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Such dreams are very common in both sexes, but research has shown that younger people dream them more often. The interpretation depends on the details that followed your dream.

To dream that you like someone

If you dream that you like someone, that symbolizes happiness and love.

You and your partner have the same feelings for each other as at the beginning of a relationship.

You enjoy every moment that you spend together, and you are surer every day that you have found a soulmate and someone who you want to spend the rest of your life with.

You think similarly and have mutual conversation topics, but even silence sounds good to you when you are with that person.

Dreaming that someone likes you

When you are dreaming that someone likes you, it means that you are running away from obligations.

You probably had a perfect relationship with your partner until you realized that they want something more from your relationship.

Your mood has started to change from that moment, and you have become depressed.

Your partner will notice that something is going on, but you will need a lot of time to admit that you are afraid of attachment and that you believe that you will get tired of each other pretty quickly.

To dream that you don’t like anyone

Dreaming that you don’t like anyone implies that you have too big expectations.

You may have decided in advance which characteristics and conditions a person you want to marry has to have.

You will get disappointed since you will realize that no one is perfect and that you have to give a lot to get the best, as well.

Dream meaning of someone that you liked

If you dream of an ex-crush, it means that beautiful memories remind you of that period of your life.

You probably liked that person when you were a kid or teenager, so they remind you of times when you were carefree.

You probably gladly remember the days when obligations and problems didn’t smother you like today.

You go down memory lane with a smile on your face, so nice moments have appeared in your dream, as well.

Dreaming about someone that you didn’t like

If you see someone that you didn’t like in the past, your subconsciousness is telling you that you shouldn’t form a negative opinion of people before you get to know them.

You are someone who trusts the first impression a lot, but you are not aware that it has tricked you many times.

You should maybe be more open when it comes to people instead of letting prejudices restrain you.

To dream of someone who liked you

When you are dreaming of someone who declared love to you, but you rejected them in the past, it means that you wonder where they are now.

You are not proud of the fact that you rejected them, but you believe that it was the right decision considering that you didn’t feel anything for them.

You probably wanted to call them a few times, but you were afraid of your actions getting interpreted wrongly.

Don’t expect to be friends with someone whose heart you broke.

Dreaming of someone who didn’t like you

A dream in which you see a person that rejected you because they didn’t like you suggests that it is time to work on your self-esteem.

If you have insecurities because of your physical appearance, work on them.

Put in an effort to gain or lose weight or work out more to be more satisfied with your body. Start small and get a haircut or change your style.

If you are insecure about your feelings or intelligence, you can work on that as well, but you need to be brave and willing to change.

To like someone taken

If you dream of liking someone who is in a relationship in the real world, it means that you lack passion.

You may have fallen into a rut with your partner, so your sex life is not as exciting as before.

You are probably afraid of your partner’s reaction, so you can’t admit to them that you want to try something new.

You have to trust them more and be more honest. If they love you, they will not judge you, for sure.

If you are single, a dream like this has the same meaning, and it symbolizes your need to find a partner.

Dreaming that someone taken likes you

If you dream that a taken person has admitted that they like you, it means that you should be less self-critical.

Have more faith in the things you do, and you will be a lot more successful. Don’t let other people look more competent to do your job than you.

You are only giving them space to make progress and ruin your reputation before your superiors and business associates.

To dream that a younger person likes you

When you are dreaming of a younger person admitting that they like you, it means that you probably didn’t experience a lot.

You got attached to someone early on in life and didn’t let yourself experience youth the way you wanted.

You miss informal hangouts, night outs, and flirting.

Because of it, you always advise younger people to try everything before they start a family and find a responsible and demanding job.

Dream that you like someone younger

If you dream that you like someone younger than you, it means that you have learned not to open up to everyone who shows interest in you.

You don’t let people get into your world that easily.

They need to pass a difficult test before you decide whether they are completely honest and good-hearted or not.

To dream that an older person likes you

A dream in which a person a lot older than you admit that they have feelings for you shows that you are ready to make sacrifices in everything you do.

You always try your best, no matter if that is related to love or business.

Your superiors appreciate you as a loyal, hard-working, and honest employee, while people from your surroundings respect your honesty and the love you radiate.

However, you can turn into someone else, as well, if someone disappoints or betrays you.

If that happens, you are capable of hating them for the rest of your life.

Dreaming that you like someone older than you

This dream symbolizes your desire to acquire new knowledge and skills. You are a curious person by nature.

You don’t have a hard time adjusting and getting more educated.

Seminars, classes, and courses are the source of inspiration for you, no matter how boring and exhausting they are to some people.

You are trying to learn something new that could help you in the future when you attend them.

Thanks to all of this, you have also become a good speaker, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to use that skill in the following period.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you like someone or someone likes you, that has made an impression on you.

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