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Father and son are walking on the railway

What does it mean to dream of having a son?

If you dream of having a son, it symbolizes luck. The wish you have fantasized about for a long time might get fulfilled shortly.

The most meaningful thing for you will be that you will find your soulmate who will have the same interests and future plans as you that you will put into action together.

Dreaming about losing a son

If you lose a son in a dream, it symbolizes damage. One of your loved ones will probably hurt you so much that you will ask them not to be in touch for a while.

You will conclude that the person in question takes advantage of your kindness and that they will not come to their senses if you continue to tolerate such behavior and outbursts.

Cursing at your son or arguing with him in your dream

When you dream of cursing at your son or arguing with him, it means that you have unfulfilled wishes. You might expect too much of your family members that have to achieve everything you haven’t.

You mask the insecurities that trouble you from your youth that way, not wondering where that person sees themselves and what makes them happy.

Dream interpretation of beating your son

If you dream of beating your son, it warns of an argument in your home. You and your partner probably have different parenting methods, taking care of the household, etc.

Because of it, your kids will not know who to listen to, which is why they will be calculated and ask you for some things while estimating that it is better to come to another parent to get a wanted response in a different situation.

To dream of your son beating you

When you dream of your son beating you, it symbolizes shame. Someone you have always helped might turn their back on you when you need them the most.

Even though you will not insist on how much that person owes you, you will at least expect a nice word or another gesture that would mean a lot to you.

A son in a dream is a common motif for people who don’t have kids. Both sexes dream of them equally, while their interpretations depend on the context in which dreams occurred and the details that followed them.

Advising your son in a dream

If you dream of advising your son, it means that you are worried about his future.

He might have a problem, and you don’t know what to do to help. The support and love you give them have a lot greater meaning than you believe, so continue going in that direction.

Dreaming about your son advising you

A dream wherein your son advises you is a sign that you know that you are doing something wrong.

You have probably made some decisions that can have a negative effect on your future or the future of your family. It is still not too late to change for the better, so don’t be afraid to do it.

The meaning of scorning your son in a dream

Scorning your son in a dream means that you are too strict with him in real life. You probably know that he has a lot of potentials but not enough ambition to achieve everything he is capable of.

You believe that he doesn’t fulfill his goals because of laziness, but you have to change your approach if you want him to acquire your advice. You can say everything you want without yelling and shouting even.

Dreams of your son scorning you

This dream means that you have wronged your son. You have probably accused him of something or scorned him without listening to what he has to say in his defense.

Let that be a lesson for the future on how not to make conclusions based on assumptions but facts.

Breastfeeding your son in a dream

If a woman who has kids dreams of breastfeeding her son, it means that she will invest money into something that will bring her a big profit.

Another possibility is that you will buy something that satisfies all your needs. If a single woman who doesn’t have kids dreams of breastfeeding her son, it means that someone could gossip about her because of her promiscuous behavior with men.

Dreaming about kissing your son

To kiss your son in a dream is a sign that you have to show your soft side to people who love you. You are a pretty closed-off and strict person, and you don’t want to change that reputation for anyone.

However, your loved ones have to know and feel that you love and support them. It is not wrong to show emotions to people you trust.

Hugging your son in a dream

Hugging your son in a dream can have a similar meaning to a dream in which you kiss him. The message of such dreams is not to hide your emotions, especially with people who have proven their love and loyalty to you many times before.

You have to show affection when you feel the need for it. It is horrible when we sometimes realize how much some people matter to us too late.

A dream of watching your son laughing

If you dream of your son laughing, it means that you could experience beautiful moments in real life.

One of your family members or friends might do something which you will be proud of. You will tell everyone about it and even throw a party in that person’s honor.

Dream meaning of your son crying

A dream wherein you see your son crying is not a good sign, unfortunately.

You might have to talk about the problems that bother him more often. He might be going through a crisis, and you don’t know anything about it.

You have to respect his privacy, but you also have to let him know that he can count on you.

Dreaming that your son is sick

If you dream that your son is sick, it means that you might accidentally discover someone’s secret. You will probably be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

However, you need not talk about it with other people because the story might spread out of control. In the end, you wouldn’t like to be the one who started the gossip.

Dream interpretation of your son getting married

When you dream of your son getting married, it means that a favorable period of life expects you.

You might be satisfied with your business and personal life and be relaxed. You have to use that phrase to recharge your batteries and make a plan for the future.

You will be able to actualize everything you come up with during that period effortlessly.

To dream of your son enrolling in the military

If you dream of your son enrolling in the military, it means that you could get separated soon. You or he might travel for work or school.

That will be hard on you, but you will be in touch daily and count the days before a new encounter together.

Dreaming about your son getting wounded

This dream can have multiple meanings. If you dream of your son getting wounded and injured in war or in an armed conflict between street gangs, it means that you are too fearful. You probably have a reason for it, but you will jeopardize your mental and physical health if you continue to worry that much.

If you dream of your son getting hurt during a bank robbery, it means that he will do something you will not like.

Dream meaning of your son drowning

When you dream of your son drowning in a river, lake, or sea, it means that one of the people you love is going through an emotional, moral, or financial crisis.

You probably don’t know anything about it because you are focused on your own problems. You have to give that person support to overcome such a rough period of their life as easy as possible.

Dreams of your son being kidnapped

If you dream of someone kidnapping your son, it means that you can make a mountain out of a molehill. You are prone to panicking, which hurts your mental state.

You are under so much stress in specific moments that you can’t hear what other people tell you to do because you are thinking about the worst possible scenarios. You can’t change some things, but you can always change yourself.

Your son stealing from you in a dream

If you dream of your son stealing from you, it means that you are distrustful. You choose your friends and associates carefully because you have had some bad experiences before.

However, not all people are good or bad, which is why you can’t generalize. No matter how good it is to be skeptical in business, it has a negative effect on your personal relationships.

Dreaming about stealing from your son

Stealing from your son in a dream symbolizes jealousy.

Someone from your surroundings has probably achieved something you have fantasized about for a long time. That can be a good job, great earnings, or a harmonious relationship with a loved one.

Instead of poisoning yourself with such negative feelings, you have to make an effort to achieve everything you want, as well.

Dream meaning of burying your son

To bury your son in a dream is a good sign. Such dreams suggest that you don’t have to worry about your child’s future. You probably doubt them because of some actions he made.

However, you can relax because his future will be beautiful, and he will live long

What does it mean to dream of a late son?

If you dream that your late son is alive, it means that you miss him. If you talked to him, it means that some old wounds will never heal, but you will have to carry on with your life. When you dream of arguing with your late son, it means that you have to give yourself a chance to move on.

The meanings of dreams can be a lot more trivial. If you have recently had, lost, beaten, or kissed your son, it has left a strong impression on you.

Definition of a son

A son is a male descendant of the parents.

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