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If you recently dreamed of a spoon, you must have wondered what it might mean. To get a precise interpretation, do your best to remember the context where your dream took place.

Dreaming of a big spoon

If you see a big spoon in a dream, it means that you will be in a pleasant circle of people.

You might meet people on a trip that you will have a great time with and gladly remember every moment that you spent together.

You will become close quickly and continue hanging out, which will turn into a real friendship.

Another meaning is that you have a good appetite. You probably have problems with weight gain that is stressing you out and making you dissatisfied with your appearance.

Instead of eating less, you consume unhealthy food that you will not achieve good results with.

To dream of a teaspoon

Dreaming of a teaspoon symbolizes a comfortable life.

You are someone who is moderate in everything you do and can control your feelings and desires.

That is not always easy for you, but the satisfaction you feel in the end is a reason enough for you to stay true to yourself and sacrifice yourself for bigger goals.

Eating with a spoon in a dream

If you are dreaming of eating with a spoon, it means that someone takes care of you.

You are probably very busy, but you have someone who knows better than you what you actually need, luckily. That can be a partner, friend, mother, or father.

You are carefree because you can always count on them without fear that they will let you down or reject you.

Dreaming about washing a spoon

When you are dreaming of washing a spoon, it means that you will get a new profitable job.

You might get the chance to earn money on the side. Don’t miss it.

Buying spoons in a dream

Dreaming of buying spoons means that you will not achieve what you have imagined without risk.

You are fantasizing about getting rich and becoming a member of high society, but you are still playing it safe.

If you have a good idea, make sure to put it into action. Otherwise, you will become bitter with time because you didn’t achieve your dreams.

To sell spoons

A dream in which you are selling spoons means that you should change your nutrition.

High-calorie, too spicy, or fast food affects your metabolism badly, which is starting to jeopardize your overall health as well.

If you feel tired and passive all the time, that is a sign that you should introduce some fresh fruits and vegetables to your daily menu.

Licking a spoon in a dream

A dream in which you are licking a spoon means that you are dissatisfied with your relationship with your loved one.

It often seems to you that you are giving more than you are receiving.

You also believe that your partner is selfish, but you ignore the beautiful things that they are doing for you.

Try to be more open and honest to yourself and to them. You might have too big expectations.

To see your reflection in a spoon

These dreams are the product of your opinion of yourself.

If you see a reflection of yourself that you like, it means that you are satisfied with yourself and everything you have achieved.

However, if you see something that you don’t like, it means that some insecurities are still bothering you.

Dreaming of biting a spoon

When you are dreaming of biting a spoon, that symbolizes nervousness.

You are probably facing some problems in the real world, so you have transferred that negative feeling into your dreams.

If you see someone else biting a spoon in your dream, it means that you will hear bad news.

Stealing a spoon in a dream

If you are dreaming of stealing a spoon, it means that someone will take your joke too seriously. You will offend a loved one, thanks to your recklessness.

If someone is stealing a spoon from you in a dream, it means that you will suffer damage. There is a chance that your investment will not pay off.

To find a spoon

If you are dreaming of finding a spoon, that is a sign of sure gain.

Dreaming of losing a spoon

When you lose a spoon in a dream, it means that one of your plans will fail.

Interpretations of these dreams depend on the type of spoon you dream of, as well. Our Dream book lists the following variations:

The symbolism of a plastic spoon in a dream

If you see a plastic spoon in a dream, it means that you are too picky when it comes to choosing a job.

If nothing, accept the offer that is right in front of you so that you have some money to pay your bills.

In the meantime, look for something more suitable for you. No matter the paycheck, any sum of money will do until then.

Meaning of a wooden spoon in a dream

If you dream of eating with a wooden spoon, it means that you are a truly adjustable person.

You are capable of turning any situation to your advantage. You rarely end up in some crisis or feel jeopardized.

Your secret is in using your reason before emotions when it comes to making important decisions.

Interpretation of metal spoon in a dream

A dream in which you see a metal spoon means that you are a pretty simple person.

You don’t care about expensive things, and you don’t strive to give off the impression that you have a lot of money based on your appearance.

You would rather use your savings for traveling than buy something luxurious.

A golden spoon

A golden spoon in a dream symbolizes wealth. However, it can also be a warning that you are spending too much.

You need to be wiser if you want to have a secure future. If you decide to spend your money more rationally now, that could pay off tomorrow.

Dreaming of a silver spoon

A silver spoon in dreams usually has something to do with your business life.

You possess certain skills that many people don’t have. You just need to find a way to use them better.

Having a little bit more faith in yourself wouldn’t hurt.

To dream about a broken spoon

When you see a broken spoon in a dream, it means that you will lose financial or spiritual support.

Someone that you counted on will not be a part of your life anymore. That will get you off the tracks, and you will have a hard time adjusting to the new situation.

However, perceive that change as a part of growing up. It is time to finally become independent.

Dirty spoon in a dream

If you dream of using a dirty spoon, that symbolizes misfortune, unfortunately. You might be satisfied with someone’s leftovers.

You are probably in a secret relationship with someone who already has a partner and doesn’t intend to leave them for you.

There is also a chance that your boss is not paying you enough compared to the amount of money you bring them.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently used a spoon, that has made an impression on you.

To dream of a porcelain spoon

A porcelain spoon in a dream suggests you will live comfortably and carefree if you work.

You are a hard-working person, but you are overwhelmed and now fantasize about having enough money without doing anything.

However, you will be fulfilled, happy, and satisfied while you keep achieving small goals. Everything you get served on a platter will not have the significance you expect.

Dreaming about a glass spoon

A glass spoon in a dream symbolizes positive changes in your professional life. Your hard work, effort, and knowledge might start paying off.

It is necessary to stay patient and continue working on yourself and what you believe in. You have to know the results will follow.

To dream of a rusty spoon

A rusty spoon in a dream means your tolerance will be put to the test. You have probably given someone or something many opportunities, but the person in question has failed you.

You are patient, but your patience has its limits. You will soon decide to give up on that and turn to yourself, which will be one of the best decisions in your life.

Dream meaning of a hollow spoon

If you see a hollow spoon in a dream, it implies someone is lying to you. One person in your surroundings is not telling the truth, not to protect you but to achieve their interests and goals.

You are not naïve, so you will soon figure out who they are and what is going on and confront them with your findings.

To dream of a spoon melting in your hands

If you dream of a spoon melting in your hands, it means you have to face the mistakes you made in the past instead of blaming other people for them.

The universe is not against you, but you keep repeating the same mistakes. It is time to learn something from them to have a better and more quality future.

Dream symbolism of bending a spoon by looking at it

When you dream of being able to bend a spoon by looking at it or thinking about it, it implies you will achieve the impossible.

Someone will probably tell you that what you plan to do can’t be achieved, which will motivate you, even more, to prove them wrong.

You will be proud of yourself, but you can’t let that turn into arrogance. Your strength and persistence will amaze many people.

Dreaming about throwing a spoon away

Throwing a spoon away in a dream means you will sacrifice yourself for someone or something. You might give up on your wishes to adjust to others and be at their service.

It is great if you do it for your kids, but you need not neglect your needs and ambitions for those who haven’t deserved it.

To dream of someone else throwing a spoon away

A dream wherein you see someone else throwing a spoon away suggests you have to be more affectionate toward your loved ones.

You are strict out of best intentions, but you often criticize family members, your partner, or kids. You have to support and encourage them to achieve their goals.

To dream about swallowing a spoon

Swallowing a spoon in a dream is a warning about how to act toward other people.

It is nice to be satisfied with yourself and proud of your achievements, but that doesn’t give you the right to humiliate others and minimize their effort, hard work, knowledge, and so on.

To dream of someone else swallowing a spoon

If you dream of someone else swallowing a spoon, it implies you will fall for someone’s provocations.

Someone might minimize your success out of malice, but you can’t let yourself react violently. It would be best to respond to such nasty remarks with a smile.

That will hurt the person in question more than any insult you can direct at them.

Definition of a spoon

A spoon is a part of cutlery used for eating liquid and semi-liquid food.

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