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Dreams about swallows are mostly pleasant. However, they can have both negative and positive meanings.

To dream of swallows flying

If you see swallows flying, it means that you will have a pleasant visit.

There is a chance that a relative that you haven’t seen in a long time will gladden you, and you will get extra thrilled because they will stay with you for a couple of days.

You will have a chance to remember the things you did when you were younger and talk about events from the period when you were in touch more frequently.

Dreaming of swallows getting into your house

Dreaming of swallows coming into your house symbolizes joy.

There is a chance that you will meet someone that you will get close with even after a few hangouts, so you will feel like you have known them your whole life.

Your friendship will turn into a stable and beautiful emotional relationship with time, but you will not want to rush and risk ruining something.

The symbolism of wallows in a nest

When you see swallows in a nest, it means that you will receive a gift.

You are not a demanding person and don’t have a habit of asking for things that you don’t need.

Since your family members know you well, they will gladden you with small things that mean a lot to you, like a phone, computer, or something similar that you couldn’t afford on your own.

Dreamin about swallows making a nest

If you see swallows making a nest in your dream, it means that you will have a business and love success.

You will probably make plans with your loved one to move in together into a place that you will decorate the way you like.

That will be important to you since you believe that that is a great opportunity to get to know each other, as well as a serious test before you make another important decision like getting married.

Destroying swallows’ nests in a dream

A dream in which you are destroying swallows’ nests means that you are destructive and depressed.

Everything seems dark to you at the moment, and you don’t believe that anything could change.

However, you will soon get out of that period and realize how much life can be beautiful.

To dream about other people destroying swallows’ nests

This dream means that you will make an effort to put your loved one in a good mood.

They might be dealing with problems at work or have health or personal issues, but you can’t watch them suffer.

You will use your power of persuasion because of it and manage to get them out of the crisis.

Meaning of swallows on a wire 

If you see swallows standing on a wire in your dream, it means that you shouldn’t worry about a problem that is currently stressing you out too much because there is nothing you can do about it.

Tomorrow is a new day and starts. Let time do its thing, and you will see how much patience can help you.

This dream symbolizes new beginnings for young people that are planning to have a family.

Swallows in the window in a dream

A dream in which you see swallows in the window means that you will start a wonderful friendship with someone that you have recently met.

You will realize that you have a lot of things in common, which is why you will hang out more often.

Your old friends might resent you for spending so much time with someone who has become a part of your life only recently, but you will not pay attention to that.

Dreaming of a swallow in a cage

A swallow in a cage symbolizes a bad mood.

There is a chance that you have been worried about something lately or thinking about the failures that you have experienced.

The reasons are numerous, but if you think about what is bothering you once more, you will realize that you have a lot more reasons to be happy than sad.

To dream of swallows tweeting

If you are dreaming of swallows tweeting, it means that you will soon hang out with your family and friends.

You have probably neglected them because of numerous obligations, even though you know how much their love and attention mean to you.

Because of it, you will make an effort to gather all of them in one place, which will help you charge your batteries and prepare for new life and business challenges.

Interpretation of a flock of swallows

A flock of swallows symbolizes joy in dreams.

There is a chance that you will soon achieve something that you have been fantasizing about for a long time.

It is even possible that good news regarding a loved one will gladden you.

You might hear good news from abroad as well.

Catching a swallow in a dream

When you are dreaming of catching a swallow or holding it in your hands, it means that you should be gentler with those that you love.

Indeed, some of them have made many mistakes before, but let them figure out what is good and bad for them alone instead of looking over them all the time.

Show those people love and understanding because you will get rewarded for it.

Dreaming of feeding a swallow

Feeding a swallow in a dream means that you are trying too hard to please the people that didn’t deserve it.

You dedicate your free time to those that wouldn’t sacrifice that much for you.

It sometimes seems to you that you care about them more than vice versa, and you are completely right.

Dedicate more attention to yourself and enjoy the things that fulfill you.

To dream about other people feeding swallows

This dream means that you will have a serious argument with a stubborn person.

Since you are the same, there is a good chance that your debate will turn into a fight. If you don’t want that to happen, get back on time.

There is no point in arguing with people that don’t want to hear, let alone accept other people’s opinions.

Hunting swallows in a dream

Hunting swallows in dreams means that you have chosen the wrong way to make someone like you.

There is someone in your life who you care about, and you are doing everything you can to make them reciprocate your feelings.

However, you are turning into someone that you are not because of all of that.

Acting can help you achieve your goal, but if you want that person to love you in the long run, you have to be who you are.

To dream of other people hunting swallows

If you see someone else hunting swallows in a dream, it means that you will witness great injustice.

You will have a chance to decide on someone’s destiny with a large group of people.

You will make an extremely unfavorable decision by voting, but you will oppose putting it into action.

However, you will get outnumbered and be unable to do anything. Your consciousness will kill you until you realize that your hands were tied.

Meaning of wounding a swallow

Wounding a swallow in a dream means that you will hurt someone that didn’t do anything to deserve it.

There is a chance that you will say something nasty in the heat of the moment, but you will be sorry because of it later.

In order to prevent that, you must not let negative emotions control you.

Control your rage, and you will not have to apologize for your words or deeds to anyone.

Seeing a wounded swallow in a dream

If you see a wounded swallow in a dream, it means that your friend will turn to you for advice regarding love problems.

You could probably tell that their love life was not the best, but you couldn’t even imagine how they feel.

You will do everything to help because you know that your friend would do the same for you.

Killing a swallow in a dream

If you are dreaming of killing a swallow, it means that you are sabotaging yourself. You are too uptight and always rationalize everything.

You are starting to become a pessimist, which is affecting every aspect of your life.

If you don’t start loving and appreciating yourself and the things you enjoy, you will have a hard time getting out of the vicious cycle that you are currently in.

To dream of a dead swallow

A dead swallow symbolizes big problems in dreams.

They don’t have to affect you, but that doesn’t mean that you will not get worried about those that you love.

The good news is that you have enough strength, will, and courage to deal with it.

You can’t let panic take over you because of that but make sure to look at problems from all angles and find the best possible solution.

Dream about a swallow feeding baby swallows

When you see a swallow feeding its babies, it means that you or someone close to you will have a baby.

Your family will probably expand, and you will be truly happy because of it.

A child will enrich your community and bring a lot of joy into your home.

To dream of a swallow teaching its babies to fly

A dream in which you see a swallow teaching baby swallows to fly means that guests from abroad will bring you many valuable gifts.

Their visit will gladden you, as well as the presents they will bring.

You will make sure to welcome them the best you can.

Dreaming of swallows leaving

If you see swallows flying away to the South in your dream, it means that you should get ready for the bad news.

There is a chance that something that you couldn’t predict, let alone stop, will happen to you.

Such things happen in life, but it is important to accept them as unavoidable and to stop torturing ourselves with questions like – why me, why this happens to me always, etc.

To dream about swallows coming back

If you see swallows coming back from the South, it means that family problems that are bothering you at the moment could get resolved quickly.

We are probably talking about bad communication or the lack of understanding that made you grow apart.

However, your connection is strong, and you will not let such things ruin the relationships that you have built for years.

The meanings of dreams can be more trivial. If you have recently seen swallows flying or making a nest, it has made an impression on you.

Definition of a swallow

A swallow is a small, gentle bird from the family of songbirds.