Synagogue in a Dream – Meaning and Symbolism

If you see a synagogue in a dream, it means that you will solve many problems which have been bothering you for a while, in the near future. You will finally enter a peaceful period in which you will enjoy in everything you do. If you are currently dissatisfied with your job or income, you could start your own business. After a lot of effort, things will be going in the right direction.

If you are dreaming of praying in a synagogue, it means that you worry too much. It is possible that you are worried for a loved one’s health or because of financial instability. You are afraid that you will not be able to help the people you love, at the moment. However, you need to know that no one resents you for it. The only thing you can do now is to be supportive of people who need it the most.

If other people are praying in a synagogue, it means that you have a moral dilemma. It is possible that you have found out an important information about a loved one, but you are not sure if you should tell them. On one hand, you don’t want them to be tricked or hurt, but on the other, you are afraid that you will lose them, if they don’t understand you the right way.

Dreaming of going to a synagogue means that you will finally accept your partner with all their virtues and flaws. You will start to look at relationships with your family and friends more maturely. You will try not to meddle in anyone’s life, since you expect the same from other people. You will make peace with the fact that people change gradually and that your anger or dissatisfaction can only cause a counter-effect.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the context in which they occur and details that follow them. The more details you can remember, the easier dream interpretations will be.

To build a synagogue
A dream in which you are building a synagogue means that you are a very empathetic person. Poverty and injustice hurt you and sometimes you get sad when you see people suffering. In order to help yourself and others, you could start volunteering for some charity. That is the best way to contribute to everyone.

To see other people building a synagogue
If someone else is building a synagogue in your dream, it means that you have deeply rooted prejudices for some people. You have a hard time with understanding the difficult position some people are in, and you believe that laziness is the biggest cause of problems in the society. Naturally, you are a persistent and a hard-working person, which means that you can’t understand people who are not like you. It is important that you realize that you can’t judge anyone until you end up in their shoes.

To demolish a synagogue
Dreaming of demolishing a synagogue means that recklessness could get you in serious troubles. It is possible that you will accept an illegal job. No matter how much you need money, be careful and don’t make decisions which you could regret in the future.

Dreaming of other people demolishing a synagogue
When you dream of people demolishing a synagogue, it means that someone from your surroundings is trying to manipulate you. They are constantly sweet talking you, so you are not even aware that decisions which you are making are not yours, but theirs. It is possible that your family members or friends have tried to warn you of it, but you were angry at them, believing that they are wrong. However, be careful, because one person and their need to control your life might destroy relationships with many people who love you.

To burn a synagogue
Dreaming of burning a synagogue means that your subconsciousness is telling you to stop worrying about things you can’t change. You probably have a family member whose actions you can’t understand and you believe that they are wrong. Because of that, you are constantly trying to tell them that, out of the best intentions, not realizing that you are not doing them a favor. Let other people live their life and yours will become much easier.

To see other people burning a synagogue
If you see other people burning a synagogue in a dream, it is possible that you will have an argument with your colleague, boss or a business partner. You will try to prove to them that they are wrong and that your idea or a solution is a better option. However, vanity will not let them take your advice. That will bother you for some time, but luckily, you will soon realize that they are not worth your time and nerves.

A full synagogue
Dreaming of a synagogue filled with believers means that you will finally finish some job. You will feel relief, satisfaction and joy. That will give you strength for new challenges and affect your confidence positively. You will probably get well-deserved respect and admiration by the society, which you are dreaming of for a long time.

An empty synagogue
Dreaming of a synagogue without believers means that you are afraid of loneliness. You are always surrounded by people and you have many friends and acquaintances. You are not close to all of them, but the important thing is that they are around you. You don’t like being alone and you can’t understand people who enjoy in solitude. You sometimes have a hard time with finding or keeping a partner, because many people don’t understand your need for other people. If you are single for a while, this fear is the result of loneliness.

To sleep in a synagogue
Dreaming of sleeping in a synagogue symbolizes your need for attention or protection. It is possible that you are going through a stressful period and you often believe that you can only count on yourself. You are ignoring signs that people from your surroundings are giving you, and you can’t understand their message that you can count on them, too. Ask yourself whether it is true that you can count only on yourself or your actions are sending a message that you are a person who doesn’t need help.

Meanings of dreams about a synagogue can be simpler if you have recently been in it, or talked to someone about it. That has simply made an impression on you, so you have transferred the events from the real world into your dreams. If you have read an article about a synagogue or watched a documentary about that topic, the same explanation should be applied.

Definition of a synagogue

The synagogue is a building where religious activities in Judaism are performed. It comes from the Greek word “συναγογε” meaning “assembly” or “gathering”, or from the Hebrew “Beit Knesset” meaning “House of assembly”.

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