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Dreaming of having smallpox 

Dreaming of having smallpox symbolizes unexpected gain. You will be successful in all fields and you will be able to achieve all your wishes in the following period.

If someone owes you money, they will soon pay it off double. Your partner will be affectionate with you and they will constantly get you small things to make your day better.

If you are a student, it is possible that you will pass an exam that has brought you a lot of trouble and you will get the opportunity to work at the university or to continue your studies abroad.

Smallpox wounds in a dream

If you are dreaming of having wounds or scars from smallpox, it means that you are not satisfied with your life currently. You have had many expectations that you didn’t achieve for some reason.

You have a feeling that you have chosen the wrong college or a partner, or that you have made some other wrong decision that matters to you now.

Fear of failure and disappointment will stop you from fixing the things that you don’t like. If you don’t change anything, your dissatisfaction will continue to pile up and it will make you frustrated and miserable.

Dreaming of other people having smallpox wounds suggests that you are trying to hide some feelings.

Considering that you are not someone who likes to argue, you often back up from fights because they can’t solve anything, in your opinion. That trait is very useful and desirable, but people have started to misuse it.

Even though you sometimes have the urge to fight back, you are trying to pick the time, place, and reason rightfully.

Otherwise, you could fall into a manipulative people’s trap and create a completely wrong picture of yourself.

Dreaming about treating smallpox

If you are dreaming of treating smallpox, it means that you will receive unexpected, symbolic, and extremely needed financial help. You have a hard time lately with managing money and expenses that are getting bigger every day.

However, you will have to decide what is important to you in life. After you do that, your financial situation will improve even more.

Dreaming of other people treating smallpox symbolizes a trauma from the past that doesn’t let you live your life more freely.

You may have survived stressful situations and come out of them even stronger, but you are constantly going back to them.

A conversation with a loved one might help you to get out of that vicious cycle. Find something that you enjoy doing and dedicate your free time to that.

If, however, you are dreaming of being in quarantine filled with people who have smallpox, it means that you are in a toxic relationship that will not end up well, in the long run.

Even though your friends are advising you to break it off and find someone who will be able to appreciate and love you, you can’t admit that you are in a bad relationship.

You are often finding excuses for your partner’s bad behavior and idealizing the traits that you like. Ask yourself what future you want to have and make the right decision.

Dream meaning of dying from smallpox

Dreaming of dying from smallpox suggests that you will solve your current problem only if you continue to be patient.

You maybe in a situation where you will have to keep your mouth shut so that you don’t make the position you are in even worse. It is time to relax and stop perceiving your staying quiet when provoked as a weakness but as wisdom.

Dreaming of other people dying from smallpox means that you need to straighten up your priorities.

You are exhausted and you need rest for a while now. You know that you can’t get it now, but if you organize your time better and prioritize certain obligations, your situation could improve.

Stop fulfilling other people’s wishes at any cost and dedicate more time to yourself and your needs.

When you are dreaming of your child dying from smallpox, it symbolizes fear of not being able to give them everything that you want.

In this case, that is related to material things, but you shouldn’t neglect all those things that you are providing them with, even though they have only emotional value.

Love, attention, and support are more important than their whims, and you need to be aware of them constantly.

To dream of children with smallpox

Dreaming of your children having smallpox means that there is no reason to worry. The future will show that you are making the right choices when it comes to your business and private life.

On the other hand, they will make you proud with school success and other activities.

If you are dreaming of someone else’s kids having smallpox, it means that you are overprotective of the people that you love.

Your concern is completely understandable, but you need to know that your behavior is smothering people around you.

You are too sensitive and no one can’t tell you about your mistakes so that you don’t get offended.

You need to change that bad habit because it doesn’t mean that you don’t love each other if you are not involved in every aspect of your loved ones’ life.

Getting smallpox shot in a dream

Dreaming of getting a shot to prevent smallpox means that you have let the wrong people get close to you. You are surrounded by dishonest friends that are using you to achieve their goals only.

You have constantly ignored your family members’ advice, so you don’t have anyone you can trust now.

Feelings that follow these dreams are fear, discomfort, and anxiety.

The meanings of dreams can be simpler. If you or someone close to you has recently had smallpox, that has made an impression on you.

To dream of refusing to vaccinate against smallpox

This dream can mean you will soon have a conflict with a stubborn person. Considering you are the same, your argument could turn into a serious fight. If you want to avoid that, you have to show compassion and let some things go.

To dream that a family member has smallpox

If you dream that one of your family members has smallpox, it implies a stressful period awaits you. You will have to work on many obligations and face various challenges.

You will need much time, energy, patience, and courage to get out of it without trouble.

To dream that your partner has smallpox

If you dream that your partner has smallpox, it means your relationship or marriage is in crisis. You can’t agree on anything without fighting.

You have probably realized that you have different views on the future, which has discouraged you. If your love is strong enough and if you are willing to fight, you will overcome this turbulent phase.

To dream that your ex has smallpox

When you dream that your ex has smallpox, it means something will remind you of that person.

There is no fear of going back to the past because you know such a way of thinking is harmful, but you will still wonder what your life would have looked like if you stayed together.

To dream that your friend has smallpox

If you dream that your friend has smallpox, it implies your social life is in crisis. You probably haven’t had the time or the will to hang out with anyone lately.

You might be tired and don’t want to participate in social events. However, the dream is a sign of an alarm if that phase prolongs.

To dream that your coworker has smallpox

If you dream that your coworker has smallpox, it means you will do someone else’s job.

Your boss will probably give you a task other people couldn’t, didn’t want to, or didn’t know how to finish. It will take a lot of your time, but inborn stubbornness will make you get it done as soon as possible.

To dream that your boss has smallpox

When you dream that your boss has smallpox, it means you will get a promotion or raise.

The person in question will finally recognize the effort and hard work you put into your job and decide to reward you with an increase in salary or days off.

To dream of running away from someone infected with smallpox

If you dream of running away from a person infected with smallpox, it implies you are prone to panic. When something unexpected happens, you can’t remember what to do, so you think about the worst possible scenarios.

What’s worse, you don’t even listen to what others advise you to do during your madness. You have to change if you want to protect your mental and physical health.

To dream about hiding from someone suffering from smallpox

To hide from someone suffering from smallpox in a dream symbolizes paranoia. You might believe the whole world is against you, which is why you can’t make progress.

However, the truth is much simpler. Once you realize what mistakes you have made and start learning from them, everything will change for the better.

To dream of reading about smallpox

Reading about smallpox in a dream suggests you could decide to take a course or get training to expand your knowledge in the area that has always interested you.

You will finally find time for a hobby, and newly acquired knowledge will help you take it to a new level.

To dream of watching a documentary about smallpox

Watching a documentary about smallpox in a dream means a lack of information will put you in an uncomfortable position. You ought not to talk about things you don’t understand in front of people who know a lot.

To dream of writing about smallpox

This dream suggests a loved one might soon ask you for advice or suggestions regarding a problem that bothers them.

Considering that you have never been in a similar situation, you will need time to think about what to say.

Definition of smallpox

Smallpox is an infectious disease that humans get sick with. It causes two types of variola virus.

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