Spiders – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Dreams about spiders can have various meanings. Because of that, they can represent good business opportunities or imply that your livelihood is in danger.

To see a spider in a dream
Dreaming of spiders without interacting with them before seeing them usually symbolizes joyful news. If you are expecting news regarding your job, you will finally be able to relax because the outcome will be the way you’ve wanted it to be. There is a possibility that you will get an opportunity to move abroad. Your efforts have payed off. Try to use the chances you are given to the maximum.

To see a spider web
Dreaming of a spider web symbolizes a good upcoming business year. If you haven’t had luck in the previous years, now is the time to reimburse everything.

Dreaming of a spider knitting a web
Dreaming of a spider creating his web symbolizes success. You will probably devote your time to a project that you will achieve step by step. You will not mind spending days and nights working, because you will think of the wanted goal all the time. Fulfilment of that goal for you is the representation of will, persistence and strength.

Dreaming of being caught in a spider web
When you get caught in a spider web in a dream, it means that you are dissatisfied with your love life. It is possible that you think of your relationship or marriage as of a trap that you were lured into by mistake. You will criticize everything your partner does, while not having one good reason to smile and feel comfortable in their company. It is also possible that someone from your surroundings is tormenting you with their problems. You are probably someone who can put up with a lot, because of which people use you. Don’t let people mistake your kindness for stupidity and do with you what they want. You have to distance yourself from those who want you to feel the blame by acting as victims. You will have problems with your spouse because of it. If that person is a member of your family, do everything you can to protect yourself from them.

Dreaming of being bitten by a spider
This dream suggests that you will be disappointed. It is possible that your partner won’t be honest with you and that you will find out about something from other people. Because of that, you will stop trusting people. You will think that everyone is the same, so you will avoid getting into serious relationships out of fear of being hurt again.

Dreaming of killing a spider
If you kill a spider in a dream, that suggests that you will fight your fears. You are someone who easily gets fearful if you see an obstacle on the way. In those situations, you only want to give up and hide. However, you have realized that you have to change that bad trait by making it till the end, no matter the result. Another meaning of this dream is that you will get rid of a dishonest friend. It is possible that you have felt betrayed because they were spreading lies about you, even though you thought of them as of your close friend. Sometimes you ask yourself if you have done the right thing. In those moments try to remember everything you’ve been through and you will realize that there are more bad things than good. It is wrong to judge people only by their behavior toward us. If that person acts badly toward other people, then it is only a matter of time when they will act the same to you.

Dreaming of eating a spider
Dreaming of eating a spider implies that you are dominant in a relationship. You are a strong person that is not easy to follow, especially since you have criterions that your partner has to fulfil. It is possible that you want to hide your insecurities that you sometimes feel by acting like that. You are trying to persuade yourself that you don’t need the other person to be complete.

Dreaming of a spider lying eggs
To see a spider laying eggs in a dream means that you haven’t trying hard enough for something. You have probably given up from a job or a loved one too soon, because you thought that your chances are non-existent. Even though you had a lot to offer, you have decided to retreat and not risk making the situation even worse.

Dreaming of a black widow or poisonous spider
If you see a black widow in a dream or have any type of interaction with it, it symbolizes an upcoming danger. You need to be careful in order to avoid it.

Dreaming of tarantulas
Dreaming of tarantulas symbolizes an upcoming false danger. Because of your own fears and paranoia, you will start to think that you are in danger.

Meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have seen or killed a spider recently, that has definitely made an impression on you. In that case, dreams of spiders are nothing but mind games with memories from previous days.

Definition of a spider

Spider is a conglomerate with four pairs of legs, who is knitting a web that it uses for catching insects.

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