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Interpretations of these dreams depend on whether the dream is dreamed by a man or a woman.


If a man sees beautiful full thighs in a dream, it means that he will not be able to restrain his desires. It is possible that you are attracted to someone who is taken.

Even though you have always wanted to try forbidden fruit, your recklessness will have consequences this time. If they are your friend’s lover, the situation will become even more complicated.

Even though you don’t want people to find out about your relationship, the truth will come out. People from your surroundings will judge you, while your friends will not trust you anymore.

Dreaming of ugly, skinny thighs warns of family fights. You will have arguments about heritage, and no matter what you do, one side will believe it to be damaged.

It is possible that a few family members will demand a piece that legally belongs to them, while others will ask for the property not to be parted.

That will create an unpassable void, which will worsen your relationships permanently.

If a man dreams of smooth female thighs, good things are waiting for him in life. It is possible that you will get a dream job or travel to some far destination.

Anyhow, the following period will be positive. You should use it to relax and rest, but to prepare for new life challenges, as well.

Dreaming of muscular female thighs means that you are insecure about your looks. You might not be trying hard enough to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

You envy men who have time and will to spend hours in a gym, while you should start to. Laziness is your biggest enemy. Remember the saying ‘Healthy body, healthy mind’.

Dreaming of fat female thighs means that you have hidden fetishes. It is possible your fantasies are weird to most people, so you are afraid to suggest that kind of sex to your partner.

That is burdening and scaring you because even when you fall in love with a woman, she is not ready to satisfy your sexual needs.

You are only consoled with the idea that everyone has a soulmate, so you are hoping that you will find yours.

Dreaming of female thighs covered in bruises or wounds means that you will be wrong about someone. It is possible that you will accuse your friends of machinations because you believe that they envy you on many things.

However, things are not exactly as they seem. Think about your actions well, because otherwise, you could lose longtime friends.

Don’t let someone be in your ear and turn you against a person who you have known your entire life.

Tattooed female thighs in a dream symbolize your need for excitement. You are probably lamenting your teenage days when you could have involved yourself in all kinds of adventures.

You are currently in a phase when your priorities are a little bit different, but you are still sorry for not being able to enjoy freedom and carelessness for a little bit longer.

Try some extreme sport, because it could give you an adrenaline boost.

If a man dreams of kissing female thighs, it means that he is dissatisfied with his sex life. It is possible that his partner is not satisfying his needs or that he is single for a long time.

Anyhow, the frustration has been transferred to a dream.


If a woman dreams of smooth female thighs, that symbolizes her fear of being cheated on.

If you are married or in a relationship for a long time, you are afraid that the rut you have fallen into might damage the relationship with your partner.

You are jealous of every woman who communicates with him and you see her as a potential threat.

Instead of being paranoid, find a way to fix the relationship with your partner. Otherwise, he might leave you.

Dreaming of muscular female thighs means that you have let yourself go. You have allowed yourself a few pounds more. That doesn’t bother you, but you don’t have the will to go on a diet or start exercising.

Because of that, you are insecure and self-conscious, especially if you have been fit until now.

If you change your life habits and go back in shape, you will get rid of obstacles to be satisfied with yourself.

A dream in which you see fat female thighs means that your effort will not pay off. No matter how much time, will or work you invest, the results will simply not show.

However, don’t let that discourage you, but try to find new ways to achieve success. If you give up now, you will have a hard time letting yourself into a similar adventure again.

When a woman dreams of female thighs covered in bruises or wounds, it means that she needs a vacation. You probably work or study a lot, and you try to do all your work on time.

You are going through a stressful period and it sometimes seems to you that nothing is going according to plan. If you give yourself two days to rest, you will see that everything will go more easily.

If a woman dreams of tattooed thighs, that symbolizes grief because of a missed opportunity. It is possible that you had a chance to change the course of your life in the past, but you rejected it out of fear.

Today, when you think about it, you are sure that you have made a mistake. However, since you can’t change anything now, turn to positive things and plan future moves.

These dreams are not rare for both sexes, but men have them more often. Their meaning can be simpler if you have watched your or someone else’s thighs before going to sleep.

When a woman dreams of skinny female thighs, it means that she needs to make an appointment with her OBGYN.

Even though you always wish good health to people first, when it comes to you, you don’t do the same for yourself. You always find an excuse or something to do, so that you don’t have to go to a checkup.

You waste your free time doing nothing, but this dream will scare you and make you change your behavior. The list of your priorities will have a different schedule now.

Generally thighs in a dream

Dream meaning of dirty female thighs

Dirty female thighs in a dream are not a good sign, unfortunately. Such dreams predict communication problems with your partner, family members, or colleagues.

You will have to show compassion and readiness to make compromises to overcome that problem so that the chasm between you wouldn’t deepen even more.

Dream about bloody female thighs

Bloody female thighs in a dream also predict trouble. The following period will be very challenging since it is full of problems and hiccups. You will need a lot of patience and effort to overcome that stressful phase.

Luckily, you have people you can count on because someone in your surroundings offers you protection and security.

Hairy female thighs in a dream

Hairy female things in a dream suggest you are under someone’s strong influence. You haven’t made a single decision alone lately because someone else imposed it.

You have to look around and open your eyes so that you don’t realize at some point that you don’t even have control over your own life anymore.

To dream of female thighs covered in stretchmarks and cellulite

A dream wherein you see female thighs full of cellulite and stretchmarks means you are prone to looking for flaws in everyone.

You often underestimate other people’s work, effort, and success and look down on those you believe are inferior to you.

It is great to be confident, but arrogance is not your virtue but a flaw.

Kissing or stroking a female thigh in a dream

Kissing or stroking a female thigh in a dream means you are lonely. People who have been single for a long time know that feeling well.

However, if you are married or in a relationship, you need not feel that way. In that case, the dream suggests it is time for an honest conversation with your loved one.

Dreaming of biting a woman’s thigh

Biting a woman’s thigh in a dream means you are very passionate. You approach everything with a spark and give even the last atom of strength to what you do.

You are devoted to your partner, family, and friends, and those people know they can always count on you.

To dream of massaging a woman’s thighs

Massaging a woman’s thighs in a dream suggests you will enjoy the project you get.

Another possibility is that you will finally find time for a hobby you have neglected because of obligations. You will enjoy every moment you spend doing it.

Dreaming about painting female thighs

Painting female thighs in a dream means someone might misinterpret your words or actions. You might give someone a suggestion, but the person in question will take it as criticism.

Another possibility is that someone will perceive your kindness as a seduction attempt.

Looking at photos of women’s thighs in a dream

Looking at photos of women’s things in a dream suggests you have a secret admirer. Someone in your surroundings likes you but is afraid of admitting it.

The reason for it can be that you are already in a relationship or seem uninterested in that person.

If you start paying attention, you will soon figure out who we are talking about, and it will be up to you to decide what you will do about it.

Dream meaning of photographing women’s thighs

Photographing women’s thighs in a dream means you might like someone unavailable to you for some reason. You will make sure to keep that secret to yourself and suffer in silence.

Dreaming of looking at a painting of women’s thighs

If you dream of looking at a painting of women’s things, it means a married man or woman might show interest in you.

The meanings of dreams can have simpler interpretations. If you have recently seen female thighs, that has made an impression on you, so this dream shouldn’t be interpreted.

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