Shark – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

Sharks usually represent negative dreams in dream books. We rarely dream of them, so if we have read about them or seen them on TV, then dreams of them shouldn’t be interpreted.

To see a shark in a dream
To see a shark in a dream is a warning that you are in danger. You have been feeling lost and unprotected lately. You are insecure regarding everything you start to do. Other people can see it too, so someone who wants to take advantage of your weakness will show up. Even though you are aware that you are an easy target for scams, it is possible that you will fall into a trap anyway. People from your surroundings are warning you to be careful, but your desire for intimacy always leads you into troubles.

When you dream of a shark in water it means that you will have a fight with someone close to you. Your honesty will cost you a lot. It is possible that you will tell them something they don’t want to hear. You believe that even the worst truth is better than lies. Your loved one will misunderstand you and see your worry as an act out of jealousy. That will hurt you a lot, but you will be comforted by the fact that your consciousness is clean and intentions fair.

To run away from a shark
Running away from a shark in a dream symbolizes reconciliation. You probably had an argument with someone who was important to you before. With time you will realize that the reason for your fight is meaningless, so your desire for reconciliation will be stronger. You will not be sure how to act in a new situation, but you will be relieved when you get back with that person.

Dreaming of a shark on the land
When you dream of a shark on the land it means that everything will go according to your plans. Everything you imagine in the following period will come true. It will seem like you have the magic wand for making wishes come true. It is possible that you will be successful in a search of a new job, or that your relationship will be like you’ve imagined.

Dreaming of being attacked by a shark
This type of a dream is interpreted according to the context and situation you were in when a shark attacked you. Have you been close to the shore or on the open sea? This dream can symbolize some unexpected accidents or dangers in your everyday life. If you have dreamed of being attacked by a shark while you were fishing that can symbolize an incident on your job.

The dream is interpreted differently whether you have been expecting a shark attack or you were surprised by it. If you were ready for an attack, it means that you will enter some risky businesses, but if you were surprised, it means that you will find out something that will shock you.

If you dream of being surrounded by multiple sharks on the open sea, it means that you are cornered in real life and you can’t see the way out of the situation. That makes you feel helpless and stressed out. It can be related to school, college or work where you have issues with professors, colleagues or associates.

Dreaming of multiple sharks
If you dream of multiple sharks that are swimming toward you, it is possible that you will experience some accident that will ruin your reputation. You will not be able to prevent it, but you can minimize the effect it will leave on your mental health. Make peace with it and move on. A hard-earned reputation is easy to destroy, but you know that you have people who respect you and you need to keep that on your mind all the time.

Dreaming of being bitten by a shark
Interpretations of this dream depend on which part of your body is bitten by a shark. If it is a leg, you need to check your health out. You have been postponing going to the doctors for a very long time. There is no reason for panic, but better to be safe than sorry. Be more physically active in your everyday life and your mind and body will be thankful to you.

If you were bitten by the hand or arm, it means that your enemies are lurking for you at work. It is possible that your colleagues are scheming something against you, and they are trying to make you look bad in front of your superiors, so that they could take over your position. You are probably not in this situation for the first time. You know that you can’t stop them, but your hard work speaks for itself.

Dreaming of being eaten by a shark
Dreams in which you are eaten by a shark symbolize your helplessness to get out of the situation you are in now. In order to solve it you need to be creative. Don’t let feelings control you and turn on your reason. If you think that you can’t do it on your own, don’t be afraid to ask for help from friends. You must have someone you trust.

To survive a shark attack
If you dream of fighting with a shark and managing to overpower it and survive, it means that you will be able to fight off worries that are bothering you in real life as well. You are currently in a tough situation, but the end of an agony is near. Try to learn something from of it, because it will help you in the future.

To see a shark attack
If you dream of sharks attacking other people in your surroundings and you are watching it from a distance, it usually means that someone has taken credits for your hard work over, which makes you feel disappointed and betrayed. Another interpretation is that your partner or family and friends resent you for not spending more time with them.

Dreaming of sharks’ teeth
This dream means that you will finally find the courage to tell your partner of colleagues what has been bothering you. You feel like you have been standing aloof for a long time and you finally have enough strength and courage to tell them everything in their face. Some people might not like it, but you will feel great relief.

To kill a shark
If you have dreamed of catching or killing a shark that symbolizes that you will get rid of worries which were bothering you for a long time. It can also represent an end of a bad relationship or marriage. It is possible that you will quit a job that was burdening you as well.

To see a dead shark
This dream suggests that you will be able to deal with a situation that you are in right now. It is possible that a stranger will help you with it. A dead shark symbolizes success and good health.

Tiger shark (Galeocerdo cuvier) symbolizes smaller health issues.

Zambezi shark (Carcharhinus leucas) symbolizes financial gain.

Great white shark (Carcharodon Carcharias) symbolizes fights at work or in your family.

Dreaming of catching a shark
This dream means that you will get yourself into big troubles which you will not be able to solve on your own.

Dreaming of eating shark meat
This dream suggests that a long-termed problem will finally be resolved. Better times as coming for you.

Interpretations of this dream can be simpler. To watch a documentary about sharks on TV is enough to leave an impression on you.

Definition of a shark

Sharks are vertebrates from the family of Chondrichthyes, a subclass of Elasmobrancii.

47 thoughts on “Shark – Dream Meaning and Symbolism

  1. I had a dream that a small shark with in a tank and I was going by it and it bit me between my breasts biting my bra and a little bit of my breast and then it let go but Before I Let Go I heard it make them a moaning sound

  2. Hi, I was really disturbed by my dream about sharks since it was so sudden. I never watched a movie that relates with sharks and I had no idea where my dream came from. My dream started when I was caught by big waves together with another person. When we were both sucked deep into the ocean, sharks came and I was bitten on my right leg however, there were only three visible teeth and it wasn’t bleeding. I escaped from the shark but the other person was chewed to death. I was too frightened so when the waves calmed, I immediately swam to safety. However, the shark was not alone, the other sharks seem to notice my struggle and tried to keep up with me. Then rain came, the water just poured out. I was out of breath but I was determined to escape. I swam into a cage and into a glass wall where there were three people sleeping. I knocked on it multiple times until the girl nearest to the wall suddenly woke up. Her eyes was horrified after seeing me. She looked at the door and motioned for me to go there. But then, before I could even obliged, two sharks were already approaching. My eyes widened, my heart was beating loudly as I hid under the green net and praying for my dear life. Then I woke up. I was catching my breath. I could still feel the erratic beating of my heart. The dream was too real. If I hadn’t woke up, surely I’ll drown myself to death in that alternate reality.

  3. I had a very weird dream. We were having someone’s bday and I was with my family in old building on some island, which I didn’t identified at first but when I did it was huge and more specifically I remember it not having beach or sand, only hill or mountain peaks. I don’t remember much of my dream but slowly – slowly ppl around me disappeared and finally when I came outside tht buliding I saw a shark (it was blurry) gulping my aunt and my cousin who is her son started running towards peak where she jumped from, I ran behind him but until we reached their….shark already disappeared in depth. We started running around peaks trying to locate it’s black shadows underneath the water, while I ran behind him. At some point he was abt to jump and I woke up.

  4. Why are people writing what they dreamed of ? nobody will reply to it 😂😂😂 so save yourself time and energy hehe

    1. Hey I think it’s cool to read of others shark dreams after I had one myself.. I mean I think most of us are here because we had a shark dream of some sort 🤣

  5. I kept having this dream of me being in some weird space-like sea half way full of water and there’s like 3 objects that I’m standing on and the shark just bites them down and then there’s this one more person trying to save me from it but I always survive. It’s honestly so weird so I decided to check out what it was abt

  6. So I was at a pier with an old friend and he was showing me how they jump off and then a massive great white cones for them but they get out just in time.
    I stood there watching thinking they were crazy when one guy was bitten. This great white was huge. He got free and tried to climb up on the pier and I ran over to help him. He slipped before I got there and the shark but his arm. It almost pulled his arm off but I eventually helped him into the pier. I was going to jump in and scare the shark but was too scared. When I pulled him up and held him in my arms I’m pretty sure I was too late and he died in my arms. I’m not sure though. I was yelling at people to call an ambulance and I woke up.

  7. Just had a shark dream and it freaked me out! Seeing my dad get eaten by a huge great white shark while he was snorkeling. 😭

    1. I had the same type of dream! My dad was surfing at the back of a ship luke attached to it by rope and a megalodon came and swallowed him. I read it was fear of losing the parent you read about, or that parents recently expressed some negative emotions (maybe cried in front of you) and you worry about them.

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