dream in which you are selling tobacco is a sign that your family members don’t agree with your decisions. You may decide to move in with a person they don’t like, quit college or a job, or move to another state. Anyhow, they believe that the decisions you make without their approval are wrong, but they don’t want to say it to you since they believe that that is meddling in your life. You are lucky that your family is supportive of you even when they believe that you are wrong.

To steal tobacco
This dream symbolizes serious financial difficulties in the following period. You will not have enough money to pay for basic needs, let alone to save something. That is the result of low income and your inability to manage your budget properly. You often spend everything you have in a few days, and then you wonder how you will make it to the end of the month. If you learn to manage your budget the right way, you probably will not have to take loans and ask your family or friends for help.

To throw tobacco away
If you are dreaming of throwing tobacco away, that is a warning that you need to be more courageous and determined while solving problems. If you have kids, you need to show authority. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t show love and affection, but you can’t let them manipulate you. It is OK to give in for whimsy or two, but you can’t let them do whatever they want and then wonder why they are so spoiled.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently bought or smoked tobacco or you are trying to quit smoking, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of tobacco

Tobacco is an herbaceous plant from the Solanaceae family whose most famous representative is ordinary tobacco. People use tobacco leaves for smoking.