Teeth – Dream Meaning and Interpretations

Dreaming of teeth can have various meanings, but they usually imply something about health. These dreams can be positive or negative which depends on the rest of a dream.

Dreaming of beautiful white teeth
Dreaming of having nice white teeth means that your health is good. You have a good image and people from your surroundings respect you. People love to be in your company, because your positive energy is radiating.

Dreaming of rotten teeth
Bad, rotten teeth in a dream symbolize smaller failure at your job. You will invest money in unverified businesses, which can bring you financial losses and troubles with the law. However, if you think of skipping out on investing money, you will also lose it by spending it on unnecessary things. You will ask yourself later were the money has gone and how you have spent it.

Dreaming of golden teeth
To have golden teeth in a dream suggests that you will make a lot of money in the following period. If you are expecting heritage for a long time, now is a good moment to get it. There is an alternative meaning of a dream, which suggests that you are arrogant around your friends and they are starting to avoid you because of it. You should be less selfish and pay attention to others more.

Dreaming of new teeth
Dreaming of getting new teeth suggests that you are healthy. The following period will be ideal for investing money in a business, so don’t doubt your decisions.

Dreaming of artificial teeth
Artificial teeth in a dream warn you to be careful. Someone from your surroundings is intending on tricking you. It is possible that they will loan money from you and then disappear without a trail.

Dreaming of broken teeth
To have broken teeth in a dream suggests that you will anger a loved one. You feel like others are using your kindness, while they are not giving you respect in return at all.

Dreaming of teeth falling out
This dream means that you are very stressed out, so you are not paying attention to your health. You think about everything, except yourself. That will anger your family, so you will be forced to go on a regular annual checkup.

Dreaming of fixing teeth
Dreaming of fixing teeth means that most of your problems and difficulties will disappear. Don’t lose hope, because your situation will improve.

Dreaming of taking a tooth out
Dreaming of taking a tooth out means that you will stop having contact with someone who is stressing you out like a rotten tooth.

Dreaming of having a toothache
To have a toothache in a dream means that you or your loved one will experience sickness that is not serious. It will possibly be a flu.

Dreaming of brushing teeth
Brushing teeth in a dream suggests that you are sacrificing for someone in real life, which brings you damage. An alternative meaning of a dream is that you will avoid an easier sickness that some of your friends or acquaintance have gotten. You will have an extremely good period regarding health.

Dreaming of being bitten
Dreaming of being bitten symbolizes upcoming happiness. To dream of being bitten out of passion symbolizes an upcoming passionate love affair. Dreaming of being bitten by a child represents financial gain.

Dreaming of being bitten by a pet
Dreaming of being bitten by an animal that has teeth, pets like dogs or cats, means that you have offended one of your friends unintentionally.

Dreaming of being bitten by a domestic animal
Dreams in which a domestic animal like a horse, cow, sheep, goat or pig has bitten you mean that you should watch out for false friends.

Meanings of dreams can be simplified. If you have been at the dentist’s or you’ve had a toothache, it is possible that that has unconsciously made deeper impression on you.

Definition of teeth

Teeth are organs located in oral cavity used for chewing food. They are calcified and they represent a beginning of the digestive tract.

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