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Throwing up or vomiting uncontrollably is not a pleasant moment in our lives at all, but it is also inevitable and often for a good reason.

It usually happens after spending a night out drinking or having a bad meal.

Symbolically, we get the urge to vomit after many statements that we can hear from people around us today.

Throwing up in a dream

Dreaming of throwing up is a good sign for business. It is possible that you will be in a dilemma in the following period, thinking about whether you should invest money into a project or pass on it because it will seem too risky for you.

However, the saying ‘He who dares, he wins’ will turn out to be right in your case as well, which means that you should get moving if you don’t want your competition to overtake you.

Dreaming of throwing up on yourself

If you are dreaming of throwing up all over yourself, it means that you are sorry for something that you’ve said.

You have probably offended a loved one because you were nervous and they were in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You will try to explain that you would react the same way regardless of the people in front of you, in order to show them that they shouldn’t take your words and actions personally.

To throw up on other people

If you are dreaming of throwing up all over other people, it means that you will be unfair.

It is possible that you will ignore someone’s effort, believing that they have caused more damage than good by helping you.

You think that they are obligated to provide you with everything, but you will not return the favor when they find themselves in trouble.

Seeing other people throwing up

Dreaming of other people vomiting means that you will beat the competition.

It is possible that a merciless fight in your workplace will occur, in order for everyone to prove themselves and leave the best impression.

You will be patient, which will help you to save enough energy, come to the finish line and achieve your goal.

Dreaming about being vomited on in a dream

Dreaming of people throwing up all over you implies that you are trying in vain.

It is possible that you will lecture someone on their behavior, but they will react completely differently than you have expected.

You will really want to help them, but making an effort will simply not be enough.

Dream meaning of many people vomiting

A dream in which you see many people vomiting symbolizes bad energy in your surroundings, and it warns you that you should get away from people that are making you nervous, unhappy, and anxious.

These situations are not rare in today’s society, so everyone has to find a way to fight off the negativity that people are almost trying to push on others.

As soon as you realize that, you will be happier and ready to go through the life that is in front of you.

The symbolism of throwing up blood

If you experience this horrible and stressful dream, you need to do something the same day you had it.

Among many things, this dream can suggest serious health issues that are threatening to put you in bed or even the hospital. Don’t mess around with your health and visit the doctor as soon as possible.

If you already have an idea of the problem that is bothering you, focus on that, but it wouldn’t be a bad idea to do a full checkup so that you make sure that you don’t have some treacherous illness, which is unfortunately common today.

Stepping into vomit in a dream

If you are dreaming of stepping into vomit, it is important that you remember how it looked like, approximately, at least. If it is colorless and it doesn’t stand out as much, people that you least expect to will help you.

That help can be related to solving one of your problems, but it can also come as financial support for a project or an idea that you want to realize.

If the vomit is extremely nasty, or if you can smell it, someone from your surroundings, who you might not even know, wants to trick you and do you wrong when you expect it the least.

To see your parents throwing up

If you dream of your parents throwing up, it means that someone else will take over your problems and worries.

They are doing it consciously, in order to make your situation easier, believing that they will deal with those problems more easily.

You are obligated to show gratitude to your helper and savior because that is the only way to close the circle which you have cleared out of old and bad life habits from.

Dreaming about your parents throwing up on you

Dreaming of your parents throwing up on you suggests that you should be careful. Someone wants to hurt you or stop you from doing something that you are planning to do.

Look around and find out who that person is, as soon as possible, because this dream shows that your enemies are not merciful at all, so they will try to use any moment of your carelessness or weakness.

An alternative meaning of this dream is that your parents are burdening you with their worries.

To throw up something yellow or green

When you are throwing up something green or yellow, it means that you are trying to get rid of some problems or worries, but you are not succeeding in it.

It is possible that you are not trying hard enough to resolve a certain situation, but it is also possible that someone is interfering with the achievement of your plans.

This can be a sign that you should ask for help from reliable people and those who are close to you because you should solve that problem as soon as possible since it can cause a lot of damage in the future.

Dream about a child vomiting

Dreaming of a child throwing up means that you are sorry because of missed opportunities from your youth.

Beautiful memories are connecting you to your childhood, so you wish that you could back to those times when your life was carefree.

If you are dreaming of someone else’s child throwing up, that symbolizes a new beginning in life. It is probably related to a business decision.

It is possible that you will take a job in another company or abroad, or you will decide to start your own business.

To dream of a drunk person throwing up

When you see a drunk person throwing up in a dream, it means that someone deceives you.

One person might have promised many things but doesn’t do anything to fulfill those promises. It is time to discover what all of that is about and confront them.

Dream meaning of a sick person throwing up

A dream wherein you see an ill person throwing up means that a relationship or friendship you have recently entered will cause a lot of trouble for you.

You might open up to someone who will take advantage of your trust.

Dreaming of a pregnant woman throwing up

When you see a pregnant woman throwing up, it means that you pity someone who made some wrong choices.

You are sad because of someone’s destiny, even though you know that they are the ones to blame for everything that happened to them.

You have to help as much as you can, but you need not put yourself at that person’s service because they will not appreciate it.

To dream of not being able to stop throwing up

If you dream of not managing to stop throwing up, it means that you will inherit money or get rich in another way.

People who own a business could get a great business offer that will bring them a lot of profit. Another possibility is that you will win the lottery on games of chance.

Forcing yourself to throw up in a dream

Forcing yourself to throw up in a dream is not a good sign, unfortunately. Such dreams symbolize health issues, more specifically, mental problems.

Something probably bothers you, but you haven’t talked to anyone about it. You have to ask for help from people you trust or professionals who can help you overcome that crisis.

To dream of being sick but not being able to throw up

When you dream of being sick but not managing to throw up, it means that you hide something from someone.

You might have done something you are not proud of and fear that the act could hurt the people you love.

You will torture yourself with dreams with this or similar meanings for a long time if you don’t admit what is going on.

Dreaming of throwing up in the car

Throwing up while riding in a car or another vehicle means that you don’t cope well with the changes you have recently experienced.

You are probably confused by everything that has happened lately. You have to give yourself time to process all of it and then start making decisions about the future.

You can’t do anything impulsive because you could end up in even more trouble.

Throwing up in a public place in a dream

Throwing up in a public place in a dream means that you could face harsh criticism because of your actions or words.

You might reveal someone’s secret by accident, and the person in question will accuse you of doing it on purpose.

You will have to make an effort to prove that you were not aware of the consequences that your deeds or words could cause.

Dreaming of your children throwing up on you means that you are worried about their health or grades.

If, however, you are dreaming of someone else’s child throwing up all over you, it is possible that you will be in a situation where you will have to protect a loved one.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you or someone around you have recently thrown up, that has definitely made an impression on you.

Definition of throwing up

Throwing up is emptying the content of your stomach into the outer environment.

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