What Does It Mean to Dream of a Specter or a Wraith?

To see a specter in a dream
Dreaming of a specter means that someone will trick you. It is possible that you will experience an inconvenient situation at work, because someone will accuse you of something you didn’t do. You have stepped on your colleague’s or boss’ toes, and now they want to see you go. They will wait for you to make a mistake and then punish you harshly. You will have to be careful if you are working with money, so that you don’t have a deficit in the end. You will be under a lot of stress because of the problems you are facing with, so you will decide to stop that torture by yourself and find another job.

To talk to a specter or wraith in a dream
Dreaming of talking to a specter means that you are hiding your feelings. You are afraid of admitting that someone you are not in a relationship with is attracting your attention. It is possible that both of you are taken, which complicates the situation even more. You will try not to think of them, but passion you feel will overpower you. You probably have relationship or marriage issues, while that person is your shoulder to cry on and a support. By the time you become aware of the consequences that your feelings can cause, you will be too close and you will not be able to separate from each other.

Dreaming to have an argument with a specter
Dreaming of having an argument with a specter means that you are not fighting hard enough for your goals. It is possible that you have become lazy or that a failure has beaten you down. You have a hard time moving on and you set every idea you get to failure, right at the beginning. You are often using the easy way out. It is easier for you to complain and lament over your destiny than to do something.

Dreaming of other people having an argument with a specter
If someone else is having an argument with a specter in a dream, that means that your effort is in vain. You will try to change someone’s opinion about yourself, but you will not succeed in it. You will sometimes think that they are right about you and that you really are the person who they say you are. However, that will not last for long, because you know yourself the best.

To have a fight with a specter
Dreaming of having a fight with a specter means that you are your own worst enemy. Even though you often blame other people for your own failures and mistakes, you know that you are guilty of many things that have happened to you. It is possible that someone’s words will offend you, but you will know that they are right and that they are saying those things out of good intentions. You will ask yourself how have you put yourself in that situation and you will realize that your ‘invisible enemy’ is you. That will be the first step of your changing process. It is the best to start from small things and slowly come to bigger ones. Every small success will bring you satisfaction and give you strength to go forward.

Dreaming of other people fighting with a specter
If someone else is fighting with a specter in your dream, that symbolizes your fear for a loved one. It is possible that one of your friends is in big trouble. You don’t know how to help them, even though you have a strong desire. However, your hands will be tied, so the only thing you will be able to do is to be there for them.

To kill a specter
Dreaming of killing a specter means that you will solve a big problem. Something is worrying you for a long time. You are trying to solve it in every way you can, but the result is not visible. After you calmly think about everything and look at things from another perspective, the solution will show by itself. You have to have a lot of patience in order to overcome every challenge, which will pay off greatly in the end.

Dreaming of other people killing a specter
A dream in which someone else is killing a specter means that you could get a job offer that requires moving abroad. You will be afraid of change, but you know that is the best thing which is offered to you at this moment. Feelings are connecting you to your current dwelling place, but your reason is telling you not only to turn the page, but to start a new chapter as well.

To hide from a specter
Dreaming of hiding from a specter means that your consciousness is probably restless. You have made a mistake regarding your friend or a partner. You have lied to them so that they wouldn’t be disappointed in you. Even though you believe that is the best solution at the moment and think that the secret must stay hidden, your subconsciousness will not let you sleep at night. Even if you forget about it while being awake, dreams with similar meanings will torture you almost every day. Ask yourself is something worth your peaceful sleep.

Dreaming of other people hiding from a specter
When you see someone else hiding from a specter in your dream, it means that you will help a loved one who is in trouble. Your advices will help them make an important decision. You will be proud of yourself, but of them as well, because you know that they will do the right thing.

Trying to hide someone from a specter
Dreaming of trying to hide someone from a specter means that you are afraid that you will lose a loved one. The communication with your partner is not the best. That is reflecting on every aspect of your life too. You are pretty dissatisfied with their actins as well, so you have tried many times to draw their attention to those actions. However, you didn’t receive a wanted answer, but an argument that started to go in the wrong direction. They started to blame you for mistakes you are making. You can hope that some things will change and try to work on your relationship, or decide to move on. It is up to you.

Running away for a specter
Dreaming of running away from a specter symbolizes hidden feelings. You probably like someone from your surroundings, but you have decided not to reveal it to them, because you are afraid that it could destroy your relationship. It sometimes seems to you that they have some feelings for you too, but you can’t be sure that you are not making it up. You are hoping that all of it is just a phase and that it will go away, but secretly you are fantasizing of having something more with them.

Dreaming of other people running away from a specter
A dream in which someone else is running away from a specter symbolizes good news. It is possible that you will get a chance to travel somewhere or change your dwelling place. This change will affect your body and mind positively. You will get some rest and charge your batteries for new challenges.

To kiss with a specter
Dreaming of kissing a specter means that you have a very low opinion of yourself. You don’t think that you are attractive, so you suspiciously look at anyone who approaches you. You have a hard time with making friendships and you hang out only with people who you know well and who know you. You would like to find a partner, but you are convinced that it will never happen. Let your friends help you, while asking for help from a professional wouldn’t be a bad decision either.

If you have recently watched a horror movie, interpretations of these dreams are a lot simpler- what you saw has made an impression on you, so you have transferred it into your dreams.

Definition of a specter

A specter is a mythological being whose name usually represents ghosts, night bugbears and monsters.

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  1. I had a dream that my mom came and got me from a friends house we argued and then we were going up an incline off the side of a mountain and people were screaming wraith wraith ( shadowy, darkish with piercing eyes round balding head and a mouth full of sharpish angered teeth, sort of seriously like the rake that I know from my kids from 3 yrs ago) )so my mom sped up the car and were looking beside us and we can see him hiding behind people hurting them and trying to catch up to us , we were frightened. Mind you I have only seen wraith mentioning I think only from a tv show and it was an episode on there I believe, but this has never crossed my mind and I never thought about this word and I literally wake up saying baby ( my husband laying next to me) I was dreaming about a wraith, looked at me with groggy eyes and said what, what is wraith? I said to uh know a wraith, you know what a wraith is! He said I never heard of that word! And I felt dumb founded because he didnt know and I realized that I didnt even know but I knew it was real!!! It felt so real and I have never heard this word or thought of or even knew of, but I do now!!! So crazy, I’m still in awe of this thrilling dream and lo learning now what a wraith or Spector’s is. Wow thank you for this page, this is is a great read!

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