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Snowball fights in sleep and in waking life can be a lot of fun. However, dreams with these motives have multiple meanings, depending on the context in which the dream took place.

Watching a snowball fight in a dream

If you see a snowball fight in a dream, it means that you will have a conflict with your neighbors. You probably live near people who don’t respect tenant rules and who are disturbing your peace.

When you come home tired after work or some other obligation, you are forced to listen to the arguments and noise they make every day instead of resting.

At first, you have tried to let them know nicely that all of it bothers you, but after you saw that there is no use in doing that, you have changed your attitude and started acting the same as them.

Dream about a snowball fight

Dreaming of a snowball fight is a warning that you will cause an incident at work. You work with people who want to prove themselves without sticking to the moral code you believe is right.

Since you can’t stand injustice, you will not be able to understand how someone can harm you, especially when you didn’t do anything wrong.

You will have to learn to control yourself and take that experience as a lesson that will teach you how to act in various uncomfortable situations.

Dreaming of kids snowball fighting

If you see kids snowball fighting in a dream, that symbolizes joy. One family event will make you happy soon. You may organize a birthday party, christening, or wedding and you will be truly excited about it.

Those who are unemployed at the moment could get an offer for a well-paid job position soon.

Making a snowball in a dream

When you are dreaming of making a snowball, it means that you have too high of expectations from your loved ones.

You are currently in a phase where you need a lot of love and attention, but you feel like you are not getting them from the people you love. It seems to you that everything is more important to them than you, but you are wrong.

You need to understand that they have their own lives, obligations, and activities that they can’t neglect because of you. Don’t be spoiled and too demanding, because you will only chase them away by acting like that.

Hitting someone with a snowball

If you are dreaming of hitting someone with a snowball, it means that you will be in trouble because of immature behavior.

Your attitudes toward life and work don’t please your superiors. You are too relaxed, so you are late with finishing your tasks on time often.

Your bosses have mentioned those things before as well, but you have neglected their warnings. If you don’t become serious, there is a big chance that you will get fired.

To dream of someone hitting you with a snowball

This dream symbolizes irritability. You have been reacting violently to everything that doesn’t suit you lately. That is not by your nature, which is a sign that something is wrong.

Try to understand what is bothering you and talk to someone about it. Don’t let small things ruin your mood or stress affect the quality of your life.

Dream of a snowball crumbling in your hand

If you see a snowball melting or crumbling in your hand, it means that you doubt your partner or someone close to you.

Their behavior seems weird to you, so you have started questioning your relationship. You think about the things you are doing wrong often and wonder why your relationship doesn’t function the way you want.

Instead of accusing your loved ones of everything bad that happens, question your behavior first.

Breaking a window with a snowball 

A dream in which you break someone’s window with a snowball suggests that you are too insecure. You possess many qualities, but you are minimizing them in your mind when you compare them to your flaws.

Because of it, you often get overlooked when you should get a reward for the effort you have invested.

When you finally realize that you have an advantage when it comes to some people, your self-esteem will increase. and all of it will affect your career positively as well.

To dream of someone breaking your window with a snowball

This dream symbolizes an unexpected money gain. You may get lucky in games of chance or the lottery, or your boss will decide to reward you for the effort you are investing in at work.

It is even possible that you will get heritage from a relative that you saw only a couple of times in your life. You could use the money to fill some holes in your budget.

However, you will leave a good amount to treat yourself with something you have been fantasizing about for a long time.

Interpretations of these dreams can depend on the person you have a snowball fight with. Read more detailed meanings of dreams about snowball fighting in the following text.

Dreaming of a snowball fight with a child

If you dream of snowball fighting with your or someone else’s child in a dream, it means that you are full of creative energy that you should use the best you can.

If a job you currently do doesn’t require a dose of imagination and creativity, you should dedicate more time to a hobby. You never know, that could even become a good source of income for you.

Snowball fight with your parents

If you are dreaming of snowball fighting with your parents, it means that you probably miss them.

Those who don’t live in their childhood homes like students or newlywed couples have these dreams usually. You would maybe like to spend more time with those you love.

To snowball fight with a professor or teacher

A dream in which you are snowball fighting with a professor or teacher from school or college suggests that you are struggling with too many obligations. You need to find a way to relax so that stress wouldn’t jeopardize your health.

Dedicate at least half an hour a day to yourself. Go for a walk, on a field trip, or read a book that you have completely forgotten about because of the lack of time. Your mind and body will feel good because of it.

Dream meaning of snowball fight with your boss

When you are dreaming of snowball fighting with your boss, it means that you resent them for something. You probably didn’t agree with a project they wanted to do, or you believe that you deserve a bigger salary considering the amount of work you do.

Anyhow, the communication and trust in people have been completely disturbed for you, so you will need some time to fall back into a routine.

Snowball fights with a priest in a dream

This dream suggests that you have wronged a loved one. You have probably accused them of something they didn’t do, so your consciousness is restless now. Fix that injustice as soon as you can, if you want to save that relationship.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you have recently watched snowball fighting, or you snowball fought, that has made an impression on you.

Definition of snowball fighting

Snowball fighting is making balls out of snow and throwing them at other people.

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