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The person is crying

Dream interpretation of your tears

If you see your tears in a dream, it means that you will be joyful. You are the type of person who is afraid to do what you love because you believe that suffering always comes after beautiful and pleasant moments.

Everyone advises you to relax and change your attitude because it is true that you receive what you put out into the world.

Dreaming about someone else’s tears

If you see someone else’s tears in a dream, it means that someone will manipulate you. One person might take advantage of your kindness and fear of conflict.

They know that you will give in, forget everything for the hundredth time, and act like nothing ever happened despite the anger and promises that you will cut every contact with them.

Dream meaning of hiding tears

When you dream of hiding tears, it means that you are respectful. You don’t want to stress out other people with your problems, which is why you carry all the burden on your back alone.

Even though your loved ones ask what is going on, you choose to console them and advise them how to act in specific situations instead of talking about you.

Dreams of other people hiding tears

If you see someone else hiding tears in your dream, it means that you will be unfair. You will probably not appreciate the effort of a loved one who is fighting for you.

Nothing will be good enough, which is why you will be arrogant and ruthless when choosing words to state your dissatisfaction.

Dream meaning of someone whipping off your tears

If you dream of someone whipping off your tears, it symbolizes support. True friends surround you, and they will always tell you their honest opinions.

Even though they scorn you behind closed doors, those people always claim that you are right in front of others and never let anyone hurt you.

Whipping off someone’s tears in a dream

When you dream of whipping off someone’s tears, it symbolizes honesty. You might be honest with someone in love with you and let them know that they are hopeful in vain.

You don’t like toying with other people’s emotions, and you believe that it is better to straighten things out on time than to make everything complicated later.

Dreaming about whipping off your child’s tears

This dream symbolizes a high dose of empathy you possess.

You love people, and you always make an effort to help anyone in trouble. You often neglect your problems, needs, obligations, and desires because of other people’s issues.

You participate in charity all the time, and you are especially sensitive when it comes to children. Even though your humane side is valuable, it is often a burden.

Other people whipping off a child’s tears in dreams

A dream wherein you see someone else whipping off a child’s tears implies that you could soon meet an interesting person.

We are talking about someone who will show love and affection to you. So far, you have been surrounded by people who love you but don’t show it.

However, you will get to experience a new dimension of true love now.

The symbolism of bloody tears in a dream

The dream of crying bloody tears doesn’t have a positive meaning, unfortunately.

Such dreams predict a turbulent upcoming period of your life. You will have to face numerous worries and problems and need a lot of courage, wisdom, and patience to overcome them.

Luckily, you have people you can count on, which will be crucial for getting out of a difficult phase of life unhurt.

When you see bloody tears on someone else’s face, it means that you will be worried about your loved one’s health.

Your partner, family member, or friend might have specific issues. You will make sure to be by their side at all times.

Dreaming about happy tears

Crying tears of joy in a dream usually symbolizes beautiful upcoming moments. You might manage to solve all the problems that have been tormenting you for a long time and be able to relax.

Another possibility is that you will attend a celebration where all the people you care about will be. You will relax and have fun in their presence and be able to forget about your worries and problems at least for a moment.

Crying tears of pride dream interpretation

Crying tears of pride in a dream also has a positive meaning.

It usually symbolizes the achievement of one wish or goal. Things might finally start unfolding the way you have wanted.

People who have been unemployed or single for a long time might finally get a job or find one.

The symbolism of tears of anger in a dream

Crying tears of rage in a dream means that someone might disappoint you. You will probably realize that you have idolized someone so much that you didn’t even know who they are to an extent.

Something will happen and make you understand that the person in question possesses more traits you don’t like than the ones you believe are valuable.

Dream interpretation of black tears

Even though unusual, this dream doesn’t have a negative meaning. When you dream of crying black tears, it symbolizes an improvement in your financial or business situation.

If you have been unemployed for a while, that will change soon. If you suffer from a chronic lack of money, you will finally be able to relax and start earning more, inherit something, or win in games of chance.

Dreaming about gold tears

Gold tears symbolize unexpected expenses in dreams. Your car or one of the house appliances might break down, and you will have to pay a lot of money for the repair or replacement.

Another possibility is that you will invest in something entirely unprofitable and soon regret not thinking your actions through better.

You might even get an invitation for a celebration and have to buy an expensive gift even though you didn’t have such an expense planned in your budget.

To dream of not being able to hold back tears

If you dream of not being able to hold back tears, it means that you pity yourself.

You strongly believe that the whole universe is against you and that you can’t make progress or achieve your goals because of it. In your delusion, you can’t see that some people around you are in far more trouble than you.

You have to look at the situation you are in realistically and find the good things you are satisfied with within your life.

To dream of soaking the pillow with your tears

When you dream of soaking a pillow with your tears, it symbolizes great joy. Your long-term wish might come true.

We are talking about something you have devotedly worked on and sacrificed your time and energy for. The effort will start paying off soon, but you have to stay patient.

Crying without tears in a dream

Everyone has felt the need to cry at least once in their life, but tears didn’t come.

If you experience something like that in your dream, it means that one person will gladden you. You will probably hear the good news from your family members, relatives, or of your friends.

That person’s success will probably make you happy.

The symbolism of traces of tears on your face in dreams

When you see traces of tears on your face in a dream, it means that better days are coming. You might have faced stressful situations in the previous period and wondered what you have done to deserve them.

However, the good news is that things will change to your advantage, and you will be proud of yourself for managing to overcome all the obstacles and challenges that have stood on your path.

Dreams of traces of tears on someone else’s face

A dream wherein you see traces of tears on someone else’s face means that someone you care about has recently faced a big problem you know nothing about.

They have decided to hide it from you because they don’t want you to worry. You have probably noticed that something is going on, but you need not insist on talking about it but wait until they are ready to confide in you.

To dream of tears freezing on your face

If you dream of tears freezing on your face, it means that you have toughened up. You have been sensitive to everything negative that happened to you most of your life.

However, you have realized that you can’t control some things, which is why you have dedicated your attention to what you can change. The whole process has made you stronger and braver than before.

To dream of bitter tears

When you dream of crying bitter tears, it implies that it is time to change your perspective on the things happening to you.

Everything that you have experienced has a message or lesson. You can learn something from it and move on.

The symbolism of hot tears in a dream

When you dream of crying hot tears, it symbolizes an argument with your family, work colleagues, or partner.

You can’t let yourself say something in the heat of the moment that could hurt the person you love.

To dream about sweet tears

This dream symbolizes an immense life change. You might find another job, move to another state or city, or end a relationship.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, hidden, or whipped off tears, it has left an impression on you.

Definition of tears

Tears are a clear bodily fluid that is a product of tear glands located in the human and mammalian eyes.

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