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Sword from middle ages

Dream about a sword

If you see a sword in a dream, it means that you will acquire a good reputation and respect. You are someone who had to fight alone for everything you have.

You don’t have great support from your loved ones, which is why you are used to not counting on anyone or expecting anything.

You would like to give yourself a break from time to time, but you are already subconsciously thinking about the next step you have to make.

Breaking a sword in a dream

Dreaming about breaking a sword means that you will give up on something. You will probably learn the hard way that some battles are already lost and that there is no point in feeling bad about them.

No matter if that has to do something with work, your friends, or a partner, you will realize that you can’t keep them by your side against their will and force them to do something they don’t want.

Dreaming of losing a sword

When you are dreaming of losing a sword, that symbolizes shame. There is a chance that you will not keep your word, which is why you will be embarrassed and stay away from the person that you wronged.

You will create a defense mechanism that will present you as someone who has no regrets but blames other people to justify their actions.

Dream meaning of finding a sword

Finding a sword in a dream symbolizes a pleasant surprise. You probably have no idea that your qualities have caught some influential people’s eyes and that they could decide to give you a business offer.

You could get an extremely profitable business offer soon.

Buying a sword in a dream

Buying a sword in a dream means that you are ready to fight your inner demons. There is a chance that you have figured out the cause of your dissatisfaction and failures that follow you wherever you go only recently.

That is the first step to solving all your problems – admit to yourself that you have made a mistake and work on fixing it.

Dream interpretation of selling a sword

Selling a sword in a dream means that something will discourage you or jeopardize your self-confidence. Your relationship with a partner is probably not the best, which is affecting your mental state negatively.

On the other hand, you could experience downfall because of the criticism coming from your boss or someone whose opinion you care about.

To dream about receiving a sword as a gift

If you are dreaming about someone bestowing you a sword as a gift, it means that you don’t have the courage to solve your biggest problem.

That can have something to do with your love life because you are probably not sure if that relationship or marriage has a future.

Having an honest conversation with a loved one is the key to the solution to your problem. As long as you are afraid of having it, you will not break the vicious cycle you are in.

Bestowing a sword on someone

Bestowing a sword to someone in a dream means that you want to help that person, but you have chosen the wrong way to do it.

It is obvious that your intentions are good, but your pieces of advice are confusing to those to whom they are directed at. You should be more specific or express your thoughts on what you believe is best for that person in a more understandable way.

If you are dreaming of bestowing a sword on someone you don’t know, there is a chance that a complete stranger will ask you for advice.

They will simply need a second opinion about a problem they have, and you will be around at that moment. You will be totally confused, but they will have use from your suggestions.

Dream about stealing a sword

Stealing a sword in a dream means that you have the role of a scapegoat in your life. You are too passive and mellow with other people, which often brings you more harm than good.

You have to stop taking the blame for everything on yourself and standing up for the people you love.

To dream of someone stealing a sword from you

When you are dreaming of someone stealing a sword from you, it means that you feel unprotected.

There is a chance that you don’t have support from the people around you regarding your decisions or actions, or you have recently lost someone who was your biggest support in life.

You can’t do anything else now but believe in yourself. However, at least you will learn to be independent and responsible for your actions.

Putting a sword in a holster in a dream

Putting a sword in a holster symbolizes your kind and peaceful nature. You are someone who avoids conflicts in every way possible. You are trying to solve all problems with conversations while your tolerance levels are quite high.

However, those that make sure to get you off the tracks will face an avalanche of insults that you use only when defending yourself.

Dreaming about taking a sword out of the holster

Taking a sword out of the holster in a dream means that you will have to fight for the things you want more. There is no retreating this time because success is right around the corner.

However, you shouldn’t be standing on the side and waiting for someone else to recognize or reward your effort. You have to push yourself forward and show everyone how much you are worth.

A small dose of arrogance is desirable because people trust those who radiate self-confidence more.

Sharpening a sword in a dream

Sharpening a sword in a dream symbolizes success in your business and private life. Some positive changes will happen soon, and you will be rewarded for the hard work, effort, and patience that you have shown so far.

You will realize that you were right and that your persistence has brought you success this time.

Seeing other people sharpening a sword

If you see someone else sharpening a sword in a dream, it means that you have a rival at work or in love.

Anyhow, there is someone who wants something that belongs to you. If you manage to figure out who that person is, you will not have bigger problems stopping them from taking their plan into action.

Dream meaning of licking a sword

Licking a sword in a dream means that your enemies are your biggest motivation. You are someone who uses spite as their driving force.

You are constantly trying to succeed in your intents not only because of yourself but to prove to other people who didn’t believe in you that they were wrong.

You don’t have a problem verbally defending yourself when a situation asks for it. You are a calm person by nature, but you can be rude and arrogant when someone provokes you.

To dream about other people licking a knife

When you see someone else licking a knife in a dream, that is a sign to watch what you are saying. Your words could put you in a lot of trouble.

The result of that might not affect only you but someone who you care about a lot too.

Dreaming about swinging a sword

Swinging a sword in a dream means that you are a coward. You are saying many things when you are in the company of the people you love, but you get almost invisible when in public.

The reason for it is the fear of people from your surroundings not accepting you, as well as the conformity that is your prominent trait.

To dream of someone attacking you with a sword

This dream means that you could soon discover some of your hidden talents. One situation will make you think out of the box, and then you will realize that you have the gift for something that didn’t interest you in the past.

Attacking someone with a sword in a dream

If you are attacking an unarmed person with a sword in a dream, there is a chance that you have wronged someone. You have judged that person wrongly and realized that they possess many positive traits.

Seeing other people swinging a sword

If you see someone else swinging a sword in a dream it means that you will have to deal with indecisive people. You will work with someone, business-wise or privately, who doesn’t know what they want.

You will try to help them for some time to become calm and collected and to make the project you are working on together simpler.

However, you will decide to give up on that person after you realize that that battle was in vain.

Dream interpretation of throwing a sword away

As you can already imagine, throwing a sword away symbolizes surrender in a dream. You will probably get tired of the games your emotional partner has been playing for a long time and admit defeat.

On the other hand, there is a chance that you will realize that an idea you are currently working on doesn’t have a bright future, which is why you will give up on it.

To dream of someone throwing a sword in front of you

Unfortunately, this dream doesn’t have a positive meaning. It often symbolizes betrayal coming from people close to you.

There is a chance that someone will manage to ruin your relationship with a friend or partner. You will believe in that person’s lies and lose someone you love forever.

Dream about a sword in a holster on the wall

If you are dreaming of a sword in a holster hanging on the wall, it means that you will solve a problem that is currently bothering you with patience only.

It would be best not to do anything about it now because every step you make could only make the situation worse. Let time do its thing, and what’s even more important, is don’t make decisions impulsively.

If you see a sword falling off the wall in a dream, it means that you shouldn’t think about something too much in advance because you are losing the feeling for the things that are happening at the moment.

It would be best to go step by step and solve one challenge after the other. You can’t predict and stop everything, so make peace with it.

An old or rusty sword in a dream

When a man dreams of an old or rusty sword, that symbolizes potency problems. If a woman dreams of it, there is a chance that she will try to heal her broken heart with the wrong person.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently seen, broken, or lost a sword, that has made an impression on you, for sure.

Definition of a sword

A sword is a weapon used in one-on-one fights.